Trump is trying to steal the Florida election

Donald Trump is trying to steal the election in Florida. Six days after voters went to the polls, we’re still in the middle of a recount for two key races: Democrats Andrew Gillum for governor, and Bill Nelson for US Senator.

The races are close. Gillum is behind by only 0.4% points, or 33,684 votes. And incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson is only behind by 0.2% points, or 12,562 votes.

Please give to the campaigns of Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson, so both can keep fighting this recount. They still need to pay their staff and lawyers, among other expenses necessary to make sure all votes are counted.

The Republicans, as they usually do, are claiming “voter fraud,” even though they have no evidence of any fraud at all. Rick Scott is basing his claim of fraud on the fact that he keeps losing ground as the votes get counted. That’s not fraud, Rick — that’s democracy.

Donald Trump, for his part, called earlier for the entire election to be scrapped; and today Trump demanded that election officials to just stop counting votes all together, including overseas military votes that are still legally coming in by mail until November 16, and simply hand the elections to the Republicans.

Yes, on Veterans Day, two days after Trump cited “rain” as a justification for not visiting visiting our troops in France who died in World War I – yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the end of the war — Trump is calling for Florida not to count military ballots.

So, here’s where we are. Nearly one week after the election we still don’t know who is going to win in Florida, Georgia, Arizona and lots of other places. But the good news is that Democrats are winning most of the yet-to-be-decided races — increasingly our House majority, and holding down any net GOP gains in the Senate — and that’s why Trump and the Republicans are quite-visibly frreaking out.

Now, here’s how you can help. Because these races are still undecided, the candidates still need donations to keep the recount efforts going.

Please give to Andrew Gillum; and

Please give to Bill Nelson.

Let’s make this an election Trump will never forget.

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