Ding dong! Michele Bachmann’s retiring

Republican Minnesota congresswoman, and Tea Party favorite, Michele Bachmann, announced overnight that she’s retiring.


Bachmann made a point of noting that her announcement has nothing to do with any concerns about being re-elected (she almost lost last time), or about a recent complaint to the FEC about her presidential campaign, a complaint that came from one of her own staffers.

Which likely means that those things had everything to do with her decision.

You really have to watch her goodbye video – it uses that fuzzy soft-focus lens that Cybill Shepard used in Moonlighting. Seriously, look at her hair, and her face, everything is out of focus on purpose (which is perhaps only fitting):


Also, it was an odd choice to film the statement in Hogwarts’ potion lab.

And I’m sure that Bachmann’s retirement had nothing to do with the five investigations that are taking place of her campaign.  From National Journal:

The FBI, the Federal Election Commission, the Office of Congressional Ethics, the Iowa Senate Ethics Committee and the Urbandale, Iowa, police department are all investigating various aspects of Bachmann’s campaign, according to published reports in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and the Des Moines Register.

Now for a quick visit down memory lane. Oh we’ll mess you, Michele, ye of the misspelled first name:

But what we’ll really miss is Michele Bachmann’s fabu husband Marcus, who makes Lindsey Graham look like Tom Selleck.

Visualization courtesy of reader Naja Pallida.

Visualization courtesy of reader Naja Pallida.

Marcus, as you’ll recall, is thuper therious about trying to cure gays. A topic that Jon Stewart and Jerry Seinfeld weighed in on.

Yeah, we’re gonna miss you guys.

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