Trump campaign was warned Megyn Kelly was facing death threats, “didn’t much care”

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly tells Anderson Cooper that the threat level was so high during the campaign, in terms of threats against her, that she had to travel with security to protect her and her kids.

But that’s not all.

Kelly says Michael Cohen, a lawyer with Trump’s organization (whose claim to fame was repeatedly asking CNN’s Brianna Keilar “says who?“), had retweeted a tweet saying “let’s gut her,” about Kelly.

This was, according to Kelly, “at a time when the threat level was very high, which he [Cohen] knew. And Bill Shine, an executive vice president at Fox called him up to say ‘you gotta stop this.'”

Kelly continues: “We understand you’re angry, but she’s got three little kids, she’s walking around New York,” Kelly says Shine told Cohen. “And he didn’t much care,” Kelly told Cooper.

“And what Bill Schein said to Michael Cohen was, ‘let me put this in terms you’ll understand. If Megyn Kelly gets killed, it’s not gonna help you’re candidate.'”

I found an article at the time that copied the text of the tweet:

Donald Trump and his allies have escalated a feud with Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly, with top deputy Michael Cohen retweeting a tweet from an account named “surfersfortrump” that said, “#boycottmegynkelly @realDonaldTrump we can gut her.”

I said it during the campaign — the people Trump has working for him, especially the men, are creepy as hell.

One wonders if any of the Trump brigade could actually pass a security clearance background check.

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No Responses to “Trump campaign was warned Megyn Kelly was facing death threats, “didn’t much care””

  1. LynnLGBT says:

    As a pansexual woman of color, I feel like the queer community isn’t even giving Trump a chance, or a benefit of the doubt. Trump is probably the most liberal republican we ever had in the white house. Even in his past history he was always liberal, capitalistic but liberal. I feel like liberals have turned so violent, and filled with hate, and are threaten by anything different which is ironic.

    We should be worried about people in Houston who are being discriminated against, we should give it up to the activist who bring awareness through documentaries. I mean goodness.

  2. goulo says:

    OK, I don’t follow Twitter and didn’t know about that background info, so thanks for giving that context!

  3. Goulo, this is part of a larger effort to demonize LGBT people, especially “white gays” — claiming we abandoned Hillary and our POC allies this election. I got an earful on it last night on Twitter from people who not only thought “white gays” helped cost Hillary the election and are okay with Trump now (no one I know is), but also that “white gays” weren’t even at Stonewall (we were, in droves). It’s part of a larger effort, that’s been going on for years on the fringe of the left, and our community, to demonize white gay men — who ironically, were the one of the core pillars of the movement these past 50 years.

    That’s what this piece is in context of. And I guarantee you that’s what the HuffPost guy had in mind, this larger factually incorrect meme.

  4. Bill_Perdue says:

    “Washington (CNN)Voter turnout this year dipped to nearly its lowest point in two decades. While election officials are still tabulating ballots, the 126 million votes already counted means about 55% of voting age citizens cast ballots this year. That measure of turnout is the lowest in a presidential election since 1996, when 53.5% of voting-age citizens turned out.

    While it’s true that some were fooled by the twin candidates, Trump and Clinton, the numbers of eligible voters voting was down because Trump and Clinton were joined at the hip in a mutual race to the bottom. The numbers of those fooled in all categories is dwindling in accelerating numbers.

    Liberal racists, warmongers and union busters and opponents of ENDA may have their ups and downs as their brothers and sisters in the Trump camp fumble but the trends are clear. Larger and larger numbers will move towards mass action to compel change. “When one asks what an American liberal is today, it is important to be honest. An American liberal is the arbiter of a more effective politics of exploitation and oppression. The American liberal supports the Democratic Party by waging a fake war with the Republicans while the entire establishment moves ever more rightward. The American liberal is no less an enemy of social progress than the right-wing, Republican oriented populace. The American liberal must be combated or its ideological stranglehold over emergent movements now and in the future will continue to lead them astray.
    – Danny Haiphong, Black agenda Report

  5. goulo says:

    Hm? I don’t read it that way at all. Where does it say or “allege” that LGBT voters (as a demographic group) sold anyone out…?

    It specifically mentions “LGBT Trump voters” (right there in the headline even) and says that THOSE voters specifically betrayed OTHER LGBT people (“Our Community’s Most Vulnerable”)!

    I’m not sure what there is to disagree with in the article! The fact that 1 in 7 LGBT people voted for Trump DOES seem like a significant portion to me, and indeed a sad sobering fact.

    (I wonder whether you somehow misread the headline “LGBTQ Trump Voters: You Betrayed Our Community’s Most Vulnerable” as “LGBTQ Voters: You Betrayed Our Community’s Most Vulnerable”, overlooking the “Trump” in the headline…?)

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