5th Ohio State student says GOP Rep Jim Jordan knew of sexual abuse; did nothing

The future in politics of a top House Republican grew more precarious today as a fourth Ohio State former-wrestler went public with charges that GOP Rep. Jim Jordan was explicitly told, when he worked as an assistant coach at Ohio State University, that then- team doctor Richard Strauss was sexually abusing boys on the wrestling team, and did nothing about it.

NBC News broke the original story, and also broke the news of the charges from the newest victim against Jordan. As the doctor was on staff for nearly twenty years, one of the victims says he could have abused as many as 2,000 Ohio State students.

UPDATE: A fifth student has now come forward to accuse Jordan of knowing, and doing nothing, about the abuse.

Jordan, a cofounder of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, known for staunch “family values” and anti-gay views, recently denied having any previous knowledge of the ongoing abuse, and went so far as to suggest that the now-men were lying, and perhaps part of a deep-state conspiracy involving the FBI and the Justice Department who, Jordan appears to now be claiming, are out to destroy his career.

But now that a fourth former student has come out publicly to accuse Jordan of enabling the serial sexual assault of young college students, some of whom may have been minors, Jordan’s denials are likely to be viewed skeptically at best. With many of the recent MeToo accusations, while the first alleged victim’s accusations were always taken with a grain of salt, once multiple victims stepped forward, it’s usually game-over as it becomes increasingly difficult to believe that there’s a conspiracy of victims — especially men — willing to lie about being sexually assaulted.

Jordan has made no secret of the fact that he has eyes on current House Speaker Paul Ryan’s speakership when Ryan leaves after this Congress. It’s difficult to image Jordan getting the speakership, let alone winning his seat again this fall against Democrat Janet Garrett, if this scandal continues to grow.

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