Colbert’s hilarious take on Inhofe taking over Senate Environment Committee

Stephen Colbert takes on the fact that lead climate-change-denier GOP Senator Jim Inhofe is taking over the US Senate Environment Committee.

This is probably one of the funniest Colbert segments ever, IMHO.

Colbert notes that the latest GOP talking point on climate change is “I’m not a scientist.” What’s interesting about it, in my view, is that the Republicans seem to be concerned that they need a good answer on climate change. Which is interesting, because I’d have thought they were winning this battle, and that they didn’t need any special messaging. In fact, they think they do.


This may have to do with the overall GOP concern about losing the youth vote — and still losing those youth as they grow up and become adults. This way, the Republicans “sound” moderate, even if they’re not. It’s a tried and true tactic of the GOP. They don’t change their policies in order to be more in line with the electorate, they change their spin — in other words, they lie, and hope you’re not smart enough to catch them in it.

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