Huntsman said GOP was devoid of ideas and a very narrow party of angry people

As Jon Huntsman introduces himself to New Hampshire voters this week, it is important to show Republican primary voters the Jon Huntsman they won’t be meeting.

We’re talking a cap-and-trade supporter, a believer that the stimulus package should have been larger, and was for the Affordable Care Act before he was against it.

And then there are quotes like this from 2009 that will haunt his potential candidacy in a field of flawed Republican candidates:

In dozens of interviews over the past few weeks, he has characterized Republicans as “devoid of ideas” and “gasping for air,” decrying the GOP’s “gratuitous partisanship,” comparing it to “a very narrow party of angry people,” and describing its strategy as “obstruct and obfuscate … grousing and complaining.” When I ask him who he sees as potential leaders for the party, he says with a mischievous grin, “I don’t know that we have one.”

This is the current state of the Republican Party. It behooves potential GOP leaders to walk away from their records of leadership in order to carry the mantle. What we are left with is exactly the kind of thing Huntsman accurately pointed out two years ago. Unfortunately, now he must walk away from his record and leadership if he wants to lead the GOP.

(Hat tip: Think Progress via Twitter)

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