BREAKING: FBI Director exonerates Hillary in new letter to Congress

In a bombshell new letter to Congress, FBI Director Jim Comey has just exonerated Hillary Clinton, again, in the FBI’s probe of her private email server.

CNN reports that in the letter Comey indicated that the “new evidence” has been reviewed, and the FBI has not changed its decision from earlier this year that Hillary broke no laws.

This is, as CNN called it, a “bombshell.” Comey created a firestorm a week ago when he wrote to Congress, telling them that he was, in essence, reopening the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s server, because of possible new emails found on a device belonging to Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

Republicans and Democrats alike roundly blasted Comey for violating FBI rules that forbid doing anything that could interfere with an election in the 60 days preceding election day. I walk through the charges against Comey in an earlier video I made a few days ago.

My colleague Alan Klein and I launched a Web site,, where we joined over 3,000 people in calling on Director Comey to resign.

Comey’s new letter to Congress is quite the bombshell. Unfortunately, the polls are already tighter as a result of Comey’s negligent (at best) actions. At the very least, Democrats get a positive jolt two days before the election, which will likely help turnout.

But, as CNN also noted, the damage is done. Many of the House and Senate races have already been affected, with early voting. So there’s no way to know what damage Comey did to Democrats.

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15 Responses to “BREAKING: FBI Director exonerates Hillary in new letter to Congress”

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  4. Polina Maksimova says:

    I’m from Poland. I love Hillary Clinton. I want to become President of the United States. I cried when I saw what they did to her plastic surgeons before the election that she lost. How to help Hilary to get rid of the terrible scars after the surgery?

  5. Badgerite says:

    What is really troubling about what Comey did was that this was obviously something that could have been resolved quickly, and without public statement or any notification to Congress. And without any “risk”, as Comey referred to it, of influencing or interfering in a presidential election. So, why, exactly, did he “risk” interfering in and influencing a presidential election. To what purpose? There was no real need to even get a search warrant in this case since they could easily have acquired consent for a search from both Weiner and Abedin. Some kind of ‘personal assurance’ he gave to Chaffetz to keep him informed of any “new development” cannot possibly be allowed to take priority over the proscriptions of the Hatch Act and long standing Department policy. Especially since there was so little possibility, (given the legal standards of the laws involved next to none) that these emails would result in any actual “new development”. In short, none of Comey’s explanation for what he did really makes any sense or holds water. And he had to be aware that there was more than a “risk” that his letter would be used for partisan advantage. If there is a valid defense for his actions, I can’t see what it would be. To me, this was a clear violation of law on his part.

  6. petewestcentral says:

    All of the FBI has been slimed.

  7. I personally think that Comey knew he was toast and that he’d better end this. Now maybe he can resign rather than be investigated himself!

  8. Badgerite says:

    The Trump Monster is back to calling the FBI “rigged” again. Such a surprise. He is the most classless piece of crap on the planet.
    And……. What Phil in FLL said.

  9. Phil in FLL says:

    Comey has to go, of course, but there may also be some agents at the FBI office in New York that have a few things to answer for. As I understand, some “rogue” agents chose to leak vague information about possible Hillary email investigations to Rudy Giuliani and the Trump campaign, but leaked no such damaging information about FBI investigations into the Trump campaign’s ties to the Russian government. This is partisan meddling in elections. That’s not the FBI’s job. All taxpayers chip in to fund the work that the FBI does, not just Republicans. Those rogue FBI agents may well have broken laws.

  10. BeccaM says:

    I’ll say this again: Comey still needs to resign. Early next week after the votes have all been counted will do.

  11. DemocratMediaCmplxRigElection says:

    She should already be arrested because the statute does not include “Intent” – as that’s left for treason. I knew it was a set up with him – 650,000 emails reviewed in 9 days. Comey has a connection to the Clinton Foundation – corrupt, shadow government:

  12. BlueShark says:

    Better late than never!

  13. Lily Lee says:

    Sold outL

  14. PattyJM says:

    Sure. Now that the damage has been done.

    I’ll bet you a coffee and donuts that there won’t be a word on Fox, or from the AM seditionists tomorrow.

  15. Quilla says:


    I’ll bet he still won’t be able to keep his job.

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