Internet excoriates Green Party’s Jill Stein for calling Hillary bad mom

Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein celebrated Mother’s Day by calling Hillary Clinton a bad mother.

Stein lobbed the charge on Twitter, where she also implicitly suggested that, unlike Hillary, she was a great mother.

Stein — who refers to herself on Twitter as “Dr. Jill Stein” (I really have an issue with people who do that; it used to be a thing, now it’s just arrogant) — may be the only mother in the history of Mother’s Day to devote the holiday to honoring herself.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 1.52.45 PM

Stein’s Twitter outburst was immediately met with widespread derision:

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 1.55.35 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 1.55.06 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 2.03.32 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 2.03.23 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 2.05.01 PM

A few left animated gifs as well:

hillary brush shoulder bye forever tina fey go home

But perhaps the best response was this:

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 2.05.46 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 2.04.53 PM

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450 Responses to “Internet excoriates Green Party’s Jill Stein for calling Hillary bad mom”

  1. Rainbird says:

    What? I would be *extremely* unlikely to say anything anti-semitic if you know what I am saying…. I can’t see anything that could even be construed so.

  2. wildcolonialboy says:

    What does the fact Sanders is Jewish have to do with anything?

    Anti-semitic creep

  3. candycee obatay says:

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  4. jalp says:

    Looks like my response to *you* has disappeared now. To summarize quickly: I posted a link to Dr. Stein’s complete Mother’s Day statement; Ezzy666 responded about why men weren’t asked to show fatherly values; I tried to agree that they could be, but added that mothering was probably getting more attention because we’ve had fathers as Presidents and not yet any mothers. That reply post of mine disappeared twice — I don’t know how, or by whom. I do know they showed up on the site immediately after I posted them.

    And I’ve just seen my further reply to Ezzy666’s further response (“I never imagined that I didn’t qualify to be the first female president b/c I am child-free.”) disappear too — so I’ve just re-typed that in (also quoted here to help you find it if it vanishes again): “Non sequitur — does not follow. Not from what Dr. Stein said, not from
    what I wrote. One can show the values she mentioned, support the
    policies she advocated, without being literally a mother — or even a
    woman, for that matter.”

    I don’t know whether this is a system error, or someone deleting my posts because of their viewpoint, or what. But whatever the problem, this site needs to fix it.

  5. jalp says:

    Non sequitur — does not follow. Not from what Dr. Stein said, not from what I wrote. One can show the values she mentioned, support the policies she advocated, without being literally a mother — or even a woman, for that matter.

  6. jalp says:

    Non sequitur — does not follow. Not from what Dr. Stein wrote, not from what I said. One can show the values she was talking about, and support the policies she mentioned, without being literally a mother — or even a woman, for that matter.

  7. Ezzy666 says:

    I never imagined that I didn’t qualify to be the first female president b/c I am child-free.

  8. Average Joe says:

    no on cares you moron

  9. jalp says:

    Thank you for looking into this. I’ll tell you all I can.

    Six days ago I put in a reply to the article:

    [== start my original reply ==]
    If you’ll pardon me showing my age by paraphrasing Paul Harvey, hold your judgment until you read . . . the rest of the story:
    [== end my original reply ==]

    Later that same day, Ezzy666 responded to the above post:

    [== start Ezzy666’s original response ==]
    Why aren’t male candidates expected to reflect the values of being a father?
    [== end Ezzy666’s original response ==]

    When I saw notification of that response, I responded to it. Then a day or two later, I saw that my response wasn’t there, so I re-created it. Both times, I hit the post button and the response appeared on the screen when I was there — but when I came back to the site, it was gone. I don’t know where the system (or someone else) put that response; all I know is that it was gone. So I re-created it and posted it a third time yesterday, with the additional note on the disappearance — both as a response to Ezzy and as this independent post.

    I hope this helps you figure out what happened.

  10. Moderator3 says:

    Please explain this comment. You have no comments in the deleted folder.

  11. jalp says:

    In case my reply to Ezzy666’s response to my “rest of the story” post is deleted a *third* time, let’s try it as an independent post. I would agree with Ezzy666’s implied suggestion that male candidates certainly could be expected to reflect good fathering values, but I would add that more attention is probably being paid to mothering because we haven’t had a mother as
    President yet — not for lack of trying by Greens, among others — and we have had a lot of fathers in that office already.

  12. jalp says:

    I’ve replied to this twice, but there’s no sign of either reply here. What’s the problem? All I said was that male candidates certainly could be expected to reflect good fathering values, but that more attention is probably being paid to mothering because we haven’t had a mother as President yet (not for lack of trying by Greens among others) and we have had a lot of fathers in that office already.

  13. grejambri says:

    $Hillary is despicable. I will vote for Bernie or Jill Stein in the general. I will never vote for Clinton.

  14. grejambri says:

    This article is complete bullshit. I don’t know about being a mother, but Dr. Jill Stein (yes, she’s an MD, and has the right to refer herself as such) is certainly a better human being that Clinton. Clinton’s war hawk positions have contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands in the ME and South America. She is truly despicable.

  15. NoBebop says:

    This is Paul Manaforth-level bullshit. The good doctor’s tweet is offensive because it is based on nothing. Prove that there are no “maternal values in Hillary’s politics.” You can’t. She tried to get universal health care passed in the Clinton administration, and when that failed she was still able to get a program through that provided cut-rate health insurance for children. Sounds like something a mother would do to me. If you want to claim that she’s a “war hawk” and that’s not motherly, that’s fine, but it’s also irrelevant. It’s part of the job of running a country. Nobody claims that presidents have been “bad fathers” by sending soldiers to war.

  16. Ezzy666 says:

    Did she raise you?

  17. Dolan55 says:

    Yes: taking protest votes that don’t go anywhere, so he’s ignored.
    Creating a movement is hard work.

  18. Kat Hay says:

    It seems to me that a lot of people on this thread do not understand or misunderstand what Jill Stein meant by her tweet. She’s talking about the absence of maternal values in Hillary’s politics, a valid criticism, in my view, even if you only consider her very hawkish foreign policy record and positions. She is not judging her performance as a mother. People are very anxious to take offense.

  19. United Forces says:

    You’re so down in it that you don’t realize that half of the Dems (see the 89 who voted to gut SNAP) are Republicans in Dem clothing. Vision Works called, your glasses are needing adjusting.

  20. Rainbird says:

    46 Million in Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America checks to be cashed. Promises given, debts to be paid back later. Yes, I am fully aware Clinton has raised money.

  21. Rainbird says:

    You really have been paying no attention to what Bernie has been doing for his whole life.

  22. jalp says:

    That tweet was part one of a series — and part of her full statement, seen here:

    Why America Needs a Woman President this Mother’s Day
    Posted by Jill Stein on May 08, 2016

    As families around the country celebrate the women in their lives this Sunday with gifts and dinners, I am reminded of the origins of Mother’s Day and how much we need that sentiment today. Women organized for peace, spoke out against war and grieved for every son that had been killed. Mother’s Work Day and Friendship Clubs took action by fighting poverty and unsanitary living conditions for poor women and children.

    I do agree with Hillary Clinton that it is time that America elects a woman for President. But I want that President to reflect the values that are part of being a mom. Taking care of others and being compassionate, starting with our children. We need to make child care a universal right. We need to end hunger and poverty for all, but especially for children. We need to increase federal support for our school systems.

    A mother is also a healer. That starts with joining the rest of the industrial world and providing health care to everyone, through a single payer improved Medicare for All program. It means solving international disputes through negotiations and a commitment to international law and human rights, not being the biggest bully in the sandbox.

    As a mother and a physician, I am outraged that this presidential election has been reduced to a battle of the sexes. Donald Trump makes demeaning comments about female opponents, members of the press and women as a whole by his sexist rantings and ill-conceived statements on abortion and immigration.

    His tirades have prompted Hillary Clinton to literally cash in on promoting a “Woman Card” to show that she stands for women’s rights, a gimmick that has brought over 2 million dollars into her already overstuffed war chest last month. What Hillary Clinton stands on is the Clinton legacy of demonizing poor women by repealing the main New Deal program for poor children, Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) and sending hundreds of thousands to “work” with inadequate child care or household support while they did meaningless tasks that offered no chance to lift them outof poverty through real job training.

    The best welfare reform program would be full employment, with government as the employer of last resort, with a strong safety net with dignity for those unable to work or working by taking care of others.

    What do my two major political rivals for the Presidency offer on this Mother’s Day 2016 to the over 18 million women living in poverty today, along with over 15 million of their children? Neither Clinton nor Trump are talking about a national initiative to eliminate poverty and hunger in the richest country in the world. In fact, their positions on war, climate and health care will contribute to the loss of life in our most vulnerable communities.

    Clinton may be ticking off a list of female-friendly promises, like equal pay for equal work and reproductive rights, but we need to follow the money and how that influences what she takes action on. Bankrolled by Wall St. and Clinton Foundation money from countries who trample on women’s rights means the pressure of donations can take precedence over principles.

    A Green New Deal that will both create millions of good paying jobs and stop climate change in its tracks by moving to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2030. This is a comprehensive initiative that will improve the lives of women and children. It would ensure that everyone has access to clean water and air, affordable housing and other essential services.

    Clinton and Trump are both playing the “Woman Card” but the women and children living in poverty are the losers either way. It is not about electing a woman to the White House for the first time but electing the woman who will take the lead in the political revolution to put people, planet and peace over profit.

    Dr. Jill Stein is the presumptive Presidential nominee of the Green Party. While practicing medicine and raising her children, Dr. Stein helped to lead initiatives to fight environmental racism and injustice and to promote healthy communities. She is co-author of two widely praised reports, In Harm’s Way: Toxic Threats to Child Development (2000) and Environmental Threats to Healthy Aging (2009).

  23. jalp says:

    They certainly could be. I would guess that more attention is being paid to motherly values because we haven’t had a mother as President before, and we have had quite a lot of fathers.

    (I put this in a reply before, but my post didn’t take for some reason. On this second try, I’ll add that we Greens have had a woman on the ticket every time since we became a national party in 2000 — and in 1996 if you count the loose coalition of state parties that nominated Ralph Nader and Winona LaDuke or helped them become official write-ins. If Jill Stein wins the Presidential nomination again this year, that will be our third time in a row with a woman at the top of the ticket — and depending on who is nominated as VP, possibly our third in a row with two women on it. Oh, yes, and BTW . . . feminism is one of the Ten Key Values of the Green Party of the United States.)

  24. Dolan55 says:

    Instead of “lowering himself” to run for President now, he could have started a movement or party when he was first elected to office: he’s been a politician for 30 years, you think 30 years is time enough?

  25. emjayay says:

    Me too.

  26. Rainbird says:

    Let me give you an example of reporting on Bernie. It was Saturday March 5th and the headlines on CNN read: “Clinton wins Louisana!” with a sub head of “Huge win for Clinton!” And, if you scrolled down and looked really hard you could see buried in the corner “Bernie Sanders wins in Maine” You actually had to click on that link and read into the second paragraph that Bernie had also won in Kansas and Nebraska. –Winner in three states, small news. Winner in one state and your name is Clinton, huge news!

  27. Rainbird says:

    If you look though, most of the comments (corrections) are not on Jon Green’s posts but on blatantly partisan posts by Hillary supporter John Aravosis.

  28. Rainbird says:

    It would be just shy of impossible to get a third party candidate elected in this country. Look at Bernie, he had to lower himself to joining the democrats to have a shot. Had he not done that, no debates, no automatically being put on the ballot, no media coverage. The deck is stacked for two parties in this country.

  29. Moderator4 says:

    You are certainly welcome to go back over the last three months of threads (keep clicking on “Older Entries” at the bottom of each page) to try and figure this out for yourself.
    It’s way beyond our pay scale to do this for you, especially considering that we are not paid (we are volunteers), and have actual lives, jobs, and families outside of AmericaBlog.

