Trump to speak at CPAC, tells close friends ‘seriously considering’ run

According to the New York Times, billionaire businessman Donald Trump is a late addition to the CPAC lineup and once again sending signals he may run for president.

Donald Trump is telling friends and advisers that he is seriously considering jumping into the Republican presidential race in 2012. To make his point, he has accepted an invitation to appear with other potential candidates at a gathering of conservative activists in Washington.

Mr. Trump is a last-minute addition to the roster of speakers at the Conservative Action Political Conference, organizers said, and is scheduled to address the 10,000 attendees on Thursday afternoon. His appearance would mark the first campaign-style event that Mr. Trump has participated in as he explores whether to begin a political career by running for president.

For years, Trump has flirted with the idea of running for president as a means to gin up publicity for himself. Although it would be quite enjoyable to see him “fire” every Republican candidate that dropped out of the race. In all likelihood, he’d take the country down the same destructive path he did with the USFL.

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