Is Paul Ryan palling around with (former) terrorists?

He will be in just one month when he attends the hate-group founded Value Voters Summit.  See, here’s Ryan right next to the (former) terrorist Kamal Saleem (the asterisk means their attendance is confirmed):

Mitt Romney is in the same row as the (former) terrorist, but Paul Ryan is smack dab right next to him.

Now, you might ask yourself why a “former” terrorist isn’t spending some time in Gitmo instead of heading to a religious right hate summit.  (Because he might be a fraud – but hey Paul Ryan agreed to speak at the conference of a known hate group, so he gets to explain, not us). But that’s not really important. What’s important is that Paul Ryan is on a Web site next to a guy who allegedly came to the US to kill us all.

So, first we find out that Paul Ryan’s biggest inspiration in life isn’t God, but instead a woman who devoted her life to killing God.  Now he’s apparently palling around with (former) terrorists.  This guy might turn out to be more fun than Sarah Palin!

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