Fox News: Christie scandal shows feminization of America

Jon Stewart covers Fox News’ concern that the Chris Christie scandal somehow is evidence of the feminization of America, where “real men” can no longer speak their mind about the little woman and get away with it.


FOX NEWS’ BRIT HUME: Men today have learned the lesson the hard way that if you act like an old fashioned guy’s-guy, you’re in constant danger of slipping out and saying something that’s gonna get you in trouble and make you look like a sexist, or make you look like you seem thuggish, or whatever.

JON STEWART: Ah, so bullies, thugs, and sexists are the real victims here? If you think about it. For not very long.

Stewart then uses the “feminization” charge to segue into a discussion of the “new” that Hillary Clinton supposedly has an “enemies list.” Stewart notes that it’s interesting that the only one in politics who seems to have any balls is a woman. That video follows the first one about Fox News.

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16 Responses to “Fox News: Christie scandal shows feminization of America”

  1. karmanot says:

    Christi is a big ole’ mean girl.

  2. karmanot says:

    Feminization of America is a bad thing? Hume thinks Christi is masculine and muscular? That sounds like something Jabba the Hut’s lap dog might opine.

  3. cole3244 says:

    yes on fox you can do & say almost anything, soon they will be executing liberals on their shows to increase ratings and their viewers would love it.

  4. Supookeed8087 says:

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  5. Monoceros Forth says:

    Nor, for that matter, does Christie impress me as a stalwart exemplar of forcible masculinity, whatever the hell that is supposed to look like–and that’s not a reference to his weight. (Well, maybe a little.) Petulant men who throw tantrums and nurse petty grudges are not exactly the most impressive specimens of their sex.

  6. nicho says:

    Yup, crippling a city for spite and ending up killing people is a real manly-man thing to do.

    Come to think of it, I’d like to see a steel-cage match between Brit Hume and Tucker Carlson — last man standing. I would pay for that.

  7. nicho says:

    I worked with Hume way back when — before hardly anyone had ever heard of him. He was a total douchebag then. The only one in the office who even came close to liking Hume was himself – and he adored him.

  8. nicho says:

    Yeah, England is sure benefiting from the “female energy” of Maggie Thatcher.

  9. Tony T says:

    They say it like there is something wrong with that. The world could use a lot more female energy at the helm.

  10. Houndentenor says:

    When I first lived in nyc I had a drinking buddy (we were regulars at the same restaurant bar) who used to be a producer at ABC news and knew Brit Hume. From what she told me, this is how he’s always been. He just didn’t always dare show it on camera.

  11. How long will this “pay to play” culture of graft and extortion go on?

    From 2009:
    Well, it seems that Todd Christie was among 20 Wall Street specialists accused of fraudulent trading practices. “The conduct here was quite egregious,” said David Rosenthal, an associate regional director for the Securities and Exchange Commission. “Christie was one of the worst.”

    According to the SEC, Todd Christie committed more that 1,600 improper trades between January 1999 and March 2003, generating “riskless profits” of more than $1.59 million for Spear Leeds (his own company) and costing investors $1.4 million. Fifteen of the 20 specialists facing civil charges were also charged with allegedly ripping off investors to the tune of $19,000,000.00, in the biggest crackdown on illegal trading in the Big Board’s History.

    The story includes the multimillion, no-bid federal monitoring contract that Chris Christie gave to David Kelly, the prosecutor who didn’t indict Todd Christie a short time before.


    The Philly Inquirer lays out the heart of the case against Christie’s brother and colleagues:

    David Kelley investigated a stock fraud case involving Todd Christie and 19 other traders. Fifteen traders were indicted; Todd Christie’s case was handled civilly and later settled with no fine and no admission of wrongdoing.

    That is fishy in and of itself – especially when Christie’s brother was the highest ranking Executive NOT to be indicted, but there were 11 lower level people who made less money off of fewer improper trades who were indicted. However, the case ultimately fell apart due to prosecutorial “missteps” and nobody ended up getting convicted.

    Despite screwing up the case against his brother’s colleagues and not indicting his brother, Christie felt that David Kelley, the US Attorney in charge of the case, was the most qualified law enforcement official in the entire country to give a multimillion federal monitoring contract to. No bidding process involved – this is at the choice of the US Attorney and the Justice Department.

    To summarize:

    Christie’s brother is found to have made close to 1,600 “improper trades” as a top executive on Wall Street; 14 other colleagues, including 3 above and 11 below him are indicted, while Christie’s brother settles a civil suit and admits to nothing (even though the SEC knew he made close to 1,600 “improper” trades;

    The US Attorney who didn’t indict Christie’s brother ended up not convicting anyone in this case because of errors on his office’s part;

    Two years later, Chris Christie gives this now former US Attorney and colleague a multimillion dollar no-bid contract, saying that he was the most qualified law enforcement official in the entire country for this job.

  12. bkmn says:

    Because I equate Bill O and Roger Ailes with being butch. NOT.

  13. cole3244 says:

    brit hume is regressing not progressing if that’s at all possible, i have seen the missing link and heard it speak.

  14. BeccaM says:

    Misogyny from the reactionary rightists. *yawn* What a surprise.

  15. Anonymous says:

    What does that have to do with anything? More Fox News “blame liberalism for corrupting everything” crap. These pea-brains can’t hold a complex thought and have to resort to superstition.

  16. Dave of the Jungle says:


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