Ann Romney booked for gay-bashing hate-group conference

So much for Mrs. Romney being Mitt’s “human” side. Now she’s his dehumanizing side.

This is all part of Romney’s new embrace of his Mormonism, something he basically hid (in a political sense) up until now.

Romney is trying to convince evangelicals, and voters generally, that he’s a Christian too. Except that of late, Romney’s version of “Christianity” has only been the wacky-crazy hateful Christianity of wife-beating advocate Pat Robertson and now officially-designated hate groups.

Then again, Mormons know a thing or two about hate and bigotry.  They were openly racist towards blacks until well into the 70s, when their God suddenly changed his mind about finding blacks inferior only after an economic boycott of BYU’s sports teams.  Apparently, the racism lingers to today.

The Mormons are also notoriously homophobic, for decades now regularly spending large sums of money in order to oppress gay people and force them to live under Mormon religious edicts.

So it’s no surprise in principle that Mrs. Romney, as a member of a faith that treats blacks as inferior, and hates gays, is attending a conference sponsored by three officially designated hate groups.

Though this definitely marks a turning point where Mrs. Romney is no longer the kinder-and-gentler Mitt.  If she’s going to attend gay-bashing hate group conferences, then she’s as much of a hate-monger and hate-enabler as her ever-flip-flopping and confused husband.

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