Creepy Gary Bauer upset with Orrin Hatch on marriage

Bauer is yet another creepy religious right leader who sets off all sorts of gaydar. First time I saw him on PBS during the gays in the military debate in 1993, I turned to someone in the room and ask “who’s that fag?” Bauer used to run the Family the Research Council.

More from Signorile:

Bauer, president of American Values and former president of the conservative Family Research Council, responded to Hatch’s turnaround in an interview on SiriusXM OutQ radio program.

“Of course as you know that’s not the goal of the gay rights movement. The goal of the gay rights movement is to take a state that has same-sex marriage and to use that state as a battering ram and a lawsuit before the Supreme Court to force every state to have same sex marriage,” he said. “So I’m sorry that Orrin fell for it. But if only your side was willing to allow each state to make the decision on their own. I think Orrin Hatch may have had a bad moment or he forgets what’s happened in the last 30 years — courts forcing radical social change on the American people.”

Right. And then when we win in the states, like Maine and Iowa, the religious right tries to overturn it. So spare us the “if only your side was [sic] willing to allowed each state to make the decision on their own.” Bauer helped the FRC master its art of lying.  It is said that these self-proclaimed Christian leaders have such difficulty with the truth.  Which is a sin, by the way that the Bible does talk about.

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