  30. UCF_Engineer says:

    Last time I checked, Hillary nor anyone from her campaign posted any tweets with regards to Jill Stein’s comment. So who are you kidding?

    By your definition, Bernie is responsible for the raucous supporters that yell and curse at kids and rip signs out of their hands at Hillary rallies. Well he didn’t condone it or tell his supporters to stop harassing people outside of Hillary rallies so I suppose he is a little responsible right?

  31. 2karmanot says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm She’s Baaaack !

  32. jalp says:

    They certainly could be. I would guess there’s more attention to mothering values because we haven’t had a mother as President yet, and we’ve had a fair lot of fathers.

  33. Dolan55 says:

    You can protest as much as you want: Hillary’s policies, her ideas, anything.
    But lining up to scream insults at Hillary supporters as they exit a rally, is just hate.

  34. SurroundedByTheBlind says:

    Do you not think that protests constitute free speech?

    Good to know – the rabid HRC supporters give not one whit for the First Amendment (unless it’s benefiting them, of course). I especially like the part where you criticize people for exercising free speech and then turn around and accuse them of fascism. It’s cute, in a double-speak Republican kind of way. Unsurprising, considering your candidate is Establishment Republican Lite.

  35. SurroundedByTheBlind says:

    Hillary has everything to do with this; who are you kidding (other than yourself)?

  36. SurroundedByTheBlind says:

    “Bernie has raised precisely $0 for down ticket races — Clinton has raised $46 million for Democratic Congressional races.”

    Meanwhile, anyone who’s received Sanders’ campaign emails knows you’re full of garbage. He’s supporting downticket Democrats – he’s just not supporting the downticket Democrats y’all WANT him to support. He’s advocating on behalf of the Progressives that actually care about the issues, not having their pockets lined by lobbyists.

  37. SurroundedByTheBlind says:

    Not really. There hasn’t been a Green Party candidate that actually contributed in any substantial way to a Democrat’s loss.

    Yes, I’m including the Nader/Gore/Bush situation in that statement. Nader didn’t acquire enough votes to hurt Gore’s campaign nearly as much as Gore damaged himself. Gore was an excellent candidate and would have likely been one of our better presidents had he been elected, but he took a lot of things for granted, lacked warmth and relatability, made serious mistakes during his campaign, and came across as a little arrogant. He wound up alienating a lot of working class voters as a result, who instead turned to the guy who they thought they could have a beer with – Bush, not Nader. The numbers back that up. So if you can point to any OTHER time in the last 20 years where a member of the Green Party somehow managed to prevent a Democratic president from being elected, I’m sure we’d all love to hear it. If not, perhaps you should review your history.

  38. SurroundedByTheBlind says:

    Look at you, missing the forest for the trees. You think the Green Party is the only other party out there that doesn’t have an (R) or (D) next to its members names?

    Do you really not see the problem with having our national policies decided almost unilaterally by two parties? Do you not recognize that it’s an enormous factor in the continued divisiveness and polarization we’re seeing in politics? Are you so oblivious to the pervasive corruption within both parties that continues unabated because they have no real competition except for each other? Do you believe that the diverse political views of all Americans can actually be crammed into two buckets?

    Lord, and they say Sanders’ followers are naive.

  39. emjayay says:

    Well, ten or twenty times the usual number. I’m curious though, where is AB linked at on these occasions, or what is going on?

  40. judybrowni says:

    You could use an English to English translator, apparently.

  41. judybrowni says:

    Not even Bernie believes he’ll be the nominee: Sanders just laid off the hundreds of staffers he’d need to run in the general election.

    Also: to have any hope in hell of passing any of his agenda, Bernie would need to help elect a Democratic or Socialist Congress.

    Bernie has raised precisely $0 for down ticket races — Clinton has raised $46 million for Congressional races.

    Some of Bernie’s biggest lies are to his own followers: at this point, he’s just using them as an ATM, for a candidacy even he doesn’t believe in.

  42. judybrowni says:


    But never able to elect Green Party candidates, for some reason.


  43. Moderator3 says:

    I wish it were a record.

  44. Moderator4 says:

    It’s not a record. We’ve had 991 comments in one thread in recent months, several over 400, and a couple over 700.

  45. emjayay says:

    Wow, a record 348 comments, about ten or twenty times the average for AB. I guess I was right and this was indeed linked to

  46. slavdude says:

    Rubio is out as VP. He said he would refuse the nomination.

  47. Ezzy666 says:

    Why aren’t male candidates expected to reflect the values of being a father?

  48. jalp says:

    If you’ll pardon me showing my age by paraphrasing Paul Harvey, hold your judgment until you read . . . the rest of the story:

  49. kladinvt says:

    I see Aravosis is keeping up his paid shilling for Hillary.

  50. iggyauggietavi says:

    I trust Jill Stein over Hillary Clinton. She’s a bad mother.

  51. Andreascrosby3 says:

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  52. Andreascrosby3 says:

    “my room mate Lori Is getting paid on the internet 98$/hr”…..!ce913etwo days ago grey MacLaren P1 I bought after earning 18,512 was my previous month’s payout..just a little over.17k DoIIars Last month..3-5 hours job a day…with weekly’s realy the simplest. job I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months. ago. and now making over. hourly 87 DoIIars…Learn. More right Here !ce913e:➽:➽:➽➽➽➽ http://GlobalSuperJobsReportsEmploymentsForwardGetPayHourly$98…. .❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦::::::!ce913e….,..

  53. Rainbird says:

    If Trump were to pick up roughly a third of Kasich’s votes he would have beat Hillary’s vote total in the primary. Hillary had one 73 year old jewish competitor to split votes with. Trump had a dozen. Trump will pick up the majority of Cruz voters and most of Kasich’s. If he pulls in Rubio as a VP he will get a bunch more. Hillary won’t get the Sanders voters. Either they will be like me who will write him in, or the majority of them will just stay home. Disgusted with the fixed aspect of this election. I think she will have a pretty tough time of it. It isn’t going to be any kind of a blow out with Hillary as the candidate.

  54. Rainbird says:

    And Bernie wins again!

  55. 2karmanot says:

    Thank you Tracey Chastity Pariah

  56. 2karmanot says:

    I just love it when you go off the rails Phil.Try being your usual erudite self and give us a good run down of Hillary and why she’s the one. Seriously, John doesn’t seem capable at the moment and these irritating hillay troll-gnats are contributing nothing.

  57. 2karmanot says:

    Times have changed. John now lives in the basement and eats Cheetos all day. /s

  58. 2karmanot says:

    You are referring to Jill Stein aren’t you?

  59. 2karmanot says:

    Qualified? Seriously emjayay? That moron thinks the pyramids were cone-head tombs /s

  60. 2karmanot says:

    Ah, the mewling burbbles of a contented mansplaining bourgeois.

  61. 2karmanot says:

    Sweet Pea you need braces on that feeble mind of yours.

  62. 2karmanot says:

    NEXT! Hey lady move along. You’re polluting the air…..Next in line!

  63. 2karmanot says:

    Seriously honey, put down the white wine and watch the soaps because your contributions here seldom rise above number two.

  64. 2karmanot says:

    Did you say Blow Hard? where? when? Now?

  65. 2karmanot says:

    When Muppet’s go bad……

  66. 2karmanot says:


  67. 2karmanot says:

    Well,there’s always Armageddon, the Rapture and all, but I choose to be positive and have applied for salvage rights,

  68. 2karmanot says:

    I know, many of us have been regulars here for years and now are considered trolls and bots because we think the Hillary Durga is a poor choice for traditional democracy.

  69. doug dash says:

    If you where standing in front of me, I would bet you any amount of money that you want to, shake your hand, and be very comfortable knowing that Clinton would easily win. Based on the black turnout for Clinton in the Southern States which was good; Hispanics, I hear are very energized, as are Asians, Muslims, Gays, and women; this election will be a blow-out like you have never seen before. Trump has white men which are a falling percentage of voters. It looks like Trump has also lost the Evengelicals and even some conservative republicans.

  70. TheAngryFag says:

    Even some of her attacks on Bernie were lies:

    1) Repeal of Glass-Steagle – She accused him of voting for the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000. This act finalized the repeal of Glass-Steagle which was one of the firewalls erected after the Great Depression to prevent exactly what happened in 2007/2008 as it removed the ability of the SEC and Commodity Futures Trading Commission able to regular derivatives. The truth is this bill was slammed through Congress as a deal between then Senator Phil Gramm (R-TX) and Bill Clinton’s Treasury Department (which was loaded with Sachs employees). It was 262 pages tucked into an 11,000 page omnibus bill, the Consolidated Appropriations Act for FY 2001, that was must-pass in order to keep the government running after the election in 2000 during a lame-duck session. Everyone in the whole of Congress, with the exception of then Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) and two other people, voted to pass it. One of the authors of that bill was Gary Gensler who was Bill Clinton’s Undersecretary of Treasury. Obama appointed him as the head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, a nomination that Bernie Sanders put a hold on directly because of Gensler’s involvement with the CFMA. Where is Gary Gensler now? Why he’s a member of the Clinton campaign; her CFO if I remember right. So she attacks Bernie for a blackmailed vote to keep the government running because of a rider, yet the author of said rider is a member of her campaign staff.

    2) “Bernie voted against the Auto Industry Bailout” – No, he voted against giving Clinton’s bank-rollers more taxpayer money to pay for their gambling. Bernie supported a clean bill to bail out the auto industry. That bill passed the house, was introduced in the senate and then, according to the Congressional Record Service, nothing else happened. George W Bush was going to use some of his authority to divert some of the funds from the act that released the rest of the bank bailout to the auto industry when the aforementioned clean bill failed. But the VAST majority of it went to Clinton’s donors.

    3) “Bernie was nowhere to be found when I was fighting for healthcare in the 90s” – He literally was standing right behind her. She even sent him a thank you note.

    4) Her e-mail server has several: “My predecessors did it” – First it was only Colin Powell and second, he had a private ACCOUNT, not a private SERVER. There is a difference. And then “I only used it to send e-mails to my husband and daughter” – To which Bill Clinton replied “I have only ever gotten two emails from her”. And then there is the little memo sent out to State Department Staff under her name that stated: “Avoid conducting official Department business from your personal email accounts.”

  71. Rainbird says:

    Uh huh. Good luck with that.

    Black voters turned out in mass to support Obama. Do you really think they are going to do the same for the white lady? Mexican voters are not happy with Trump for his comments but are they really going to turn out as an anti-Trump protest vote? I don’t think you can depend on either of those. Bernie or Bust voters will be filling arenas just the way they do now only after the convention this will actually be CNN worthy news. This will siphon off voters. In most states Hillary’s unfavorable rating runs neck and neck or is higher than Trump’s.

    Basically, if Hillary wins the nomination putting a democrat in the White House is a long shot.

    *Maybe* if she chooses Elizabeth Warren as a running mate she will balance out some of her favorability ratings, but Warren is so much more effective where she is at democrats would be cutting off their nose to spite their face.

  72. doug dash says:

    I think Clinton will win in a landslide. Sanders would be the safer bet. If Trump is the nominee and that is not set in stone Clinton will give is ignorant white ass a thumping.

  73. TheAngryFag says:

    Here’s 13 minutes of her lying… Enjoy…

  74. Rainbird says:

    So the democratic party can’t achieve great things any more?

  75. Rainbird says:

    Clinton leads Trump by a single percentage point in Florida (43% to 42%) and Pennsylvania (also 43% to 42%) and is behind by four points in Ohio (43% to 39%). No, she won’t beat Trump. Few things will unite republicans like a Clinton running for election. Hillary won’t have the bulk of the independent voters and this will cost the democratic party the white house.

