This isn’t the first time Giuliani erased 9/11 from history

Donald Trump supporter Rudy Giuliani claimed yesterday that “we didn’t have any successful radical Islamic terrorist attack” on US soil in the eight years before Obama became president.

Conveniently forgetting about 9/11, in which nearly 3,000 people died.

It wasn’t the first time that Giuliani had made the outrageously false claim that there were no terror attacks on US soil during the Bush presidency.

Giuliani made a similar, but even more outrageous claim, in January of 2010. Speaking to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Giuliani said: “We had no domestic attacks under Bush, we’ve had one under Obama.”

That Giuliani historical revisionism was particularly bad, as it not only erased 9/11 from the history books, but also the following terror attacks, per Politifact:

1. The Anthrax scare.
2. The shoe bomber.
3. The DC sniper.
4. The 2002 attack against the El Al ticket counter at LAX.
5. The campus attack at UNC.

Here’s Giuliani in 2010:

And here’s the same erroneous claim yesterday:

What’s actually going on is that Giuliani is trying to claim that, other than 9/11, George Bush had fewer terrorist attacks under his watch than Barack Obama, and thus Bush kept America safer. How exactly do you start a sentence about terrorism with “other than 9/11”?

Under Giuliani’s logic: More people died at Benghazi (4 dead) than died on September 11 (2,966 dead), so long as you don’t count 9/11.

Giuliani’s claim is also at odds with Giuliani’s own candidate, Donald Trump, who spent the campaign excoriating George Bush over 9/11. As Trump told Jeb Bush this past February, “the World Trade Center came down under your brother’s reign, remember that. That’s not keeping us safe.”

So keep all of this in mind when considering Giuliani’s explanation today: “I didn’t forget 9/11.”

Giuliani is right. He didn’t forget 9/11. Forgetting isn’t willful. Erasing is.

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6 Responses to “This isn’t the first time Giuliani erased 9/11 from history”

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  2. AlexanderHamiltonsGhost says:

    Ha. I love how in spite of the insanity, his attacks on Jeb were always so spot-on. “That’s not keeping us safe.” Hard to argue with that, I guess.

  3. Uncle Luie says:

    Why does he do this? Because he knows that the lo-IQ idiots who never read a newspaper in their lives will believe anything a sleazy republican tells them.

  4. bpollen says:

    True, he did say 8 years…

  5. Yes, but he was simply trying to claim that there were no terror attacks during Bush II.

  6. bpollen says:

    There’s also the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Didn’t take down the towers, but they did blow the hell outta the parking garage…

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