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Trump is freaking about the election

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The Coronavirus pandemic, and the fact that America is now approaching 100,000 official dead (we likely have many more), is starting to freak Trump out, so he’s busy responding ...

Viral video guru Aaron Rupar on the election, the virus, Fox News & more

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In today’s free episode, Cliff and I spoke at length with Vox’s Aaron Rupar, a true viral video guru (if you don’t follow him on Twitter, you should). We talked to ...

How Republicans are using faux populism during the Coronavirus pandemic to fan the flames of fascism

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Author, political analyst, and host of the Muckrake podcast, joins us to talk about faux populism (his expertise) and how it applies to the Coronavirus madness on the right, and ...

Should Biden pardon Trump?

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Should Biden pardon Trump? A discussion with guest Greg Pinelo.

Woke Joe Walsh

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Today’s guest is uber-conservative former GOP congressman Joe Walsh, who was a Trump booster in 2016, and now is one of Trump’s harshest critics. Cliff and I talk with Joe ...
rachel bitecofer

Election forecaster Rachel Bitecofer on the 2020 elections

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Election forecaster Rachel Bitecofer is back to talk about the latest polling for the 2020 elections.
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