On gay rights, like every other issue, Mitt Romney is cheating on himself

Mitt Romney took a veiled swipe at gay marriage last night.


The guy is so all over the map on everything that nothing he says anymore means anything.  He will say quite literally anything to get elected – he’ll lie about Obama, he’ll lie about himself.  Nothing he says means anything.  I he can pivot 180 degrees on every firm conviction he’s ever had – with no other justification than political expediency – then he can pivot again.  Which ought to trouble GOP voters.

It’s a lot like the old saying about falling in love with a guy who’s cheating on his wife to be with you.  What’s to say he won’t do the same to you?  Especially if, like with Gingrich’s current wife, you’re number 3 on the cheat-then-marry index.

Except in this case, by lying about his own lifelong positions, such as his once-promise that he’d be more pro-gay than Ted Kennedy, Romney is now cheating on himself.  And there really isn’t a bigger betrayal than that.

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