Sarah Palin: “It’s time to impeach”

God bless Sarah Palin. And God bless her ghostwriter. Imagine trying to write for someone who can’t even speak proper English. The verbal calisthenics necessary to make it look like the piece was actually written by someone who can’t write at all. America, that takes talent.

Back to the matter at hand. Sarah Palin, the woman who single-handedly handed the White House to Democrats in 2008, quite possible the first person in American history to ever make the vice presidency relevant in a national election, has declared that the time is now ripe to impeach President Obama.

Oh joy.

Palin’s latest gripe about the President is that he’s apparently opened the floodgates of America to all sorts of brown people. Of course, it’s not really true — immigration advocates have been quite vocal about their disappointment with the President on this issue. But far be it for Palin to use facts (well, accurate facts) when making her point.

Sarah Palin turkey

Sarah Palin and the infamous turkey slaughter.

President Obama’s rewarding of lawlessness, including his own, is the foundational problem here. It’s not going to get better, and in fact irreparable harm can be done in this lame-duck term as he continues to make up his own laws as he goes along, and, mark my words, will next meddle in the U.S. Court System with appointments that will forever change the basic interpretation of our Constitution’s role in protecting our rights.

It’s time to impeach; and on behalf of American workers and legal immigrants of all backgrounds, we should vehemently oppose any politician on the left or right who would hesitate in voting for articles of impeachment.

The many impeachable offenses of Barack Obama can no longer be ignored. If after all this he’s not impeachable, then no one is.

What is her point, you ask? Ego. It’s not clear if even Sarah Palin is daft enough to run again for the White House. She must know how badly she torpedoed the Republican Party in 2008. Then again, ignorance is a wonderful motivator.

Palin continues:

Who’s looking out for the American workers? Who has their backs? Who fights for them?

Not your party, darlin’.  I’ve always been amazed by the willingness of the GOP base to vote for politicians have none of their best interests at heart.  The Republican party couldn’t care less about American workers, unless they earn 7 figures.  Yet, the strategy of wooing those they don’t really care about has been decently effective for the GOP over the years (though not of late, in terms of winning the White House).

The strategy has been particularly effective in the South, where far greater problems confront the populace than flags and marriage aflame. Yet, the South is reliably in the Republican pocket, for the time being.

As Aaron Blake argues, Palin is a problem for the GOP.  She gives nutty a patina of legitimacy. Not legitimacy in the sense that she somehow makes their concerns legit.  But rather, she elevates nutty to national stature, and makes it harder for Republicans to claim that the pigs don’t run the farm.

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87 Responses to “Sarah Palin: “It’s time to impeach””

  1. thelmaperine says:

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  3. Silver_Witch says:

    Very well said…totally agree we should ignore the crazies…but apparently they sell…that is why you don’t see a lot of normal people on the TV on Sunday – the media puts on the craziest of the crazies.

  4. LumberJock says:

    I apologize. I missed the snark. I agree; drones are a good way to clean up the battle space.

  5. Blogvader says:

    Did she ever figure out how the impeachment process actually works?

  6. BeccaM says:

    I meant what I said. It wasn’t a typo.

  7. The_Fixer says:

    And don’t forget, a family is a nice backdrop in the photos.

  8. The_Fixer says:

    Oh, the money yes. But these people being politicians of a particular stripe, it feeds the hell out of their egos.

    It’s an intoxicating brew for those who drink it – a whirlwind tour across the country paid for by other people, and the drama in which they partake.

    There’s an old episode of The Simpsons (where we all could get some great life lessons :) that has all of the advertising mascots come to life and take over the town. The good residents of Springfield are at a loss as to what to do, the bigger-than-life-size advertising mascots are destroying the town.

    Finally, someone (I believe Lisa, perhaps Dr. Frink) deduces that if you stop paying attention to them – because that’s what all advertising demands, that you pay attention to it – the advertising figures will die and become ineffective. Springfielders do just that – ignore them (with the temporary exception of Homer, of course), and they wither away.