  76. TheAngryFag says:

    Because they don’t like Trump and they don’t trust Hillary.

  77. ParadeOfFools says:

    Such a disappointment. :(

  78. ParadeOfFools says:

    How is that relevant? I called him a hypocrite, which he is.
    What does it have to do with Bernie? Typical, just deflect what you can’t answer.

  79. doug dash says:

    Like everything in life it’s a judgement call. Can Clinton beat Trump if he becomes the nominee. If he is not the nominee can Clinton beat the person who is the nominee? We know Sanders would be a stronger candidate.
    John’s judgement was wrong on the Iraq war; is his judgement right on Clinton?
    I mean who the fuck could misjudge invading another country on such slim reasoning?

  80. I think that Stein was suggesting that Clinton’s bellicose policies are incompatible with motherhood.
    This is wrong, and has been since Greek mothers told their children to, “Come back with your shield or on your shield,” but she did not call Clinton a bad mother, she called Clinton a war monger, which is true.

  81. UCF_Engineer says:

    If you’re with the Green party then you understand what I mean when I say this planet will be dead in one to two hundred years, lol.

    It is unfortunate that we don’t have a different political/election system in this country. I would love to see the Australian style of voting with it based on a preference, not a black and white choice. I assume the founding fathers thought that the ruling class of Senators and Congressman wouldn’t sit in congress for 30-40 years at a time and do nothing to evolve the system and make it better.

  82. heimaey says:

    This is just spin journalism and we used to think John and this blog were above that. Stein has no chance in the GE so why even harp on her? Well because John is getting a lot of heat from liberals who disagree with him on twitter so he’s throwing a hissy fit. Go on twitter – no seriously go on – and just even challenge his authority by asking a simple follow up question to him and you’ll get blocked. This is making him not only less credible but he’s becoming a laughing stock.

  83. heimaey says:

    That’s a YP not an MP.

  84. emjayay says:

    I do.

  85. emjayay says:

    A two party choice has been the norm in the US from the beginning, before Democrats and Republicans existed. The founders didn’t really mean it, but the structure they defined tends to go that way.

    Look at structure, not demons.

  86. emjayay says:

    Because they can’t tell the difference between HRC and Trump? Because they think their policies and decision making and knowledge and experience are remotely similar?

  87. heimaey says:

    Maybe you just haven’t evolved? I don’t know, but there’s a shift somewhere here between the liberal camp and people are pointing fingers at everyone telling everyone they’re wrong. I’m siding more with the people who want change and don’t think everything is honky dory.

  88. Murcury says:

    Now, who sounds like a conservative? Same ol saw of the right wing.

  89. Murcury says:

    It’s all good until it isn’t-hope it doesn’t fall out from under you ;)

  90. emjayay says:

    Please list all the evidence of Hillary Clinton being a pathological liar.

  91. Murcury says:

    Is this following her support for the Draconian ‘predator’ bill?

  92. emjayay says:

    I believe that Dr Stabby has a medical degree, plus is a qualified brain surgeon.

    Just sayin’.

  93. emjayay says:

    Or not vote, because voting is all about them and not about the country, or something.

  94. heimaey says:

    Trillburne got that chronology spot on. Again, it’s really sad what’s happened to John.

  95. emjayay says:

    Not that I’ve noticed. I haven’t gone through the change or anything myself.

  96. emjayay says:

    No. Just obnoxious purists I think.

  97. Phil in FLL says:

    The fake leftist “don’t vote” trolls come here because they would be numerically overwhelmed on most other progressive blogs.

  98. emjayay says:

    No, Trump’s shits are not interesting. This reporting is. Not huge, but interesting.

    If anyone is not interested they are not required to pay attention.

  99. 2karmanot says:

    She’s baaaaaaakk……………………….

  100. emjayay says:

    I guess I’m curious about how all these commenters suddenly found AB. I guess maybe anything John writes gets linked on or, or both. Maybe he should assume a pen name to prevent this sort of thing that is suddenly destroying one of the things that was so good about AB.

    By the way, I totally support the Green party, such as it is in this country, or at least their basic principles. If I lived in a country like Germany with a parliamentary system where minor parties have some power I might be a registered Green. But I don’t. And this does not mean that the leader of the Green party is not able to make a comment that is unfounded and in fact the opposite of reality, like she did in this case.

  101. Phil in FLL says:

    Same meme, over and over. : Who paid you to disagree with me? Try to think of something else.

  102. 2karmanot says:

    I know. What happened to ‘our’ John?

  103. heimaey says:

    I think it’s you and John who have changed, not the other people.

  104. 2karmanot says:

    The Quality of Facts is the problem. If the internet implied that Der Dtrumpfenfurer dropped a two flusher in his morning toilet, is that reporting? They don’t call it yellow journalism for nothing Sweet Pea.

  105. emjayay says:

    Headline above:

    Internet excoriates Green Party’s Jill Stein for calling Hillary bad mom

    Is this true? Yes, it is. Is this a blindly pro-Clinton piece, or reporting? It’s reporting.

    So what’s the problem?

  106. emjayay says:

    Sorry, but no one blocked independent voters. Many states reserve choosing the nominee of a party to actual members of that party. I understood this when I registered for voting long ago, and that’s why I registered as a Democrat, although I had major issues with some Democratic Party positions at that time. This is what anyone who has a minimal knowledge of how their state government operates would do.

    Voting is a private affair, except in the few caucus states where primary voting is done in a fashion similar to how all voting worked in the US until the late 19th century. You don’t get the party you registered in tattooed on your forehead. And when you vote you are not asserting your identity either. In our non-parliamentary system you are making the best choice for the people of the country. Voting is about them, not you.

  107. doug dash says:

    MONDAY, MAY 9, 2016 05:55 PM EDT

    After noted Hillary supporter “forgets” his Iraq position, Twitter comedian creates the best timeline of pundits’ reactions to the war

    When pro-Clinton pundit John Aravosis said he forgot his Iraq War stance, Trillburne wrote a brilliant chronology

  108. UCF_Engineer says:

    He’s just a troll. Best not to feed them.

  109. UCF_Engineer says:

    So she’s the cause of the Iraq war because of one vote for a war we were all lied to about when she was the senator of a place that wanted revenge after witnessing the worst terrorist attack in history? I can hardly blame her. And to think Obama continued the wars is ridiculous. You obviously have no idea how the world or the military works. You don’t just pull thousands of troops and huge military presence out of a war zone in a day or even months. Libya and Syria are very complex situations with no clear right answer, just a bunch of bad ones really. Go read Clinton’s book “Hard Choices” and educate yourself before you come on here sounding like idiot.

  110. tracey marie says:

    he has done nothing but whine and yell. He has accomplished nothing. He is establishment who managed to push 4 amendments per year and never wrote a bill that was coherent or correct

  111. UCF_Engineer says:

    Hillary has nothing to do with this lol.

  112. UCF_Engineer says:

    Your talking points sound like they came right out of Fox News. The country is actually in pretty good shape. Of course there are people suffering, there always will be. But this country is not on the frickin brink of destruction for god’s sake.

  113. tracey marie says:

    Ignorance and anger over a perceived slight. bernie manages to inflame the young with lies, innuendo and promises of free everything. Their childish bern or bust or trump will make them fail as a whole. Then they will self fullfill their “life is hard and unfair” meme.

  114. davvid says:

    We’re all listening to her very carefully. Its not as though she doesn’t have a platform to speak her mind and connect with voters like me. I’ve listed to countless interviews. I follow her on twitter. She was also my Senator. Her views, strategies, and tendencies are not a mystery.

  115. Rainbird says:

    No, I would actually disagree with you. I have less of a problem with Clinton and more of a problem with the news media who doesn’t cover Bernie, and whitewashes everything Clinton. In a fair fight, Sanders would win the election going away. But it hasn’t been a fair fight has it? Blocking independent voters, reporting super delegates as if they have already voted, Clinton wins on page one, Sanders wins buried in the copy. The public is being spoon fed what the news media and corporate/banking systems want.

  116. UCF_Engineer says:

    So you think 12.5 million people that have voted for and supported her thus far are paid? This is so typical of the propaganda message that was put out by Bernie and is exactly when I stopped supporting him. Doing nuanced attacks through insinuation is weak and unworthy of anyone seeking the highest office in the land. Things were actually very civil on the Democratic side before he started doing that. I’m glad he’s lost. He’ll make a good Secretary of the Treasury for Clinton though.

  117. UCF_Engineer says:

    Yeah this is what I honestly don’t understand. True there is still a huge income gap in this country, but the country is doing markedly better now than it was 8 years ago. Now the super left seems to be talking like the right wing nut jobs in some sort of alternate universe like the world is crumbling down around us. My situation and a ton of others I know have improved since 2008 and Hillary most likely will be a continuation of that, yet you hear people say they would rather vote for Trump. It honestly makes my brain hurt.

  118. Rainbird says:

    By obnoxious purists I assume you are talking about the people who believe the democratic party could still be achieving great things.

  119. UCF_Engineer says:

    Go read her book Hard Choices, where she talks about things like this and you’ll change your tune real quick. People like to form opinions of people based off of the opinions they hear from other people. The best place to get an opinion from someone is straight from the horse’s mouth as they say.

  120. Rainbird says:

    I think he has good reason to be angry. He has been working for the same causes for years. Just like his supporters, he sees corporate politicians like Hillary flagrantly on the take. He watches the news media bias push a couple of candidates and ignore others. The middle class keeps shrinking and everyone is just one health issue away from bankruptcy. These are all solvable problems, but people like you keep pushing the status quo of Republican Lite.

  121. UCF_Engineer says:

    LOL! I know I’ve heard this line somewhere. Was it “Always Sunny in Philadelphia”?

  122. UCF_Engineer says:

    They’re coming from the Sanders and Trump camps because they have a stick up their asses about Clinton. Doesn’t matter who wins though, the planet will be dead in the next 100-200 years anyway.

  123. tracey marie says:

    bernie is a touch senile, he is an angry senile old man.

  124. kladinvt says:

    Do you ever have anything not biased to say about Hillary or is she paying you to only say “sunny things” about her?

  125. Rainbird says:

    No, of course the voters were not paid off. But, with the help of big media and weak minds with maybe a touch of senility (given Hillary’s demographic) there was an effective job of brain/white washing. Anything from under reporting to counting and reporting votes that hadn’t happened yet (super delegates) the public has from the beginning told Bernie couldn’t win.

  126. lena mcfarland says:

    By the way it also scares me that the New York Times has made up a narrative in which Donald trump is more dovish than Hillary.

    Frustrating!!!! He wants to use nukes if we need to. To treat the U.S. military like it’s mafia protection.

    That’s not dovish. And Hillary Clinton at the state department did not ever push military intervention as a first solution. Trump, on the other hand, is a bully narcissist who would start a war over an insult with a TV reporter.

  127. lena mcfarland says:

    That’s fair. I want peace too. That’s why I’m voting for her.

    I read her book Hard Choices. I don’t see her choosing military over diplomatic solutions in it. The New York Times which pushed the false intelligence leading to the Iraq war calls her a hawk…the New York Times is biased against her, despite their endorsement. They’re apparently Trump people.

    She was the first Secretary of State to visit ASEAN, a network of southeast Asian nations and the president of Indonesia approached her telling her that Than Shwe, the military leader of Myanmar, might be thawing toward change. She seized the day, pressured that government to release Aung San Sui Kyu, and when they did, opened a relationship with them. Her diplomacy in Cuba, Iran, Myanmar directly improved relationships in those nations.

    I think the best chance of avoiding war is a relationship. She’s the only person running with relationships with leaders all over the world. The fact that the Indonesian president approached her implies that she does have gravitas and a humanitarian approach in her diplomacy.

