Jim DeMint to Iowa

Jim DeMint is headed to Iowa in March to speak at an event with batshit crazy racist Rep. Steve King. While DeMint says he isn’t running for President, he’s going to Iowa to meet with an Iowa power player.

DeMint was something of a kingmaker during the 2010 primary campaigns. DeMint embraced the Tea Party more than any other GOP incumbent senators. Tea Party candidates he supported in both primaries and general elections had a fairly mixed record. Nonetheless, DeMint’s willingness to break with the Republican establishment won him admiration from the Tea Party base.

I’d think DeMint was more of a serious candidate if his newly-formed Senate Tea Party Caucus had more than two other members. But GOP freshman seem to have hewn closer to Minority Leader McConnell than DeMint, reducing whatever power base DeMint had accrued in the 2010 campaign from being realized in the 112th Congress. A DeMint entrance into the presidential race would also split off potential support from people like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Sharron Angle, and, um, Herman Cain.

Matt Browner-Hamlin is a blogger & political strategist based in Washington, DC. He has written about US politics since 2004. He's worked on presidential and Senate campaigns, in the labor movement and the Tibetan independence movement. He is the founder of OccupyOurHomes.org and currently spends much of his time fighting Wall Street banks. Matt on Google+, and his .

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