Trumpers say he won debate because of fake online polls. Sad!

The Trump forces, including white supremacist Alt Right leaders, are claiming today that Donald Trump won last night’s presidential debate — which everyone agrees he lost, bigly.

How can Camp Trump claim Trump won a debate he obviously lost?

Because Trump won those all-important fake Internet polls. You know them, the polls on a Web site that you can vote in 100 times?

Yeah, Trump won that.


So I thought we’d have a little look at how Trump did in the real polls last night. The only real poll so far is CNN’s. Here are those results.

CNN poll of debate watchers
Clinton 62%
Trump 27%

It doesn’t get more thumpy than that.

Here’s more about those goofy online polls the Trump camp is now beating their chest over, and more on why the CNN poll is the real thing. From the Washington Post:

There was one poll conducted in the wake of the debate that holds some statistical validity. Accurate polling depends on getting a sample of respondents that is representative of the population whose opinion you’d like to gauge. CNN and its polling partner ORC conducted a poll after the debate that found that Hillary Clinton won easily, by a more than 2-to-1 margin. The sample leaned slightly Democratic, which CNN noted, but it was generally a good snapshot of the views of the American public. FiveThirtyEight notes that CNN’s survey has historically correlated to shifts in the polls.

There were also a lot of garbage polls conducted after the debate. There was the poll at the Drudge Report, a survey that you can take right now, if you wish. According to that one, Trump was viewed as the victor by 82 percent of those who replied, with about 570,000-plus having weighed in. A who-do-you-think-won poll at Time gives it to Trump with 54 percent of the vote; the same sort of thing at CNBC mirrors the CNN poll in reverse, 2-to-1 for Trump….

Online polls are, again, garbage, no more representative of the population as a whole than is the crowd at a Trump rally. That comparison is very apt, in fact. The crowd at a Trump rally 1) is open to all comers, 2) is geographically isolated, meaning that while anyone can attend, it doesn’t include a huge swath of people who vote, and 3) it rewards enthusiasm in a way that tends to obscure actual interest. In other words, if 20,000 people in a state press into a Trump rally to cheer lustily for his stump speech, that’s still only a tiny fraction of the population of even our smallest states.

The online polls are the same way. Open to anyone, meaning that anybody with an Internet connection can go and cast a vote. Anyone in Russia, for example, or in Canada. Anyone who is 12 years old or who is not a citizen. Literally anyone can weigh in at any time. And can do so more than once: Vote once from your phone and once at your desktop. No reason not to.

Even the lead white supremacist Alt Right Web site run by Trump’s own campaign CEO, Stephen Bannon, said Hillary Clinton won last night:

Breitbart presidential poll

So the next time a deplorable starts tweeting you about how Trump really won last night, have a good hearty laugh then send them a link to this story.

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12 Responses to “Trumpers say he won debate because of fake online polls. Sad!”

  1. Butch1 says:

    He’s delusional and in his world it’s impossible for him to lose.

  2. emjayay says:

    The question is whether Trump believes his claims about winning in almost all the polls, or whether he is lying, or whether his brain just puts anything positive about himself (like Putin’s comment which was not correctly translated) in a file in his brain marked “Important Stuff That is Complimentary to Me So It Must
    Be True Because I Am Awesome”.

  3. Randy Riddle says:

    Online polls are open to manipulation by using multiple web browsers, “private” mode in web browsers, or even by some clever scripting to automate the process of voting.

    I’m surprised that mainstream news outlets still use them – one that the Trump camp was pointing to was at Time magazine’s website. They should know better than to even bother.

  4. Elizabethgcole3 says:

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  5. Grant Saw says:

    What was coming from his mouth was indistinguishable from what comes from his ass. Because of this the debate was a draw.

  6. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Those adult diapers work wonders.

  7. Nicholas A Kocal says:

    Trump didn’t piss himself on camera, and based on the expectations set for him by the press, that counts as a win.

  8. 三五营销 says:


  9. Zorba says:

    Online polls don’t mean anything more than do the results of the people who call in to vote for their favorite “American Idol” or “Dancing With the Stars.”
    It’s the same damned thing, really. Statistically meaningless.
    People are stupid. At least, too many of them are. :-(

  10. UncleBucky says:

    Ahhhahahaa. He lost bigly.


  11. woodroad34 says:

    Ooooo, they hate me; they really, really hate me. Milania, Ivanka…where’s my PhenPhen!!!!

  12. BeccaM says:

    Here’s something you’ll enjoy, John, if you haven’t seen it already:

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