    Which is what is called for in this situation – ignore the crackpots so that their egos aren’t fed, they won’t be able to raise money, and they’ll go away. It’s particularly apropos when it comes to Sarah Palin,

    The problem is the media. They are the Homer Simpsons of the world when it comes to ignoring these crackpots. They can’t resist giving airtime to these idiots so that they can try and convince other idiots to pay attention to them, giving them a modicum of credibility.

    Of course, that can work both ways. Perhaps it’s time to pay less attention to the media with the goal of them withering and dying, at least as they are in their present form.

  9. LumberJock says:

    Drones don’t hoover. Hoovering sucks stuff off the horizontal surface immediately attendant to the orifice.

  10. Silver_Witch says:

    I am kind of hoping Herman Cain runs again – it was good times last election cycle and I rather think he enjoyed himself as well. Plus I am beginning to think lots of those guys run just to collect the money – like Televangelists. They know they can’t win – but it is a good gig for 9-12 months.

  11. nolarkinsley says:

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  12. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Of course, the pool of Republican African Americans is somewhat limited. I could think of Allen West, Herman Cain, and Dr. Ben Carson. I’m certain there are others, but thinking of those three was sort of upsetting.

  13. BeccaM says:

    Did somebody say ping-pong balls?

  14. Silver_Witch says:

    Being a Democratic African American…if he was Republican I think it would be okayish.

  15. Silver_Witch says:

    Thanks BeccaM – I read a really interesting article that said about what you are saying…that it is just a Republican plan to keep dems from being able to get anything done – like the silly Clinton impeachment brohahaha.

    I am beginning to really hate them about it though.

  16. TruthNotReligion says:


    That’s from decades ago . . .

    That’s . . . Captain Kangaroo ranting against Mr. Greenjeans, who keeps squeezing the toothpaste from the middle of the tube.

  17. BillFromDover says:

    What I find absolutely mind blowing is the super egotism that must give this twit reason to believe that anything coming out of her nauseous, screeching mouth is in any way, shape or form. relevant to anything.

  18. UncleBucky says:

    Hm. When Palin uses a word, it gets bleached of all its meaning…

  19. UncleBucky says:

    1/2 Governor Palin, doncha? ;o)

  20. woodroad34 says:

    Well, he does make pity-money; but, you’re right: Trash sells. Every iteration of “Housewives of…” proves that. Even George Bush is making something of a comeback….the power bottoms of the right are drooling and rewriting history as we speak (“hurt me more, so that I can love you”). Thank goodness there’s going to be a “documentary” out about W’s AWOL scandal.

  21. BeccaM says:

    Well, there’s the executions-by-drones and the NSA warrantless data-hoovering…but we know the GOP doesn’t object to those at all.

    So they pick an actual policy disagreement and try to claim they can impeach over that. As for Benghazi, that’s just Whitewater redux.

    The point isn’t whether they could actually impeach Obama and win a conviction in the Senate — the latter of which would never happen. This is scorched-earth politics, nothing more or less. The GOPers think that by burning down the country and its government, they’ll be the only power left by default to take over with one party rule.

  22. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    His offense is being African American while president.

  23. laurakfalconer says:

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  24. Silver_Witch says:

    Can anyone tell me what just one impeachable or lawsuit thing – now really – just one. They keep saying Impeach impeach….but never say for what. Don’t people want to know what the OFFENSE is? I know I do…

    John – you used to be one of those GOP guys – maybe you can translate for us what it is they think they can impeach the President for.

    I agree with another poster – it is just a GOP thing to keep anything from getting done while a Dem is in office.

  25. Colin says:


  26. KingCranky says:

    AKA The Trump Strategy, implying she’ll run for office, but like Trump, never actually going through with it again.

  27. Indigo says:

    Oh, yes but we must understand that that was all off stage so it doesn’t count. After all, we’re talking about professional hypocrites here.

  28. FLL says:

    You’ve nailed Palin’s real motives, which have nothing to do with actually running for office:

    (1) Her easily duped rube supporters putting money, money, money into her bank account
    (2) Her face and sound bites in the news, which boosts her ego

  29. lynchie says:

    I think he sprung a chubby. Stepford Wife #3 scared the shit out of him and you can betcha Palindrone gave him the wink of life/

  30. angryspittle says:

    It is time for this worn out old tampon receptacle to just go where all used up old whackadoodles go.

