Sanders rep Dawson calls Hillary a racist sexist

As if last night’s snafu in which Dr. Paul Song, speaking at a Sanders rally in NYC, appeared to call Hillary Clinton a “Democratic whore,” wasn’t enough, there is now video of a second prominent Sanders supporter, Rosario Dawson, calling Hillary Clinton a racist and a sexist (which is insane).

At a Sanders event in Brooklyn called “Brooklyn Berners,” Dawson, an actress and singer, was speaking to a crowd when she started criticizing the former secretary of state’s foreign policy views.

The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Bellini was there:

Dawson is no stranger to controversy. Just two weeks ago, speaking on behalf of Bernie Sanders, the actress attacked President Obama, claiming incorrectly that within two months of Obama’s swearing-in Democrats lost faith in the president. (Attacks on President Obama have been a common refrain from the Sanders campaign.)

In fact, Dawson is wrong. Here is Obama’s approval rating his first six month’s in office.

by default 2016-04-14 at 4.14.56 PM

A week before that, Dawson raised eyebrows by attacking the credibility of “legendary farm labor, feminist, and voting rights activist” Dolores Huerta. The actress called Huerta a member of “the establishment,” a common slur used by both Sanders and Republican Donald Trump for people who don’t endorse their preferred candidate.

Actress and singer Rosario Dawson grows testy with the WSJ's Jason Bellini.

Actress and singer Rosario Dawson grows testy with the WSJ’s Jason Bellini.

It’s surprising that the Sanders campaign is continuing to use such incendiary language about Democrats in general, and Secretary Clinton in particular, as Sanders’ negatives continue to rise, possibly because he’s become so angry in the past few weeks as it became evident that the nomination was becoming increasingly out of his grasp. Sanders’ popularity plateaued in February, while unfavorables continue to rise:

It’s also surprising that Dawson would launch such a personal attack on Hillary Clinton less than a day after a top Sanders supporter, at a rally with Sanders himself, appeared to suggest that Mrs. Clinton is a “whore.” Sanders had to personally apologize for that slur just this morning. Here is what Song said:

by default 2016-04-14 at 10.33.12 AM

Of course, the good news for Dr. Song is that Dawson has now stolen his thunder as the inappropriately-angriest Sanders supporter of the day.

The question remains when Sanders will start apologizing for Dawson’s increasingly embarrassing rhetoric as well. At this point, the new angry tone of the Sanders campaign is no longer a glitch — it’s a feature. It’s a conscious decision that Sanders made as a last-ditch effort to win the race, or burn the party down trying.

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