Donald Trump has a lot in common with segregationist George Wallace

A friend sent me a clip from the Chicago Tribune, dated October 30, 1968, reporting on how segregationist presidential candidate George Wallace had to shut down a campaign rally in the midwest because violence broke out.

It bears a remarkable similarity to Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump shutting down his Chicago rally this past Friday, as the rally was swarmed with protesters.

While many compare Trump’s extremism to the rise of Hitler, others are talking about the rise of George Wallace, the southern governor and segregationist who repeatedly ran for president in the 1960s and 1970s, and ultimately was relegated to a wheelchair by an assassination attempt.

What’s fascinating is to see the parallels between Trump and Wallace in this one article.

Chicago Tribune, October 30, 1968.

Chicago Tribune, October 30, 1968.

Fights on the rally floor

“Police moved in quickly to quell a flurry of fist fights that broke out near the arena floor as Wallace supporters and some of the several thousand hecklers clashed.”

Chaos and fights in Chicago as Trump postpones rally over safety concerns.

Wallace taunts protesters

“In a city torn by racial strife, Wallace continued tonight his practice of taunting his hecklers, both black and white who changed continuously as the Alabama governor spoke.”

“Wallace was only 20 seconds into his campaign speech… when he unleashed his first taunt at the hecklers. In recent campaign days, Wallace has welcome hecklers, shouting back at them to elicit exuberant cheers from his supporters.”

Trump taunts protesters at Missouri rally on Friday.

Trump looking into paying legal fees in sucker punch incident.

Trump calls for protesters’ arrests.

Donald Trump to protester: ‘Go home to mommy! Tell her to tuck you in bed’

Trump to protester: ‘Are you from Mexico?’

Trump cracks down on protesters.

This is classic. Just happened. Trump is speaking in Ohio, talking about what a divided nation we are, and how sad it is…

Posted by John Aravosis on Saturday, March 12, 2016

Wallace supporters attack protesters being led away by police

“Wallace supporters struck handcuffed hecklers as they were being led away by police, who did not interfere.”

White Trump supporter kicks black protester being led out of Trump rally.

Trump supporter charged after sucker-punching protester at North Carolina rally.

Reporters face ire of Wallace supporters

“Reporters circulating in the crowd rand into frequent encounters with Wallace supporters.”

Reporter files assault charge against Trump campaign manager.

Secret Service agent slams TIME photog to the ground at Trump rally.

CBS reporter: Trump supporter asked me if I was taking pictures for ISIS.

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4 Responses to “Donald Trump has a lot in common with segregationist George Wallace”

  1. BeccaM says:

    I’ve recounted here a few times how my father proudly — proudly — voted for George Wallace, and bragged for decades thereafter how he kept writing in Wallace. I can’t confirm it since he died ten years ago now, but I suspect the practice did not end when Wallace died. And furthermore, he’d have been filled with rage at the idea of an African American president — no matter which party.

    Trump is the first candidate where I’m fairly sure my father would’ve loved him. Precisely because Trump is an openly fascist racist bigot, not in spite of it.

  2. Phil in FLL says:

    George Wallace had to deal with two and a half centuries of constitutional democracy in the United States, and so does Donald Trump. Hitler didn’t have that burden since the background of his rise was a mere 10 years of Weimar Republic democracy that was linked in the minds of the German public with hard economic times. The parallel between Wallace and Trump is much more apt.

  3. The_Fixer says:

    Striking similarities, indeed.

    As history often repeats itself, it would not surprise me to see some crackpot take a shot at Drumpfo der Clown. The results may be, instead of paralysis, far worse. This is the danger when one puts so much effort into stirring up crowds – unintended consequences. If I were him, I’d certainly think better of this.

    His ego is not much of a shield when some idiot with a gun starts firing.

  4. Baal says:

    Amazing how things don’t change.

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