Hezbollah and the Kremlin are now rooting for Trump

You know your presidential campaign has problems when both Hezbollah (a terrorist organization) and the Kremlin are rooting for you.

Both have latched on to Trump’s recent false claim that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama created the terrorist group ISIS. Independent fact-checker Politifact rates is a “pants on fire” lie.

But that didn’t stop Donald Trump’s lackeys in Moscow and the Middle East from embracing it.

Here’s Hezbollah:

And here’s one of the Kremlin’s top propaganda organs:


Ronald Reagan would be rolling over in his grave.

What ought to give everyone serious pause is why a terrorist organization and Vladimir Putin are both now rooting for Donald Trump to win. Though it is rather telling. If both Putin and terrorists want Hillary to lose, then she must be doing something right.

More on Trump’s troubling ties to Moscow here, and in this fun little video I made, below:

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6 Responses to “Hezbollah and the Kremlin are now rooting for Trump”

  1. Gloriabhealy3 says:

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  2. Don Chandler says:

    The russian trolls have been saying Obama started ISIS for some time now. More evidence Trump is just a mouth piece of Russia’s Putin.

    The movement — Hezbollah means “party of God,” in Arabic — Trump has some dear friends over there. Hezbollah is a big Iranian ally of Syria’s Assad. And Assad is a big ally of Putin. In fact, with Kim Jung Un’s support, Trump now has the Axis of Evil sewn up with Putin to boot.

  3. Colin says:

    like I said.

  4. S1AMER says:

    Well, yeah — they see Trump destroying America without their having to fight any battles or spend a penny. All they have to do is sit on the sidelines and cheer on their ally Trump.

  5. BeccaM says:

    So far, those who are openly supporting Trump for President include:
    – Putin and the Kremlin (plus their hackers)
    – Hezbollah
    – ISIL
    – The KKK and white supremacists in the U.S.
    – LePen (the French ultra-nationalist)
    – Belusconi (the corrupt Italian billionaire)
    – Kim Jong Un (North Korean dictator)

    Lots more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Donald_Trump_presidential_campaign_endorsements,_2016#International_political_figures

  6. Colin says:

    Of course they did. Rightwingers stick together.

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