How this gay-hating GOP man-child will help Dems win in November

If you needed a reason to vote in next month’s mid-term elections, this gay-hating Republican man-child is “Exhibit A” as to why everyone, especially young people, should vote Democratic.

His name is Ben Shapiro.

He’s the editor of, a darling of the Republican Youth, and he’s prima facie evidence of what’s wrong with the Republican party, why I left the GOP over 20 years ago, and why no one in their right mind should vote for these people come November.

Breitbart editor-at-large and GOP leading voice Ben Shapiro.

Breitbart editor-at-large and GOP leading voice Ben Shapiro.

It’s been an amazing couple of years for gay civil rights advocates.

We’ve gone from hoping to possibly win the right to marry sometime down the line after we’re all dead and buried — most of us never imagined winning this right in our lifetime — to being on the verge of having a majority of states recognize marriage equality for gays.

As you can imagine, the religionist far right of the Republican party — which controls the GOP — has been apoplectic over the civil and human rights advances that gays have made these past several years.

Not that the Republicans liked gays when we were losing. They’ve never much liked us, or blacks, or women, or Latinos, or Jews — or much of anyone else. But now they’re even more incensed because we’re winning, they’re losing, and it’s hurting them at the ballot box.

The problem for the GOP is that if they change course, and embrace us fully, they’ll lose the intolerant core that makes up so much of the GOP base.

So they’re damned if they damn, and damned if they don’t.

Shapiro’s intolerance comes across as that of the true believer (or hater), rather than someone simply out for electoral gain. Someone who was simply out to win would recognize that they’re losing, badly, and that bigotry is no longer the vote-getter for the GOP that it was back in the day of the fire hose and the german shepherd.

Now, why write about Shapiro at all, you might ask? The same reason I write about Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and the other angry, intolerant thought-leaders of the Republican party: Every time an independent, or young, voter watches Shapiro, Coulter, Limbaugh or Palin open their mouths, that voter runs for a Democratic ballot.

As we’ve written before, the Republicans have been desperately trying to make-over their party. They realize that while they have a lock on (parts of) the south, they’ve lost blacks, gays, and Latinos, and are now losing women and youth. And what’s more, with Latinos growing in numbers in the coming decades, the GOP demographic nightmare only gets worse.


Ben Shapiro thinks a lot about “anal penetration.”

So why do people like Ben Shapiro keep mouthing off about the civil rights of gays and lesbians being about nothing more than recognizing “anal penetration [as] a hard-fought constitutional right”?

And worse yet, why do Republicans keep elevating people like Shapiro, and Coulter, and Limbaugh, and Palin as the common-law leadership of their party? Most young people, let alone most Americans, don’t want to tie their future to the mini-me version of Phyllis Schlafly.

Colin Powell warned about the Republican party’s “dark vein of intolerance.” It’s an angry tradition that preternaturally boyish pocket-homophobes like Ben Shapiro embrace. And it’s going to be the Republican party’s undoing in November, and beyond.

Good riddance.

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