What is Romney VP Paul Ryan’s position on gay rights?

Absolutely awful. He voted once for ENDA, then turned around and voted against it (likely when the religious right got a hold of him). That’s it. Otherwise he’s been terrible on everything.

Ryan is Romney’s VP choice.

From Paul Schindler at Gay City News:

It’s not simply that Ryan is reluctant to take the plunge on marriage rights for same-sex couples. Throughout his years in Congress, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the Washington-based LGBT lobby, has identified only one instance in which the 42-year-old Wisconsin Republican has ever taken a pro-LGBT position.

In 2007, Ryan was one of 35 Republicans to vote for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which at that time only proposed to protect against job bias based on sexual orientation, not gender identity or expression.

Ryan’s advocacy didn’t last long, however. When Republicans unsuccessfully tried a parliamentary maneuver to shelve the bill after passage –– with what is known as a motion to recommit –– he joined 26 other GOP ENDA supporters in the unsuccessful effort to kill the bill they had voted for just moments before.

HRC does not issue congressional scorecards until the end of a two-year session, so no rating is available for 2011-2012. In the prior five scorecards, Ryan received four zeroes and one rating of 10 out of 100, for his half-hearted support of ENDA in 2007.

I’ve never been one to trust the pretty straight boys.

More on Paul Ryan here, including the fact that his role model is Ayn Rand, a woman whose life mission was to kill God and replace Him with man. That should go over well with Bryan Fischer at the AFA.

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