  31. emjayay says:

    Yeah, I’ve always said Obama Derangement Syndrome is just Clinton Derangement Syndrome on steroids. Remember how millions of right wingers were convinced the Clintons killed their old friend Vince Foster? In the case of the Clintons, the extra energy powering the syndrome was the first lady being perceived as a feminazi.

    An unacceptable Mommy of the country is bad, but not as bad as an unacceptable Daddy.

  32. nicho says:

    Poll shows that most Americans, including a surprising percentage of Republicans, want Palin to jist STFU and disappear.

    And this was before this most recent idiotic verbal diarrhea.

  33. AnitaMann says:

    The guy on the corner isn’t selling books or TV pilots. The stakes ($$) are higher for her. Why would she quit?

  34. Bluestocking says:

    No kidding…she and Christine O’Donnell both. It’s been reported that O’Donnell used campaign funding for personal expenses — something she’s not supposed to do! — and yet as far as I know, she’s never really been taken to task for it.

  35. Demosthenes says:

    “Gov. Palin is a national treasure, and we truly enjoy hearing from her as much as possible.”

    Democratic Party

  36. Bluestocking says:

    That’s why I said that actions *should* have consequences (acknowledging that they don’t always) and that the reason why people like Palin succeed is because many people — not just her — choose to take the path which is easy instead of the one which is right. If the right way were easy or the easy way right, there probably wouldn’t be any need for discussions like this.

  37. m320753 says:

    sarah palin is calling for an Impeachment against the President? sarah palin couldn’t call for a pizza, no less an impeachment

  38. woodroad34 says:

    She actually deserves prison time if not outright impeachment, herself.

  39. woodroad34 says:

    I work for a city government and we always stop work to watch the screaming guy in front of the library just to giggle. We shake our heads, the cops come by to ask if he’s alright and he calms down and walks away. Mizzzzzz Palin doesn’t have that kind of decency. Actually, does she have ANY decency?

  40. Indigo says:

    It’s never wrong to return things to their owners. And no, I did not suggest that karma plays favorites, karma is remarkably impersonal. It’s just another form of cause and effect.

  41. woodroad34 says:

    Seriously, if she hadn’t self-impeached herself halfway through her dicta….errr….Governorship of Alaska she should have been legally and properly impeached for the troopergate abuse of power. Sometimes I wonder if she’s really Charles Busch doing a character like Angela Ardeen, because she is so over-the-top stupid.

  42. Bluestocking says:

    Because that would no longer be capitalism…that would be Marxism, dontcha know. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” and all that…not such a bad philosophy really when all is said and done, but the simple fact that Marx said it automatically makes it wrong as far as many people in this country are concerned.

  43. TheRealSocialmedic says:

    For the GOP “family” is purely mercenary.

  44. AnitaMann says:

    Isn’t it time the world ignored her like we ignore a guy screaming on the street corner?

  45. TheRealSocialmedic says:

    There isn’t any woman who is intelligent who would be within the mysogynistic GOP.

  46. TheRealSocialmedic says:

    The guy who forced her on him has admitted his mistake and his remorse.

  47. BeccaM says:

    Whereas hinting and pretending to be considering a run is a whole pig-trough full of money to be snorted up… Aye — if there’s one thing she’s good at, it’s the grift.

  48. TheRealSocialmedic says:

    If actions had consequences then Palin should be sued for all of the malicious things she says while attempting to wreck people’s careers. That is usually the case for the rest of us mortals.

  49. BeccaM says:

    Well, we can thank “trickle-down” Reaganomics for destroying any chance for sensible public discourse about spending policies. Nutcases who insisted we could cut taxes, massively increase defense spending and corporate giveaways, and balance the budget all at the same time took over the GOP at that point.

  50. TheRealSocialmedic says:

    Shouldn’t corporate stewards of todays jobs be taking no more than they need? IOW why is it OK for corporations to waste and government not?

