Jill Stein in Moscow criticized US human rights, said nothing about Russian human rights

Green party Jill Stein, who has expressed skepticism about the safety of vaccinations and wifi, has found another thing in the world that she finds dangerous: America.

And Stein decided to go to Moscow last winter to share her concerns.

And, what do you know, she’s happy to report she found an audience that agrees with her!

UPDATE: The Kremlin is now defending Stein, and attacking me, as a result of this article. That speaks volumes about just how important a tool Putin finds Stein for both his propaganda war and for helping Trump this election.

Stein’s report from Moscow is in the video below. She went to attend a conference hosted by the Russian state propaganda organ. In a sign of the importance Moscow put on the conference, Putin himself joined Stein and other attendees for dinner.

Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein criticizes the US in Moscow. (Is that a dead animal around her neck?)

Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein criticizes the US in Moscow. (Is that a dead animal around her neck?)

From Moscow, Stein noted that we “need to rein in US exceptionalism, and totally reform and revise our foreign policy so that it is based on international law, human rights and diplomacy.” Making those comments from Moscow, at this time, is rather unconventional, unless you work for Donald Trump.

With Red Square as her backdrop, Stein suggested that we need to “replace a US policy of domination with a way forward based on respect, collaboration, international law and human rights.”

She added, “we’ve seen that vision really resonate here.”

Oh I bet you did.

In fact, according to the video Stein published, Putin agrees with her:

Jill Stein putin

You’ll note in the video below, where Stein reports on what she said at the conference, that she only criticized the US.

Stein has nothing negative to say about Russian foreign policy, or Russia’s horrific lack of respect for human rights — Putin has journalists and other opponents killed. And we all know the way Putin treats LGBT people. Yet Jill Stein had nothing to say about any of that. She was too focused on criticizing the US at a conference put together by the Kremlin’s propaganda agency.

Heckuva job, Jill.

PS And for any of you feeling the Bern, Stein’s VP thinks Bernie Sanders is a white supremacist capitalist imperialist.

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