Idaho’s bizarre gubernatorial debate is not to be missed (video)

Idaho had a fascinating GOP gubernatorial primary debate the other night between “a cowboy, a curmudgeon, a biker and a normal guy.”

I suppose you could call it a celebration of democracy. Here are the two more interesting characters:

idaho-governor-debate idaho-gov-debate

And here are a few short Vines from one of the candidates, Harley Brown.

In this first one, Brown explains how God had a prophet from Africa hand him a signed document proving that God was going to make him President, and how Brown was going to use this document to prove his detractors wrong:

Brown goes on to explain that after God said he was going to make Brown president, Brown went out and got some presidential seal tatoos:

And apparently Brown has a few restraining orders against him, which he’s happy to talk about:

Here are the closing arguments of the two fun guys.

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(Video courtesy of Dave Weigel over at Slate)

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