  51. TheRealSocialmedic says:

    Isn’t it time somebody sued Sarah Palin for slander and libel?

  52. Naja pallida says:

    Sure, go for it. Obama needs the boost in his approval rating.

  53. BeccaM says:

    Being African American is a big part of it, but this strategy of declaring Democratic party presidents to be illegitimate officeholders goes back to Clinton’s first term, when he won not with a majority of votes, but because Ross Perot had peeled off the conservative crazies who would’ve voted for Poppy Bush instead.

    Hence the Whitewater witch-hunt and panty-sniffing investigations, and the bogus impeachment. Had Gore or Kerry won, or Hillary, their administrations would have been dogged by accusations of illegitimacy, too. Until the GOP completely implodes or explodes or fractures, this’ll be their ongoing strategy to limit the power and effectiveness of any Dem president from here on out.

  54. Bluestocking says:

    Not necessarily…two wrongs don’t make a right. Yes, actions (should) have consequences — but even though my anger may be understandable if other people have hurt me, that doesn’t automatically give me the right to lower myself to their level and hurt them back (especially since doing so would most likely only prompt them to justify further wrongdoing on their part and imply that I’m not as different from them as I purport to be).

    I don’t find that karma plays favorites the way you seem to suggest. As I recently commented somewhere else, nobody ever promised that the Road Less Traveled would be easy…if anything, the fact that it’s not easy is precisely the reason *why* it’s less traveled (as well as part of the reason why prats like Palin manage to succeed in this world even though their choices and behavior don’t merit it).

  55. nicho says:

    She had put a lot of work into sucking up to and over-the-top conservatives. Whenever conservatives would be passing through Alaska for whatever reason, she would have them over for dinner and butter them up. I think there was a group within the GOP that saw her as the next Margaret Thatcher. The other thing was that the Dems had a playbook against any other potential female candidate in the GOP. By pulling this total unknown onto the stage at the absolute last minute, the GOP forced the Dems to scramble like mad just to learn how to spell her name. Had she had a shred of intelligence or political ability, it might have worked.

  56. Indigo says:

    I remember the Eisenhower Era perfectly well. The Cloth Coat Republicans of that day stayed quietly at home and went about their business without fanfare. They disappeared a quarter of a century ago.

  57. Denver Catboy says:

    Ah, trust Sarah Palin to open her mouth and remove all doubt that she, and the rest of her party, is filled with STUPID.

  58. Denver Catboy says:

    I should hope so. There’s always room in public discourse about being wise stewards of public money (and taking no more than they need). Problem is that discussion has been overrun by nutcases so bad we don’t dare have the conversation lest Palin here sticks a wand up our women’s privates then charges us for the rape kit… >.>

  59. BeccaM says:

    Well, ‘forced on him’ in as much as McCain was told he couldn’t have either of his first two choices — Lieberman or Ridge, both relative moderates. At that point, I think his personal impulsiveness took hold.

  60. basenjilover says:

    Not unkind at all… she definitely deserves it and much more.

  61. Liam says:

    Time for Palin and her whining fellows to STFU.

  62. Bluestocking says:

    LOL…I’m going to remember that one! It’s unkind, yes…but by no means undeserved.

  63. Ghost Writer says:

    Little Bighorn

  64. Indigo says:

    Yes, I thought so too but he could have said no. He didn’t.

  65. Indigo says:

    Returning nonsense and malice to its source does not generate “bad” karma, it is an auspicious act to return things to their owners.

  66. Bluestocking says:

    Sorry…but I just don’t buy that. Ultimately, it was his call…and you can’t tell me that Palin was the only or even the best option. There must have been at least a couple of other women within the GOP holding high-level political positions who would have been significantly more qualified — not to mention infinitely more intelligent — than she is.

  67. Indigo says:

    Without clowns, would there be a GOP?

  68. Indigo says:

    Good! Let’s see how that fizzles.

  69. emjayay says:

    That “lawless” word was the Republican word of the week a while back. Never in my memory applied to a president before, and suddenly every Repub on the teevee were saying it. But Obama is different, because, well, you know….something.

