Romney launches exploratory committee, or a new line of toothpaste

Mitt Romney finally made an announcement worth paying attention to and has, so far, been derided just as much as Newt Gingrich several weeks ago.

It appears his marketing handlers sought to invoke the freshness of Obama ’08:

Instead, they got Aquafresh:

Politico also noted, via email from a Democrat, that Romney’s slogan, “Believe in America” was actually the name of John Kerry’s August 2004 bus tour.

Think Progress even posted a photo of the Kerry bus on Twitter:

Tough break, Mitt. Well, there’s always tomorrow. Oh, wait, no, tomorrow is going to suck for you, too. Happy fifth anniversary of RomneyCare, Mitt! For the occasion, I got this attack site for you. Hope you enjoy it.

Watch the announcement video:

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