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We can stop Trump

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Together we can stop Donald Trump. Please donate, and help me lead the anti-Trump charge in the new year.

How to stop Trump

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Trump’s insecurity is his tragic flaw; we should use it against him.
Russian neo-Nazis kidnap a young gay man.

Will Trump join Putin’s international white nationalist movement?

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Trump’s NSA Gen. Flynn meets with Austria’s far-right leader, who recently entered a pact with Putin.
Mike Pence

What if we asked the Electoral College to choose Mike Pence over Donald Trump?

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What if the Electoral College selected Mike Pence instead of Donald Trump as president?

How to beat Trump, the Russians, and avoid the pitfalls of purity politics

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A talk about why it’s important that Democrats work with Republican allies on issues like Russia.
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McConnell rebukes Trump on Russia, endorses hacking investigation

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GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell today broke with Trump, calling for a Senate investigation of Russian hacking.

Trump accuses CIA of partisan conspiracy to stop his presidency

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Donald Trump today accused the CIA of being part of a partisan conspiracy to stop his presidency.

Make Twitter Great Again — ban Donald Trump

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It’s time to put a stop to Trump’s cyber-bully pulpit. Tell Twitter to ban Trump, and make Twitter great again.
Donald Trump

Tell Donald Trump to take his damn intelligence briefing

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Please sign the petition calling on Trump to finally start taking his daily intelligence briefings.
Trump pointing his tiny sausage finger to the sky "in reference to the man upstairs," apparently.

Trump’s $50bn Japan investment may not be new; funded by Saudis, who Trump swore off of

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Trump’s $50bn investment from Japan may not be new at all, and it’s Saudi money to boot.
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