Trump’s use of phrase “telly-telly” could be his undoing

Summer Zervos, a former contestant on the Apprentice, is one of the women who recently accused Donald Trump of kissing and groping her without her consent.

And while Trump denies all the accusations from the various women, Zervos’ use of the word “telly-telly” could be Trump’s undoing. It’s such an odd phrase, that if we can prove Trump uses it, it would add significantly to Zervos’ credibility.

In her press conference explaining her allegations, Zervos said the following:

At a Beverly Hills hotel, Trump’s security guard led her to a bungalow where he was staying. When she was inside, Zervos claimed, Trump greeted her with an open-mouthed, aggressive kiss while grabbing her shoulder to hold her in, and put his hand on her breast. Several times, she claims, she pushed him away and indicated he should stop.

When Zervos resisted Trump’s advances, she claimed, he tried to lead her toward the bedroom of the bungalow. “Let’s lay down and watch some telly-telly,” she claims he said. When she said, “C’mon man, get real,” she claims he replied, “Get real,” and thrust his genitals at her.

The word “telly-telly,” to mean television, bothered me. I’d not heard it before. Could this phrase help prove that Zervos was telling the truth in having had an intimate conversation with Trump?

First, I had to nail down the word’s origin. And I found it. Telly-telly appears to be short for “telly-telly bunkum box,” a phrase created by author Roald Dahl (author of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”) for his 1982 children’s book, “The BFG.” Dahl, like Trump, used the word to mean “television.”

Here’s the excerpt from Dahl’s book:

‘So what will happen to me now?’ Sophie asked.

‘If you do go back, you will be telling the world,’ said the BFG, ‘most likely on the telly-telly bunkum box and the radio squeaker. So you will just have to be staying here with me for the rest of your life.’

‘Oh no!’ cried Sophie.

Then I did the math. 1982 is 34 years ago.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka is 34 years old.

Is it possible that Donald Trump read “The BFG” to his daughter Ivanka, and thus the phrase “telly-telly” has always stuck with him as an endearing way to refer to TV?

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