    Is she perfect? No. But she is not a hawk. Bernie sanders’ passivity on knowledge or interest in governments of other nations worries me as it means other people would probably be doing a lot of his foreign policy. I don’t see that as safe. When asked by the New York daily news what he would do with captured ISIS fighters for example, keeping them in Guantanamo or elsewhere, he said he hadn’t thought much about it.

    This came across to me as entitled. He thinks a single vote against the Iraq war entitles him to earn our trust in his judgement. Even while he is running against a Secretary of State it doesn’t occur to him to think these things through before hand? Not a gotcha question.

    The double standard is frustrating. It’s clear to me that a woman who is ever willing use military force is hawkish to some. While a single vote against the Iraq war entitles Bernie sanders to be considered a dove, although he supports drone strikes and supported other military interventions in the Middle East.

    I think the best way to prevent war is through relationships. Hillary Clinton has the best relationships with world leaders and to me this is the best war prevention there is.

  128. Jen says:

    Your comments are something I rarely see. You attribute some of your success to being fortunate to begin with. A one percenter who supports Sanders ? Awesome.

  129. Jen says:

    Yes it all boils down to a Twitter. Are you serious?

  130. Jen says:

    Thank you. This is helpful. Context is important.

  131. Jen says:

    Now you’re calling Chelsea names. Why exactly? How is she a clone of Hilary?

  132. Jen says:

    Chelsea loves her mom. Your groundless opinion makes you look like a mindless hater.

  133. Jen says:

    Wow. How on earth do you come to that conclusion? Do you know her so well that you’ve observed her being a horrible mother? Could you link us to your evidence or maybe just share your personal observations when you and Hilary hung out together with your kids at the park or when Chelsea misbehaved and Hilary handled it terribly?

  134. Normajspencer4 says:

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  135. Normajspencer4 says:

    “my room mate Lori Is getting paid on the internet 98$/hr”…..!ce301etwo days ago grey MacLaren P1 I bought after earning 18,512 was my previous month’s payout..just a little over.17k DoIIars Last month..3-5 hours job a day…with weekly’s realy the simplest. job I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months. ago. and now making over. hourly 87 DoIIars…Learn. More right Here !ce301e:➽:➽:➽➽➽➽ http://GlobalSuperJobsReportsEmploymentsUnityGetPayHourly$98…. .❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦::::::!ce301e….,…

  136. judybrowni says:

    Apparently, you need an English translator.

  137. Ol' Hippy says:

    No, I just don’t care for her hawkish foreign policy, which is of a neocon bent: see the Brooking’s Inst.,they are an interventionist think tank that shapes much of the US govts. aggressive actions. I always advocate a peaceful diplomatic solution instead of aggression. That’s all I meant.

  138. iggyauggietavi says:

    Safe space!!!

  139. iggyauggietavi says:

    No, she’s a horrible mother

  140. lena mcfarland says:

    She voted with Bernie 93 percent of the time when she was in the senate. What is your criteria of a real democrat? Are you planning to write off more than half of the party as not being pure enough for you?

    Building a coalition means working with a group of people with different points of view. Bernie hasn’t built coalitions during his time in congress. Are we talking about a tea party of the left?

    To answer your question though…Hillary is a real democrat who is to the left of most of the Democratic Party. Statistically speaking. If you want to build a new party with Hillary as the cut off, taking only people to HER left…go ahead.

    But it will not be the Democratic Party. She was rated to Obama’s left in the debate, and to the left of bill Clinton. Not that she can ever satisfy critics.

  141. Blogvader says:

    A completely legitimate critique, and we need more of them.

  142. Blogvader says:

    Yep, that was bad. Ill-timed and ill-conceived, and unfortunately she provided a convenient distraction from the many legitimate critiques of Hillary’s politics: Like how she doesn’t support a living wage, and does support a parasitic health insurance industry that is price gouging all Americans.

    Or her stance on war, a stance that would make George W. Bush proud. Truly, if Hillary is elected there will be many mothers who lose their sons and daughters, and probably for no good reason.

  143. ksimms says:

    Kids, kids, you’re all awful.

  144. ksimms says:

    As usual, The Onion saw this coming.

    I think the Democrats are experiencing what the Republicans did with the Tea Baggers. Obnoxious purists who should just start their own party rather than trying to hijack someone elses.

    Then again, I’m an independent voting for Bernie in the primary, and HIllary in the fall. As long as Hillary’s lead over Trump is north of 6% in the polls, I’m not too worried about those who are Bernie or Bust. I just hope they vote in other races, rather than staying at home and not voting at all.

  145. heimaey says:

    LOL Ok. You sound fun!

  146. tracey marie says:

    You have demoted yourselves to those levels.

  147. heimaey says:

    So we’ve been relegated to Bernie Bro and Stein Loser. Well I suppose when you don’t have anything left to say you start calling names…

  148. heimaey says:

    It’s actually very, very sad to watch him on Twitter. He’s yelling at and blocking people left or right who are simply answering his question, and even made another racist tweet where he said white gay men are solely responsible for AIDS drugs. There are some parody accounts popping up. He’s becoming the Rush Limgaugh of the left. It’s like watching an old friend get born again or something. :(

  149. bananakabob says:

    Nonsense, Hillary voted on them, Obama continued them. Hillary pushed for “regime change” in Libya. It amazes me how “progressives” continue to try and ignore her hawkiness.

  150. tracey marie says:

    you poor deluded loser.

  151. tracey marie says:

    what about it, bernie is done, stein is .30%.

  152. tracey marie says:

    I am doing great, my 401K my investments and my home value…why are you suffering? vote for trump and see what a real disatser is, he is worse then bush. Bernie is done, stein never had a chance…so whine stomp your feet and act the fool.

  153. Wanda Roleson says:

    When you raise an honor student, with a PhD from Harvard, who dedicates her time to worthy causes, like helping to save endangered species of animals, maybe you have the right to say “she’s a horrible mother.” Judge not, lest ye be judged.

  154. davvid says:

    Well, good luck trying to unite the party with that kind of rhetoric. This is for you: #NeverHillary

  155. Wanda Roleson says:

    The wars in the Middle East are courtesy of the two Bush administrations, thank you…. Reagan and CIA are responsible for creating and training Al Qaeda, in Afghanistan… get your facts straight, ignorant bananakabob!!!

  156. JB20010 says:

    The most painful moment of the Sanders campaign?

    When the NYDN asked him what laws the bankers should be prosecuted under, and he couldn’t name one.

    A close runner up was during the same interview when he couldn’t provide a single detail for his proposal to break up the big banks.

    It’s easy and emotionally satisfying to be outraged about a particular issue.
    Fixing them on the other hand takes more than a bumper sticker-sized slogan.

  157. bananakabob says:

    Sadly, I remember when liberals were against war, imperialism, and occupation. And all those bankers he held accountable too, whew! The worst is the massive giveaway to big insurance that he pushed under the guise of “healthcare” that was written and approved by conservative thinktanks.

  158. ParadeOfFools says:

    Did you forget how you felt about the war too Tracy? Or maybe it’s that you guys are just too embarrassed to recall it.

  159. bananakabob says:

    Nice of you to ignore the massive disenfranchisement. Dems used to actually care about that….

  160. emjayay says:

    John, the comments section has gone in the toilet here, after years of being an intelligent and interesting forum, often with long, interesting and well reasoned, not to mention funny comments. Now, like on this post, it’s stupid juvenile name calling spitballing by idiots. It’s monkeys throwing shit at each other.

    What is different? What can be done to restore this blog to being worthwhile? Where are all these idiots coming from, and why?

  161. tracey marie says:

    stop whining, you are embarrassing yourself

  162. davvid says:

    Hillary supporters go on and on about tone and impugning character and yet look at your rhetoric. The hypocrisy and faux victimhood is astounding.

  163. emjayay says:

    The Democratic Party did not and does not elect anyone. Voters elect people.

  164. emjayay says:

    I remember when stupid crap like that resulted in those commenters being eliminated here.

  165. emjayay says:

    Where’s my fuckin check, goddamit.

  166. tracey marie says:

    you labor under the delusion that I care what you and the rest of your kind think or feel.

  167. davvid says:

    Look at how crass and vapid your comments are. Are you proud of your contributions?

  168. tracey marie says:

    berniebro or stein loser, no diffrence

  169. davvid says:

    That’s all you’ve got. Keep saying Bernie Bro. Comfort yourself.

  170. tracey marie says:

    Yeah…3 million Dem voters were paid off, sore loser

  171. tracey marie says:

    .36%…what is there to be proud of. You do know she is the 1%

  172. tracey marie says:

    Great, why isn’t it for you.

  173. tracey marie says:

    lol. sore loser

  174. tracey marie says:


  175. tracey marie says:

    stein is desperate and irrelevent background noise, just like old bernie

  176. JB20010 says:

    Jill Stein is an ineffectual blowhard.

  177. JB20010 says:

    Pretty f**king great, thanks for asking.

  178. ParadeOfFools says:

    Meanwhile – John Aravosis gets excoriated by Twitter for forgetting his own position on the Iraq War.
    You know that little thing that destroyed an entire country full of living, breathing human beings, resulted in countless deaths and came with an enormous price tag.
    Demonizing Jill Stein for speculative reasons while claiming amnesia regarding one of the greatest atrocities perpetrated by our government in history – 1st world problem I guess…

  179. JB20010 says:

    Yes, I do say that as though it’s a positive thing.

    Greens are a pack of ineffectual jagoffs who exist to pat themselves on the back for their philosophical purity vs. their practical uselessness.

  180. TheAngryFag says:

    Nice cop out. And no, he didn’t “oppose gay marriage” because he opposed a bill in VT at the time.

    That’s the same logic easily of the easily dismantled attack on Sanders about how he “voted to repeal Glass-Steagle” ignoring the Clinton hustle that surrounds that particular ammendment.

  181. TheAngryFag says:

    Her policies and votes did. And she’s proud of that fact.

  182. Dan Sloan says:

    Cause she did that all on her own. She’s magic!

  183. davvid says:

    And she’s more hawkish than Obama. I feel that Obama understood very deeply the human cost of war on American military families. I’m not at all convinced that her emotional intelligence is anywhere close to Obama’s.

  184. Dan Sloan says:

    And Bernie’s, who opposed gay marriage in 2006?

  185. SurroundedByTheBlind says:

    She’s been doing this since 2008 against Obama. I’m not sure why this is surprising to anyone, to be fair.

    Not criticizing you or anything – really, truly not. Just pointing out this is the status quo for Hillary and her ilk.

  186. davvid says:

    Look at Jill Stein’s tweet again. Calm your rabid blogger tendencies. She didn’t call her a bad mother. She doesnt believe her record reflects the values of being a mother. Like when she advocated for sending South American children who sought refuge in the US back to the the dangerous conditions of their home countries.

  187. SurroundedByTheBlind says:

    You say that as though it’s a positive thing, seemingly unaware that you’re essentially bragging about one of the largest problems with our political system. It’s cute.

  188. SurroundedByTheBlind says:

    Except she didn’t call Hillary a bad mom. She said that, as a candidate, Hillary doesn’t represent the values of mothers. Which is true. Hillary represents the values of big banks, not average, working class parents.

    Christ, y’all are thick.

  189. bananakabob says:

    I suppose that works out great for Republicans and corporations….

    How’s that “hope” and “change” working out? Still “hoping” for less drone strikes and war and Wall Street accountability?

  190. TheAngryFag says:

    No, it’s a term applied to any “supporter” of a politician who mindless parrots everything they say without giving it a shred of thought let alone critical thinking.

  191. JB20010 says:

    The Greens have never been political allies of the Democratic Party.

  192. JB20010 says:

    Yes, as opposed to the Democratic party, who actually gets people elected to office at the national level.

  193. 2karmanot says:

    In this context, I’m assuming LOL means” Lunatics On the Lawn.’

