Pence laughs out loud when Trump says blacks will vote for him

Mike Pence, the Republican vice presidential candidate, laughed out loud when he heard Donald Trump suggest recently that 95% of the black community would vote for Trump in 2020.

Currently, Trump is polling between 0% and 2% among African-American voters. Even former grand wizard of the KKK, David Duke, is polling higher among blacks.

Trump has been making a big push this week for the black vote, but not for the reason you might think. Trump isn’t trying to get African-Americans to vote for him, he’s trying to get white people to — and he’s using the black community to do it. 

Mike pence laughs

Mike Pence laughs when he hears Donald Trump brag about the number of African-Americans who will vote for him.

You see, Republicans have this problem where lots of people on the left, and middle, think GOP candidates are racist and intolerant. So, Republicans do big public appeals to blacks in order to woo whites. The intent is for middle of the road white people — the proverbial “soccer mom” — to watch and say: “Gosh, Donald Trump has been talking all week about how much he cares about African-Americans. I guess all  that talk of him being an intolerant bigot must be hooey.”

So, in fact, Trump is even more of a bigot, more intolerant, than we thought, as he’s willing to use the black community as a foil to get elected. He’s happy to talk about the issues confronting African-Americans, in order to woo white Americans, while planning on doing absolutely nothing to help the black community were he elected.

Trump’s suggestion that blacks will vote for him is laughable. But it’s not stupid.

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