Gingrich’s adultery called out to his face

A college student at the University of Pennsylvania asked Newt Gingrich a very pointed question about his adulterous past. Gingrich, who led the charge to impeach Bill Clinton in the late 1990s over an affair, admitted four years ago that he, too, was having an affair during impeachment proceedings.

It was in this context that Isabel Friedman, described by Politico as a “party activist,” questioned Gingrich’s moral standing to be the leader of the free world.

“You adamantly oppose gay rights… but you’ve also been married three times and admitted to having an affair with your current wife while you were still married to your second,” Isabel Friedman, president of the Penn Democrats, asked Gingrich after a speech at the University of Pennsylvania, according to Politico. “As a successful politician who’s considering running for president, who would set the bar for moral conduct and be the voice of the American people, how do you reconcile this hypocritical interpretation of the religious values that you so vigorously defend?”

Gingrich responded in his usual repugnant ‘charm.’

“I’ll bet almost everybody here can gather the thrust of your question,” he said. “I appreciate the delicacy and generosity in the way it was framed…. I hope you feel better about yourself. […]

“I’ve had a life which, on occasion, has had problems,” Gingrich said. “I believe in a forgiving God, and the American people will have to decide whether that their primary concern. If the primary concern of the American people is my past, my candidacy would be irrelevant. If the primary concern of the American people is the future… that’s a debate I’ll be happy to have with your candidate or any other candidate if I decide to run.”

You know whose primary concern will be Gingrich’s infidelities? The GOP base, aided in part by Gingrich’s Clinton hate in the 1990s.

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