  194. 2karmanot says:

    wrong, at least you got that right

  195. 2karmanot says:

    No thank you

  196. 2karmanot says:

    Well my dear, when you get a medical degree from Harvard…get back to us.

  197. ksimms says:

    They either refused to state a 2nd preference or would not have voted. Even if Bush got 100% of that 24%, Clinton would have still won. Perot had no effect on the outcome of the election.

    In 2000, half of Nader’s voters in Florida (98,000) said they would have stayed home. If Gore beat Bush by just 1% of the remaining voters (50.5 to 49.5), he would have won the election. I’m just going to assume that Gore would have received more votes than Bush among Nader’s voters.

    I think Bernie is a lot more like Perot than Nader. He would get a lot more votes as a third party candidate, but most of his voters would have stayed at home if he didn’t run or they would be split pretty evenly between Clinton and Trump.

  198. 2karmanot says:

    Good One

  199. 2karmanot says:


  200. Baal says:

    I would never use the term Beniebot. Or Steinbot (if I had ever heard of her). I save my insults as much as I can for Trump supporters. One finds them in strange places. Just saying.

  201. Rainbird says:

    Perhaps, but by using the term Trumpesque you lose all credibility yourself, and the tone of your comment is certainly very HillBot.

  202. bananakabob says:

    Keep propping up the Republicrats. Look how well that worked out for you….

  203. heimaey says:

    They actually did an exit poll? And 38 and 38 = what 76? So about a quarter were undecided or had no comment.

  204. bananakabob says:

    Too bad, thanks to Hillary’s Wars, other people can’t be good mothers.

  205. bananakabob says:

    Clinton is winning because Debbie Wasserman Schultz knows how to rig the system to ensure the coronation.

  206. ksimms says:

    Black youths who repeatedly kill other blacks with no remorse ARE superpredators. Bernie agreed, since he voted for that crime bill. You are the racist for assuming all black youths are criminals.

  207. bananakabob says:

    As opposed to the Democratic convention being held at the Wells Fargo center and being organised by many people with banking and Wall Street ties?

  208. ksimms says:

    They actually did an exit-poll of Perot voters and 38% said Bush was their second choice and 38% said Clinton was. He didn’t make a difference.

  209. ksimms says:

    Bernie raised more money than Hillary. What’s Jill’s excuse?

  210. Baal says:

    Perhaps, but by using the term HillBot you lose all credibility yourself, and the tone of your comment is certainly very Trumpesque.

  211. Dolan55 says:


  212. Charles Meserve says:

    The problem is this crap is actually successful. Why else do you think Clinton is winning? Lies, deceit and cheating. The Republicans tried the same thing against Trump, but they’ve disenfranchised their base so much they weren’t successful.

  213. Charles Meserve says:

    You understand the Sanders supporters now. There is a reason why #BernieOrBust is really popular.

  214. Charles Meserve says:

    Here’s a few facts. 1.) Gore had more popular votes than Bush. 2.) A candidate is not entitled to a persons vote. 3.) People who voted for Nader were largely disenfranchised by the establishment.

    To address those facts:
    1.) The electoral college is why Bush became president. Unless 3rd party was brought up, the typical complaint from Dems I heard was that he was robbed. This notion of Nader making Gore lose didn’t come up until this election cycle to dissuade and guilting Bernie supporters into voting for Hillary when they completely hate her. It’s simple fear mongering, and frankly sounds more republican than democrat.

    2.) Another issue about this duopoly (yes, both DEMS and REPUBS are guilty of this) is the idea that they are entitled to our votes. Goes back to fear mongering. Our vote is our voice. It should reflect our ideals. If a candidate can not prove to us that they will fulfill our wishes in a society where our government is supposed to be a representation of us, then it’s their failure, not the other candidate who was successful in persuading us. The line “Throwing your vote away” is rather problematic in the fact the opposite is actually true. If you vote out of fear of the other candidate, you are not giving your voice, but rather you are voting through coercion.

    3.) People turn to third parties when they feel so disenfranchised that they do not feel as though the other parties represent them. It’s a failure of the third party system. It’s also why typically only 57% of the eligible voters in the US actually vote. It’s because that 43% of the population feel that their votes do not count. That is a systemic problem with the US voting system in this country.

    Bitch them not voting for your candidate all you want, you are just illustrating that you are the problem with our “democratic” country. A country, which easily now fits inside the definition of Oligarchy.

  215. Charles Meserve says:

    Maybe she is, and the fact that both the DEMS and REPUBS have made third party access to the elections a near impossibility makes it seem like she’s doing nothing. But then again, this blog probably her the most publicity the system has ever given her.

  216. JB20010 says:

    Not a blessed thing.

    The Greens are a “party” that measures “progressive” accomplishments in terms of noble failure.

  217. JB20010 says:

    Considering the Green Party convention could be held in a Denny’s with room to spare, Jill Stein is happy for any sort publicity.

  218. bananakabob says:

    If Trump, god forbid, becomes president the only people the Democrats need to blame is the Democratic Party for nominating a corporate Republican shill instead of a progressive.

  219. bananakabob says:

    As, usual, the Clinton paid shills can’t actually point out inaccuracies in the statement, they just attack the messenger because they’ve got nothing.

    — Proud Jill Stein voter.

  220. Charles Meserve says:

    Maybe she is, and the fact that both the DEMS and REPUBS have made third party access to the elections a near impossibility makes it seem like she’s doing nothing. But then again, this blog probably her the most publicity the system has ever given her.

  221. David Franks says:

    “the only person in the running who loses to him in the national polls.”
    That would sooner be Jill Stein.

  222. TheAngryFag says:

    The Green Party did not elect George W Bush. Republicans did.

    That fallacy behind blaming Nader being responsible is based on an assumption that people who voted for him would have voted for Gore had Nader not run. They could have easily said “Screw it!” and stayed home too.

  223. TheAngryFag says:

    Yeah, not everyone can be on CitiBank’s payroll like HRC.

  224. TheAngryFag says:

    Just like her gay marriage support?

  225. TheAngryFag says:

    It’s reminiscent of the #cancelcolbert crap over the quote “I am willing to show #Asian community I care by introducing the
    Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or

  226. TheAngryFag says:

    And that’s exactly why some folks are either going to be staying home on election day or at least leaving the President part of the ballot untouched.

  227. David Franks says:

    That would be your homework, as you made the original claim. As you are so reluctant to present evidence, an adult concludes that you have none.

  228. pliny says:

    Is this really the way to win? Taking a tweet out of context and hiding behind screenshots to avoid selling the lie yourself?

    What good is it to beat the likes of Trump if you become them in the process?

  229. 2karmanot says:

    As Judy Brown would say (all in capitals) ( and somewhat truncated here for a thankful brevity’s sake) BLOODY HANDS! Ironically, she applies this hysterical histrionics to the non-Hillary supporting minions, apparently unaware that Killery suspends her fabulous mothering by emulating her icons: Henry Kissinger and Magdalene Albright, who between them are responsible for the crispy critter deaths of several million families and children in their exaltation of war and destruction. While Hillary’s production of another Black Widow clone of herself in the Princess Chelsea might be considered a feat of motherhood by the troll-hood who fanatically support her candidacy, it is not I say, not prima facie evidence of humanity.

  230. 2karmanot says:

    Thank you for leaving….at last!

  231. 2karmanot says:

    Do your own homework……Google!

  232. 2karmanot says:

    One needs Google translator to comprehend Judi’s gin and tonic drivel.

  233. Ol' Hippy says:

    In the spirit of things: Is HRC a “real” democrat?

  234. 2karmanot says:


  235. heimaey says:

    Not everyone agrees with that.

  236. lageorgia says:

    Wrong. Clinton would have still won but would have won by a larger margin

  237. TheAngryFag says:

    It’s just HillBots leaping to attack as always and, as always, missing the mark.

  238. TheAngryFag says:

    Oh, and I forgot not sending other people’s kids to be meat shields in foreign conflicts

  239. TheAngryFag says:

    Not being a pathological liar whose political career that hasn’t been funded by Wall Street is a major accomplishment compared to Hillary.

  240. Graby Sauce says:

    The “but” is what makes it sound like she is saying Hillary Clinton doesn’t have those qualities, despite having child care and paid parental leave on her platform, and championing SCHIP when she was in Congress. Stein is getting the backlash she deserves. This is not the first unfair and nasty tweet she’s had about Clinton.

  241. lena mcfarland says:

    That’s your go-to answer?

    Are you a republican?

  242. Baal says:

    OK, I am a big supporter of Hillary Clinton, but I am not quite sure this tweet represents Jill Stein calling Hillary Clinton a bad mother. I’m not sure I know what the fuck it does mean, which is problematic in its own way. I expect someone from Harvard to be able to express a more coherent thought, even in 147 characters. But I am not quite sure I am ready to explode over this.

  243. iggyauggietavi says:

    Well,she doesn’t kneecap rape victims for her husband. That’s a plus

  244. iggyauggietavi says:

    She’s a horrible mother. That’s why she stopped after 1

  245. Observing U says:

    Someone needs to demand that Jill Stein get a refund for her education, personality, and everything else she’s wasted her life on.

  246. lena mcfarland says:

    SCHIP. Health insurance for 8 million low income kids. Signature legislative of Hillary with the values of a mother.

    What has Dr. Jill Stein accomplished in comparison?

  247. Wanda Roleson says:

    You are so rude and hateful… you only make yourself look like a foolish idiot… :-(

  248. Wanda Roleson says:

    Hilary has been a good mother, and has worked all her adult life helping children, women, minorities… Anyone that accuses her of being a bad Mother, should be ashamed of all the hate they are spewing. It seems something America is lacking lately is kindness, manners, class, and intelligence. That is something Hilary brings to America. Any candidate always spewing hatred, outs the US to shame. As I can see, and as most of the world sees, Hilary Clinton. is admired for so many things… her kindness, class, intelligence, diplomacy, and intelligence. In fact, she is the only 2016 Presidential candidate that is qualified, and the only one that would not cause an embarrassment to the US.

  249. Widget says:

    Hillary supporters: Dropping F bombs in front of children is BAD. Dropping real bombs on children is OKAY though.

  250. TheAngryFag says:

    Ah… thew good ‘ol Internet Rage-in-a-Can. Ever ready to instantly produce massive, fake outrage over absolutely nothing.

    Where did she call Hillary a bad mother? Try NOWHERE. All she said is Hillary’s pathological lying, her corporatism, her opportunism, etc. are not values of motherhood. And guess what HillBots, SHE’S RIGHT.

    But nowhere did she state Hillary did a bad job raising Chelsea.

  251. heimaey says:

    Oh please. I voted Gore in 00 but I don’t blame people who voted Nader.

  252. heimaey says:

    And you just supported a disasterous coup even after the fact knowing it was a horrible choice. Good for you!

  253. ant says:

    And this is why we will never take third party seriously.

  254. cleos_mom says:

    I’d bet they had some ripe comments for the woman in the wheelchair.

  255. cleos_mom says:

    Read “hiker’s” mansplanation: all those Twitter comments were written by self-pitying wimps.

  256. cleos_mom says:

    Judging from some of the comments here, I’m guessing “Real Americans.”

  257. cleos_mom says:

    There’s also the fact that “thugs” originally had a much more general meaning. “Originally” wasn’t long ago but you know. Short attention spans.

  258. cleos_mom says:

    Maybe they’ll shower her with $2.70 money orders.

  259. cleos_mom says:

    “Desperate call of an irrelevant wannabe politician” about sums it up.

