Democratic election victory recap: What this means for 2018

Democrats kicked GOP butt last night in races across the country, from Virginia to Washington state. We won governorships, state legislatures, attorneys general, mayors races and more. Women, African-Americans, LGBT people, Latinos, Sikhs all won historic victories.

It was an anti-Trump tsunami, and Cliff Schecter and I help you celebrate and decipher what this means for 2018 in our newest podcast, taped today to reflect last night’s victory. Just click the orange arrow below to listen:

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2 Responses to “Democratic election victory recap: What this means for 2018”

  1. That’s great to hear.

  2. Houndentenor says:

    On Saturday morning I got a knock on the door. I was expecting to be shooing away Jehovah’s Witnesses but instead it was the guy running for Congress to unseat our Teavangelical asshole Congressman. A year out. Door to door. That is how it’s done. He has an uphill battle in our gerrymandered district but maybe he can drive turnout for city and county races. The blueprint from Tuesday’s election is the one for 2018. Local organization and voter turnout. Republicans figured this out 40 years ago. It’s time Democrats figured this out (and listening to Perez talk this week, it seems they finally have.) Ads do not win elections. Who sees them anyway? It has to be local. This wave on Tuesday came from the bottom up, as all real political movements do.

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