  70. emjayay says:

    Vote for me! I promise to stick around for at least half the term this time!

  71. nicho says:

    I’m still under the impression that she was forced on him. He had never met her — didn’t even know who she was. There were powers at work that were promoting her. He was as much a victim as anyone.

  72. Dave of the Jungle says:

    The Whore of Babble On has spoken.

  73. BeccaM says:

    Half-term governor and word-salad connoisseur Sarah Palin is desperate for two things:

    (1) Ego strokes
    (2) Money

    Sometime in the next year or so, look for her to set up a presidential ‘exploratory committee’ so she can fleece her rubes yet again — and then bail just as soon as she loses interest and/or she decides her personal slush fund is solvent again. Let’s be clear: Her intent is never to actually run for office, because that’s too much like work, which we already know she hates.

    Remember her infamous 2011 bus tour? The woman has a pattern of quitting everything she does halfway through.

    The one fortunate thing is each time she shows up, people pay less and less attention to her. And by ‘people’, I mean the media. Her proverbial “15 Minutes” are more or less expired.

    At this point, just my opinion, but I think her increasing irrelevancy makes her nothing but a side-show freak in the GOP psycho-clown circus.

  74. keirmeister says:

    To all Right-Wingers: Until Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc., are sent to The Hague, STFU.

  75. Bluestocking says:

    I’m not the kind of person who typically wishes others to suffer — it’s bad karma — but at a moment such as this, I’m sorely tempted to think that McCain deserves to have a special corner in Hell set aside just for him as his punishment for unleashing this narcissistic nutjob on the American people. If he hadn’t made her his running mate, she probably would have been confined to Alaska. Hell, even *Cheney* has publicly acknowledged that choosing her was a mistake (conveniently ignoring the fact that she’s essentially the female version of GWB).

    Ye gods…the fact that anyone still listens to this bombastic bimbo, never mind takes her seriously, tells you just how far this country has fallen. I can remember a time not so very long ago when anyone who pronounced someone like her fit to run the country would have been considered out of their mind.

  76. Bill_Perdue says:

    Reagan redux.

  77. Jimmy says:

    Once again, thank you John McCain for foisting this moron upon us.

  78. Butch1 says:

    Sarah . . . Sarah . . .Sarah . . . go home and take care of your kids. Why hasn’t someone reported her for abandoning her kids by now? This is the same woman who always spews that venom about Family Values and that the family needs “one man and one woman” in the house raising those kids. Her kids need to look at a photograph of her to recognize who their mother is since they never see this woman. She always seems to be running around the country speaking somewhere and running at the mouth.

    She still has underage children at home and they shouldn’t be the one’s responsible for raising her special needs child. This woman was a half term governor and it looks like she’s also a half term mother as well. Social Services should be at her door evaluating that situation to see if she is a fit mother or not. With one daughter raising a child who got pregnant as a teenager and decided not to marry, I think it is questionable whether she was a good parental influence on them at all?

    Perhaps spending more time with her kids might help. What ARE her priorities?

  79. BeccaM says:

    That’s William Shatner up there, doing his famous “Khaaaaaaaaan!” scream from ‘Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.”

    He’s very much not dead yet.

  80. bkmn says:

    They have zero memory of the impact to their party the last time they impeached a Dem Prez. Of course Palin is nothing but a loud mouthpiece who riles up the base and never does anything of value.

  81. bkmn says:

    She will always threaten to run but she won’t do it. She has gotten too good at grifting and campaigning is very hard work.

  82. nicho says:

    Getting rid of Sarah Palin is like getting dog shit off a sneaker. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get it all. I really do want to dope-slap all those people who said in November of 2008 that we would never hear from her again.

  83. Lucas? Chuck Connors has been dead for years. Unfortunately, not the philosophy of the Gilded Age, for the god Reagan brought it back.

  84. and if conviction were after 20 January 2015, he could run twice!

  85. Bill_Perdue says:

    Impeachment is a bad idea because of

  86. TruthNotReligion says:

    Palin – Bachmann as GOP 2016 nominees.

    Oh please, God . . . PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

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