  260. Guest51 says:

    Protesters. Something that both the Dem & GOP parties hate. They upset to balance of their status quo #boohoo

  261. These are long time HRC policies ! Good grief!

  262. goulo says:

    Thanks for that link, Andrea. I think you are clearly right, that the problem is the “but” sentence taken out of context. In case anyone can’t be bothered to click the link, here is the relevant text by Jill Stein:

    I do agree with Hillary Clinton that it is time that America
    elects a woman for President. But I want that President to reflect the
    values that are part of being a mom. Taking care of others and being
    compassionate, starting with our children. We need to make child care a
    universal right. We need to end hunger and poverty for all, but
    especially for children. We need to increase federal support for our
    school systems.

    A mother is also a healer. That starts with
    joining the rest of the industrial world and providing health care
    to everyone, through a single payer improved Medicare for All program.
    It means solving international disputes through negotiations and a
    commitment to international law and human rights, not being the biggest
    bully in the sandbox.

    I think if those 2 paragraphs were widely circulating in the outraged internet, intead of just the "but" sentence, there would not have been any outrage. As a whole, the 2 paragraphs seem pretty uncontroversial to me. I have a hard time imagining most readers of this blog disagreeing with them.

    And they are also clearly talking about POLITICAL POLICIES which reflect the values of being a mom, NOT about literal parenting skills.

  263. WampusKat says:

    The Trumpensteins of the lefter than thou set. The fact that competing political parties (Naderites and Libertarias) are eager to elect Trump, just like they elected Bush, tells us all we need to know about them:

    Same Green Party stupid, different election – rotten political opportunists who could give a rat’s patoot about anybody:

  264. hiker_sf says:

    Wow – after reading this, I sincerely hope that Clinton gets most of the ‘I’m a helpless victim’ vote.

  265. Bill_Perdue says:

    People who worry about whether HFH Trump or HRH HRC will win forget the most important thing about US politics, which is that this is a banana republic and it matters not at all which of them wins. The have the same background of virulent racism, mad dog warmongering and anti-worker actions.

    The proof is clear and irrefutable. “A new scientific study from Princeton researcher Martin Gilens and Northwestern researcher Benjamin I. Page has finally put some science behind the recently popular argument that the United States isn’t a democracy any more. And they’ve found that in fact, America is basically an oligarchy.

    Comparing the preferences of the average American at the 50th percentile of income to what those Americans at the 90th percentile preferred, as well as the opinions of major lobbying or business groups, the researchers found out that the government followed the directives set forth by the latter two much more often. It’s beyond alarming.

    As Gilens and Page write, ‘the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.’ In other words, their statistics say your opinion literally does not matter.”

  266. jgmitzen says:

    I call them “Vladimir Lenin and the Village People”.

  267. jgmitzen says:

    Hillary didn’t call black youth superpredators. You’re the one suggesting that superpredators must be black.

  268. guy says:

    I regret calling “outrage culture” a myth. This is outrage culture.

    And newsflash, people. If Trump (somehow) becomes president, you should blame the people who voted for him. It’s not Jill Stein’s fault or Bernie Sander’s fault or the vast right wing hate machine’s fault.

    If anything, blame yourselves for being so insufferable that you drove away your own political allies.

  269. jgmitzen says:

    Latest poll has Hillary up 13 points against Trump and a statistical tie in GEORGIA, which Bernie was complaining was going red so those primary voters shouldn’t really count.

    If Bernie can’t cut it in the minor leagues, he can’t argue he could rock it in the majors.

  270. jgmitzen says:

    People like her don’t want to DO anything. They just want to act judgmental and holier-than-thou towards others.

  271. jgmitzen says:

    Doesn’t make it any less horrible and attention-seeking.

  272. judybrowni says:

    Polls mean nothing to you, compared to the voices in your head.

  273. judybrowni says:

    Uh huh.

  274. judybrowni says:

    Yup, Green Party and Naderites still trying to wash the blood off their hands.

    And the Greens have continued to elect Republicans, still their puppets to this very day.

    Never managed to elect a single Green.

  275. Andrea Mérida says:

    Read it.

  276. judybrowni says:

    Oh please.

  277. Debrahjcurren2 says:

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  278. Debrahjcurren2 says:

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  279. Andrea Mérida says:

    The problem here is that you’ve taken one tweet out of context, but since you’re probably Clinton campaign staff, you might not care about this tweet being in a long chain of others related to a piece Jill Stein wrote, here:

    Others might, though,

  280. David Franks says:

    That’s not evidence, either. The difficulty of her decision has no direct bearing on its outcome. A lot of people make easy decisions with horrible outcomes.

  281. heimaey says:

    Why does no one ever thank Perrot for electing Clinton. He wouldn’t have won without him. You guys focus on 00 consistently and it wasn’t even Nader’s fault – it was FL’s.

  282. TBR78 says:

    God you’re dumber than a brick. This isn’t a First Amendment issue. No one’s arguing they should be arrested for protesting. What I find amusing about this situation is that you accuse others of not being “very bright” yet you continue to miss the point repeatedly while overly relying on useless straw man pivots to argue points that no one is arguing.

  283. heimaey says:

    Don’t know what you’re talking about.

  284. heimaey says:

    Well Clinton for one talks about that being a tough decision in her book Tough Decisions. So there’s that…

  285. Angela Walker says:

    Keep spreading those lies, pookie. You may impress similarly hateful people but not the rest of us. :D

  286. TBR78 says:

    Disrupting the event and screaming at children outside the event (which apparently Sanders is cool with) are two different incidents.

  287. TBR78 says:

    Another pivot! You’re amazing at straw man arguments.

  288. Keyser Soze says:

    If anyone elects Donald Trump, it will be all the Hillary supporters for electing the only person in the running who loses to him in the national polls.

  289. Butch1 says:

    She’s as real as they get. Check her bonafides. Not sure what you consider a “real Dr.”.

  290. Keyser Soze says:

    Wow. Insightful comment. Thank you for taking the time to post it. Inspiring. And so Brave!

  291. RickRollington says:

    But you know, whatever it takes for you to feel good about supporting a corrupt Wall St. plutocrat who never met a war she didn’t like. Your Volvo is safe!

  292. RickRollington says:

    He also explicitly said he didn’t approve of disrupting events, which they did. What aren’t *you* getting here?

  293. TBR78 says:

    He explicitly said he approved of protesting outside the event. The screaming at children happened outside of the event. What aren’t you getting here?

  294. RickRollington says:

    There is no evidence that he specifically approved of these protestors. In fact, the opposite is true since he categorically opposed disrupting events. The fact that their protest caused an early end to the event means they disrupted it, which he explictly said he didn’t approve of.

  295. judybrowni says:

    Uh huh.

  296. judybrowni says:

    The Green Party in the US has only the shameful history of electing Republicans, and never Green Party candidates.

    Indeed, the Greens have been heavily banked by Republicans, as spoilers.

    And the Repubs thinks so little of their puppets, that they’ve run street people as “Green” candidates!

  297. Gin1234 says:

    Why doesn’t Stein actually get out and run a campaign for president, if she wants it, instead of relying on all the left overs from other campaigns to carry her along? I’m sure Bernie Followers would give her a couple of dollars a piece to just throw away, any time she gives the word. Is she just lazy?

  298. judybrowni says:

    Again, you have basic problems with the English language, apparently.

  299. Gin1234 says:


  300. TBR78 says:

    I’m not arguing that this behavior is not covered under the Consitution. I’m arguing that Bernie giving the green light to this behavior is disgusting. He knew what happened at the rally in question, and he voluntarily chose to give this behavior his blessing.

  301. judybrowni says:

    Ah, another strawman pivot.

    Pivot from fact: Republicans subsidised Greens as spoilers — AND ran the homeless as Green candidates!

    Very painful, very recent Green Party history.

    Too bad the Green Party can only elect Republicans

  302. judybrowni says:

    The Green Party, not content with having elected Republican President George W. Bush, now seek the glory of electing a President Trump.

    (Continuing their unbroken record of electing Republicans on many levels of government, but never Green Party candidates.)

  303. Kimberly B Stone says:

    What the hell? Even people who actively dislike the Clintons acknowledge that they raised their daughter into a lovely young woman.

  304. RickRollington says:


  305. ol cranky says:

    oh, so anyone who doesn’t share all of Stein’s values doesn’t reflect the values of being a mother. It’s still an absolutely arrogant statement but Stein can enjoy her time lauding herself for her vast superiority reflecting the values of a mother just the same way women on the religious right ride their morally high horses

  306. RickRollington says:

    “Free speech is not lining up to yell obscenities and insults to peaceful families exiting a political event.”

    The protestors have the right to be dicks. Doesn’t mean it’s a good idea or effective, but it’s the same principle that allows Westboro Baptists and Operation Rescue extremists to stage their protests.

  307. Gin1234 says:

    Are you saying you would need a dictionary to be able to use the words in her comment? Oh my.

  308. judybrowni says:

    But not you, apparently.

  309. TBR78 says:

    Actually that is what is being argued here. You don’t get to redefine everyone’s arguments to conveniently frame your own.

  310. Gin1234 says:

    I don’t mind.

  311. judybrowni says:

    Again, you appear to require an English to English translator.

  312. Dolan55 says:

    “-How come third parties haven’t done well in American politics?”
    [Looks at Jill Stein’s Twitter]
    “-Oh, I see now.”

  313. judybrowni says:

    Change subject so fast you got a crick in your neck?

  314. Shinji's Soul Reaver says:

    You don’t have to like Hillary, but Jill Stein is nothing but a loser who has no chance of ever being President.

  315. RickRollington says:


  316. RickRollington says:

    I’m not defending screaming curse words at children. I agree that was a stupid thing to do, but that’s not what is being argued here.

  317. Dolan55 says:

    What other name do you have for these?

  318. Gin1234 says:

    This woman has serious knowledge about how to attract Bernie’s baggage when the primaries are all over and he has lost. (That’s why she has started already, because the time has come) She will say and do anything to get them to vote for her, even if she has to go down to their level, and say something like this. Or maybe this really isn’t that much lower than she usually goes, I dunno…….

  319. David Franks says:

    “ Cáceres says it was Clinton who helped legitimate and institutionalize the coup.”
    Is there any actual evidence of this? Cáceres’s claim is not evidence.

  320. RickRollington says:

    In Hillary-land it’s now fascist to engage in Constitutionally-protected fundamental civil liberties. Good to know.

  321. Guest51 says:

    Yep! I can tell Hillary is going to do so well with the Latina/Latinos this election. Calling them “thugs”? Right up there with Hillary calling Black youth super-predators.

  322. TBR78 says:

    Screaming curse words at children is not a free speech issue; it’s a “don’t be a dick” issue.

  323. RickRollington says:

    If my spelling were as bad as yours I wouldn’t be criticizing others’ English.

  324. RickRollington says:

    I’m glad we have lawyers with such strong commitments to civil liberties at work in our nation.

  325. Dolan55 says:

    Any decent person can see how cowardly, un-American, and fascist that is.
    But I’m not surprised you can’t see it.

  326. RickRollington says:

    Really? I must have missed all those exemptions in the text. Can you point them out to me?

  327. TBR78 says:

    Wow, now we’ve delved into circuitous logic.
    This is really entertaining. Please continue!

  328. Dolan55 says:

    This Hillary supporter defying the thugs screaming obscenities at her has more class than Jill Stein:

  329. RickRollington says:

    I don’t agree. The OP claims that Stein’s critique of Hillary’s policies not being informed by motherly values was motivated by Stein’s jealousy at not being in Hillary’s position. Given that Stein cited Libya in her series of tweets I think it was germane to point out that ascribing the motive of jealousy to Stein when she specifically expressed revulsion at Hillary’s militarism was inaccurate. I could have chosen any example from Hillary’s record that matched Stein’s commentary and it would have been relevant in my opinion.

  330. judybrowni says:

    And this has to do with Hillary as a mother how?

    You changed the subject so abruptly, I’ll bet your neck hurts.

  331. Neighbor says:

    oh you said you’ve never heard anyone explain why you should vote for her.

  332. judybrowni says:

    If English is such a problem for you, hire a translator.

  333. RickRollington says:


  334. heimaey says:

    I’ve been following HRC for 25 years and I never like her or Bill and have never voted for them. And I live in NY State – I didn’t even want her as Senator. So thanks, but no thanks, I’m never gonna be a fan of them.

  335. TBR78 says:

    The pivot to Gaddafi had absolutely nothing to do with the original poster’s comment.
    Do you know what a straw man is?

  336. judybrowni says:

    Do your own homework, kiddy.

  337. Dolan55 says:

    More name calling and childish insults. I win.

  338. RickRollington says:

    Instead of making an appeal to authority you could demonstrate how it’s a straw man.

  339. Gin1234 says:

    OMG. That was boring!

  340. Dolan55 says:

    Free speech is not lining up to yell obscenities and insults to peaceful families exiting a political event. What you called not long ago “out of control protesters” have a lot more in common with the Tea Party, or those who yelled insults at blacks outside desegregated schools in the 1960’s.

  341. RickRollington says:

    Except Hillary is the one now trying to woo Bush donors.

  342. RickRollington says:

    Thank you for validating my earlier observation that you’re not that bright.

  343. TBR78 says:

    Lawyer here. I know what a straw man is. If you believe what you just wrote isn’t a straw man, what that tells me is that you yourself don’t know what the term means. :)

  344. RickRollington says:

    I love these inaccurate uses of logical terms like “straw man” for things that aren’t straw men.

  345. Dolan55 says:

    Dissent: hold or express opinions that are at variance with those previously, commonly, or officially expressed.
    – Calling a woman a person who doesn’t reflect the values of being a mother, on Mothers’ Day is not dissent, at least not in our civilized free society. It’s despicable by any standards. DEAL WITH IT.

  346. Neighbor says:

    are you on twitter? follow some HRC supporters they post articles all the time- and also clear up lies and common misconceptions.

  347. judybrowni says:

    Ah, the miral giants if the Green Party– not only accepting Republican Party moola
    , not to elect Greens, but to screw races and elect Republicans wh

  348. RickRollington says:

    Look, I understand that you aren’t very bright, but you can watch the clip for yourself and hear what he says. He says clearly he doesn’t condone disrupting events, but does support people excercising their free speech rights to protest outside of events.

    I think it’s disgusting that HRC has supporters like you who think defending the 1st Amendment makes one a weasel.

    And still more evidence that the Democrats are now Republicans.

  349. TBR78 says:

    I love these strawman pivots to Gaddafi. That almost beat the macaroni necklace my son gave me this morning.

  350. Dolan55 says:

    Your silly insults cannot camouflage reality:
    “he sees it as part and parcel of free speech for people to protest outside such events”
    “Freedom of speech” he says…What a weasel.

  351. RickRollington says:

    I’m glad we are seeing the psychological sickness at the heart of the HRC supporter, identifying with the strong leader figure who advocates using force to show dominance over the weak and powerless. How dare Dr. Stein give voice to those on the receiving end of Hillary’s misguided military misadventures. Clearly she’s just bitter it wasn’t her gloating over Gaddafi.

  352. TBR78 says:

    He said it’s fine to protest outside, basically giving the green light to scream obscenities at children, because that’s exactly what happened at the rally in question.

  353. RickRollington says:

    You’re finally getting closer to what she said, good job.

    I’m sorry you think it’s despicable for people to dissent in a free society. But I guess now we can look forward to “democrats” just as deranged as any tea partier.

  354. Gin1234 says:

    I guess Jill must be smarting at Hillary’s rise to the nomination. Stein has been trying to progress to the same place that Hillary is for years, upon years, and hasn’t come close. Jealousy tastes bitter, and so do sour grapes.

  355. Dolan55 says:

    Oh yeah, you were that turd in the toilet someone forgot to flush!

  356. RickRollington says:

    I’m not sure why it’s hard to understand, she wrote it in plain English, and it’s part of a series of tweets where she gets specific about her meaning.

  357. Dolan55 says:

    Jill Stain: “Its time to elect a woman for president, but I want that president to reflect the values of being a mother”
    On Mothers’ Day, she tweets Hillary doesn’t reflect the values of being a mother.

  358. ol cranky says:

    So what, exactly, does Stein’s tweet mean? Was she not saying that Clinton is incapable of reflecting “the values of being a mother?”

    How does one reflect the values of being a mother and what are those values as defined by Jill Stein? Can someone who has never been a mother reflect those values or do you have to be an Ivy league grad with a Medical degree married to another physician who raises children to be physicians to be able to be able to prove that you “reflect the values of being a mother?”

  359. RickRollington says:

    Look out folks, someone owns a dictionary.

  360. Gin1234 says:

    Bye, bye.

  361. RickRollington says:

    No, that’s not correct. He specifically said on Maddow that he didn’t condone protestors shutting down events. But I know you’re just a sad troll doing your part to contribute to the torrent of misinformation. I’m sure Hillary is very pleased with you, you may even be knighted someday!

  362. RickRollington says:

    She didn’t call Hillary a bad mother. That’s an invention of Clinton’s smear team at “Correct the Record”.

  363. Dolan55 says:

    She feels free to call Hillary a bad mother not fit to be president, they feel free to yell insults and obscenities at people peacefully exiting a rally.
    Sanders constant smears and demonization of Hillary and her supporters lead to this so-called ‘out of control protesters’ who Sanders told Maddow are OK because… ‘free speech’.

  364. BluebirdofUnhappiness says:

    Aren’t you precious. Mentally high-fiving your sanctimonious thoughtless drivel.

  365. heimaey says:

    Bern victims… yet if we say $he or Shillary no one takes us seriously. Think about that.

  366. 2karmanot says:

    Didn’t I see you in the men’s room off I-75?

  367. David Franks says:

    Tell us how she did.

  368. 2karmanot says:

    Oh I know BB, the Hillary bots and Clinton trolls are decidedly indefensible.

  369. 2karmanot says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  370. 2karmanot says:


  371. 2karmanot says:

    She’s baaaaaack……………………

  372. 2karmanot says:

    Sorry don’t speak Klingon.

  373. RickRollington says:

    Attempting to smear Jill Stein’s criticism with images of out-of-control protestors is even more deceptive than John’s deliberate misstatements.

    HRC supporters should really examine their eagerness to smear others on her behalf.

  374. heimaey says:

    How did she not? Tell me how she did not?

  375. ChaCubed says:

    Thanks for responding.

  376. Jamesi3m says:

    No, she didn’t. And you appear foolish and ignorant for repeating a scurrilous charge when you know nothing about the circumstances. I think people should use better judgment.

  377. BluebirdofUnhappiness says:

    Look at all the progressives, defending the indefensible.

  378. RickRollington says:

    John wrote it, in his headline for this story. As to what her tweet means, obviously she is saying that she thinks Hillary’s political positions aren’t based on motherly values, and if you read Dr. Stein’s series of tweets today she goes into a lot of detail about what she meant.

    We should all be deeply concerned by this adoption of demagoguery by Hillary’s surrogates.

  379. heimaey says:

    Hillary screwed over Honduras – many Latin Americans do not like her.

  380. ChaCubed says:

    Thanks for responding. I’ve read her comment three times, trying to find where she said Jill wrote that Hillary was a bad mother, I can’t find it.

    But, that aside, what else could Jill’s tweet mean?

  381. Dolan55 says:

    I’m not surprised by such vile and despicable attacks by the anti-Hillary deranged brigade.
    These are the same people now shouting obscenities through megaphones at Hillary supporters, even ripping signs from the hands of children:

  382. heimaey says:

    Exactly – I can afford a BMW. That doesn’t make me better than anyone or show that I’ve worked harder necessarily. It shows that I’m lucky and privileged and I want others to be as successful as I have been. I know that I have had certain advantages that others haven’t but I’m no better than anyone else.

  383. heimaey says:

    I am a Bernie supporter and I’m part of the 1%. There goes that theory.

  384. 2karmanot says:

    Why Sweet Pea, you grannysplain with the best of em. PS… please do skip the comments

  385. ChaCubed says:

    Is this a Jill-Stein-fans-only-website?

  386. RickRollington says:

    John must be proud of his Fox News comment section-style “two-minutes hate” he’s got going here.

  387. heimaey says:

    Now that Sanders looks like he’d not going to get the nomination, there will be a number of people flocking to the Green Party – probably more than they did to Nader in the past. Rather than talk about the good things Hillary has done, and woo them over to her, or at least tell uswhy we should vote for her, John focuses his time and energy about tearing apart the competition. It’s very Gingrich.

    I agree with Shaun King who said not once has someone told me *why* I should vote for her – just that I should because the other choice is too horrible. That’s not a good enough reason to win me over to vote for someone and tearing down Sanders and Stein is not going to suddenly make me want to vote Clinton – it’s just distancing me and others further from her. John’s republican roots are to jump to bullying but I’d like to see a post on how amazing Clinton is and why we should vote for her rather than it’s just our duty.

  388. Dolan55 says:

    Bernie’s butt-sniffer Jill Stein shows again the true colors of these so-called “revolutionaries”…UGH

  389. 2karmanot says:

    Thank you Chastity Pariah

  390. RickRollington says:

    He claimed she wrote that Hillary was a bad mother. The tweet says no such thing. How is this complicated?

  391. ChaCubed says:

    How does one falsify a tweet?

  392. ChaCubed says:

    Do you have an opinion on the topic: Jill’s tweet?

  393. RickRollington says:

    So homophobic and sexist slurs are OK when used on one’s opponents, got it.

  394. RickRollington says:

    The guy you’re talking to isn’t capable of deciphering a license plate.

  395. RickRollington says:

    There’s a shocker.

  396. Barbara says:

    And they wonder why we hate politicians….

  397. RickRollington says:

    This is the problem with disingenuous arguments about sexism, you wind up making yourself sound like a damn fool. If criticism of HRC is sexist because she’s a woman, then Stein’s criticisms must also be sexist. Ergo, criticisms of Stein’s criticisms must be because she’s a woman, and so it goes.

    Or did you mean something else when you assume that my use of “her highness” for Hillary is due to sexism and not the grotesque servility exhibited by her supplicants?

  398. heimaey says:

    John’s latest smear campaign.

  399. debgrabien says:

    Interesting. I was thinking the exact opposite.

  400. RickRollington says:

    That’s some clever wordplay.

  401. debgrabien says:

    “her highness”? Well, there goes any claim to impartiality (or cred) you may have had, son. Oh, just so you know, I went and read Stein’s entire tweet stream on twitter, and John nailed it. My reactions to Stein – which is that she’s lost all my respect – are to her tweets, not anyone else’s.

    Oh, wait. That doesn’t count, because I’m female, clearly can’t read much less process a conversational stream, and am in need of your expert guidance? To use my excellent husband’s favourite hashtag #YesAllMen What an excellent reminder as to why I’m usually smart enough to skip the comments.

    Bye now.

  402. Keyser Soze says:

    Really? Go read the post again. Referring to the rich 1%ers as successful winners who worked hard for it (almost never true), and poor people as losers who deserve to be poor because they’re just “jealous” and lazy? Typical Trickle Down Economics right wing BS. Even Donald Trump pretends to care more about poor people than that!

    These must be the non-motherly Hillary Values Dr. Stein was talking about

  403. RickRollington says:


  404. RickRollington says:

    I’m guessing that first sentence applies to a great many things in this world for you.

  405. RickRollington says:

    The Democrats are now indistinguishable from Republicans. We now even see this sad shit of rich Dems defending grotesque wealth inequality with the same arguments that were made against Warren’s comments about all the things society provides that enable rich peoples’ success.

    RIP DNC 2016

  406. John M says:

    A Hillary supporter insulting people who cannot afford a BMW, or who choose not to drive a BMW because such people happen to value things like integrity and the environment above materialism, and insinuating that they are somehow unsuccessful in life is exactly the reason why the Democratic Party is so fractured. You neo-libs should accept your true selves as the Republicans you are. I’m not judging you. I’m actually just amused at how you fail to see your true self when you look in a mirror.

  407. RickRollington says:

    Of course, John falsifying Stein’s words isn’t mansplaining, because it’s in defense of her highness.

  408. RickRollington says:

    Believing John-boy’s character assassination is a sure path to unhappiness.

  409. debgrabien says:

    Talk to Tim Robins about that. He may lend you one of his tinfoil lined jockstraps; that, of course, is assuming he doesn’t have Jeff Weaver in there already (wearing tinfoil kneepads while kneeling).

  410. SamMayer says:

    ..or RickRollinSH*T!

  411. SamMayer says:

    What a moronic and manic rebuttal!

  412. SamMayer says:

    Huh…I don’t get that connection at all! Bern-victims are pretty clueless.

  413. SamMayer says:

    Happy Mothers Day, grandma! You are the best of the best!!!

  414. SamMayer says:

    The Green Party? Was that not Nader’s losing team? Jill need to see a real Dr. for a chill pill!

  415. Keyser Soze says:

    No if anything she’s just accusing her of not translating her values as a mother to her role as a public servant. It’s an accusation of being a two-faced politician, not a bad mother.

  416. Keyser Soze says:

    No it does not mean Jill Stein accused her of being a bad mother. It means she accused her of having bad values and a lack of compassion when it comes to her actions AS A POLITICIAN. Basic reading comprehension. It meant literally what it said. I’m sure Jill Stein realizes that Hillary would do anything for her own daughter. HER OWN daughter. That’s how elitism and nepotism works. People like Hillary always take care of their own. It’s everyone else who suffers.

  417. Keyser Soze says:

    Oh look, another anti-Bernie Hillary harpy who sounds COMPLETELY INDISTINGUISHABLE from a far-right Republican

  418. Moose! says:


  419. RickRollington says:

    Amateur. It’s gotta go front, back, sides, top and bottom to be effective. A 360-degree coverage sort of deal.

  420. debgrabien says:

    Also, apparently, the party of smug wannabe mansplainers. You may have missed a few collegiate-level buzzwords. Being a grandmother, I’m using my entitlement and my restraint to hold back a few choice buzzwords applying to you.

    (The restraint, however, will not preclude me from telling you to go have intercourse with yourself, hopefully using a prophylactic as you do so, because frankly, mothers are tired of having to clean up after your little adolescent messes. And that includes cleaning out the gene pool.)

  421. debgrabien says:

    The tinfoil goes in the front, big guy.

  422. Carol Ann Hunigan Booher says:

    And Sanders and most of his followers are so jealous of those who have worked and enjoyed success and can afford a beemer to drive to that Corporate work that they earned by their intellect .. A man who does not work the first 40 yrs of his life, leading a cult of bullies who he is teaching to expect the world to keep them up.. That is the Bernie Universe..

  423. RickRollington says:

    If you’re going to demand critical thinking, let’s start by asking John not to write deliberately misleading red meat headlines. Stein didn’t call Hillary a bad mother, and it’s dishonest to say that she did. John owes Stein an apology.

  424. NaphiSoc says:

    It is obvious that Hillary Clinton is the only sane adult left standing – as well as an awesome mother!

  425. Phil in FLL says:

    OK, let me see if I have this right. Jill Stein claims (at the very least) that a hypothetical Hillary Clinton administration would not reflect the values of being a mother. You then claim that any criticism of that statement by Stein is misogynistic. Now read that back to yourself and tell me that you don’t feel embarrassed. All I’m asking for is critical thinking, a reasonable request.

  426. RickRollington says:

    One man’s empty name-calling is another’s astute observation.

  427. Phil in FLL says:

    Empty name-calling.

  428. RickRollington says:

    I am enjoying the spectacle of her majesty’s sycophants finding new ways to be offended on her behalf.

  429. MiaEli15 says:

    It’s called making a logical inference, ignoramus. Stein is suggesting that HRC doesn’t have those values that “authentic” mother’s have. Therefore, if HRC doesn’t possess those values, she couldn’t possibly have been a “good” mother to Chelsea. If A then B and B then C, then if A then C.

  430. 2karmanot says:

    Well, well, well if that GIF didn’t immediately signal a lowbrow Avarvosis hit piece on the non-Hillary universe. Those comfortable bourgeois Democrats of the Obama kind are desperate to reign in the Sander’s popular doctrine of “By the People and For the People’. Why remains a mystery and why intelligent people think a war mongering, Wall Street puppet will put two Foster Farms chickens in every crock-pot if the recipients work at jobs that don’t exist remains a mystery. The Democratic Party has become the graveyard of progressive leaning FDR advances in economic and legal equity in this country. That the pundits feeding off the beltway trough for far too long and their vehicles of expression have resorted to gossip, mean girl swiping and histrionic slander only convinces me of the desperation that is the nexus of Hillary land. If expiring minds want to know, read America Blog propaganda and be assured that the status quo will be maintained and you can still listen to Democracy Now without actually having to be progressive, as you drive the Beemer to corporate work in the morning.

  431. RickRollington says:

    It seems very misogynistic to attack Jill Stein this way. I guess she should have gotten a man’s permission first to have an opinion.

  432. RickRollington says:

    Anyone who criticizes her majesty is a misogynist. Obviously.

  433. Phil in FLL says:

    A lot of countries have instant run-off. I think France is one of them. Not a bad idea. There’s certainly a lot of opportunity to test it out at the state level here in the U.S. I hope the idea of instant run-off becomes more popular.

  434. BeccaM says:

    Wow, you can’t even make a coherent remark without contradicting yourself.

    BTW, your tin foil hat is slipping.

    p.s. Stein’s remark is still misogynistic and sexist, even in your interpretation of it. Which is wrong.

  435. RickRollington says:

    If you want to see something inexcusable, check out the HRC cult of personality groupthink behind the freak out over this, probably engineered by David Brock.

    Clearly Stein is saying that to her, Hillary’s record as a political figure doesn’t reflect mothering. To take that as her criticizing Hillary’s actual parenting skills is a level of dishonesty worthy of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, or Matt Drudge.

  436. BeccaM says:

    Perhaps. It’s up to them. As I said, Duverger’s Law is the big problem. If the House had proportional parliamentary-style representation, it might be easier. Or even if a majority, not a plurality, was required to win, with instant run-off elections between the top two vote recipients. But with three candidates running, you can win with just 34% of the vote (less if there are even more candidates) — and that right there creates an electoral bias towards having just two major national parties.

    Only when one of them destroys itself from within is there a chance for a different 2nd party to rise…and that last time that happened was before the Civil War.

  437. Phil in FLL says:

    Forget about John’s post. Read Jill Stein’s tweet. No quantity of Kool-Aid can make that tweet a good idea.

  438. BeccaM says:

    Rather than spewing your rabid Clinton-derangement-syndrome nonsense, how about instead you explain what about Mr. Aravosis remark was a misreading of Jill Stein’s tweet? Or the misreading of that same tweet by hundreds of other people?

    Stein agrees it’s time for a woman to be President. BUT she wants that woman to “reflect the values of being a mother.”

    It’s called simple grammar, bub. The use of the word ‘BUT’ there says Stein does not think Clinton is a good mother. There is no other rational conclusion for what is being implied. Had she said “AND”, maybe there’d be something to debate.

    Phil’s right: You’re grasping at straws and making excuses for something which is inexcusable.

  439. Phil in FLL says:

    Well put. I think it’s odd that the U.S. Green Party hasn’t won a seat in the House of Representatives. I think it would actually be very doable since many regions of the U.S. are just as politically progressive as any district in Canada. Maybe if the U.S. Green Party changed it’s focus, it would experience a few wins in Congress, just as the Greens in Canada and Europe have done in their own legislatures. Something tells me that this Jill Stein character is doing the U.S. Green Party more harm than good. Perhaps it’s time for a change in leadership for the Green Party here in the U.S.

  440. RickRollington says:

    No quantity of purple Kool-Ade can make that tweet a criticism of Hillary’s parenting skills, sorry.

  441. Phil in FLL says:

    Your entitled to you criticism of John’s writing, but I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do to fix Jill Stein’s tweet. Nothing. You’re grasping at straws here.

  442. BeccaM says:

    That’s been my take on it, too, Phil. And has been for many years now. The smaller political parties in other countries know and work within the limits of their power, and use what influence they have to their advantage. They focus on what offices they CAN win, but use what leverage they have to affect the offices they can’t.

    For example: In 2000, rather than insisting on running against Gore and Bush until the very end, what do you imagine might’ve happened had Nader said, “Okay, I will bring the Greens into play for you, Mr. Vice President, but here’s a list of what I want in return, including an appointment to a cabinet post. Promise me that, and I’ll endorse your candidacy.”

    As long as Duverger’s Law holds (plurality vote in a single district wins the office) — and that isn’t going to change any time soon given it’s baked into the Constitution — it really is mostly pointless right now for a 3rd party candidate to run for President or Senator (I have to say ‘mostly’ because in a tiny state like Vermont and where the parties are rather weak, an independent can be Senator). But a House seat in a contested district is definitely possible. Just maybe in some of the smaller states a governorship. Absolutely possible to win any number of state legislature seats. And local elections where a few hundred votes one way or another will take an office? Absolutely.

    When they keep running for offices they can’t possibly win though, I end up wondering if their party isn’t just a scam or it’s being run by delusional people.

  443. RickRollington says:

    HRC partisan hypocrites with poor reading comprehension skills excoriate Green Party’s Jill Stein, a behavior they label bullying when it’s criticism of her royal highness Hillary, for their malicious, deliberate “misunderstanding” of Stein’s tweet, which actually said nothing about Hillary’s parenting skills.

    Fixed that for you, Mr. Bullshit Propaganda Machine.

  444. BeccaM says:

    It’s also pretty goddamned sexist to suggest a woman’s top qualities as a human being are whether she’s a good breeder and parent. Not experience or intelligence or steadiness under stress or anything else.

    It’s generally known Barack Obama’s a pretty good dad — but did it even come up as a qualifying statement? “Oh I’m fine with the man in general, but what’s really important to me for someone who wants to be President of the United States is whether Obama is a good dad.” Or Bush or Bill Clinton or any other male who’s held the office. (Which until now has been all of them.)

    I think out of all those tweets you included, John, the one agree with most was the one from Truth Prevails: “What on Earth made you think that this was a good idea?”

  445. Barbara says:

    It’s official. People will say anything at all for attention.

  446. Phil in FLL says:

    I’m certainly familiar with the good work that the Green Party has done in Europe, starting in its birthplace, Germany. The only thing I knew specifically about Jill Stein was that in her only run for president in 2012, she won 0.36% of the popular vote. So I’ll start with where I left off when that was the only thing I knew about her. I noted that in the entire Canadian legislature, the Green Party has only one single seat. O – N – E. Therefore, the only goal in the United States that any honest observer would take seriously would be for the Green Party to try to win a seat in the House of Representatives, or maybe in a state legislature. Any “campaign” for POTUS was a farce and could not be taken seriously. Those were my thoughts when the only thing I knew about Jill Stein was her percentage of votes in 2012.

    Now fast-forward to Jill Stein’s tweet from today. Oh, dear God and Baby Jesus on a waffle! This Jill Stein character sounds like a real creep. If anyone is waiting for her to do any better in her future vote percentage, I think they’ll be waiting a very long time.

  447. chuck says:

    She’s a really awful, disgusting woman. If you have nothing better to do than tear other women down you don’t care about the values of women or being a mother. Shameful.

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