Pawlenty’s egotistical campaign manager’s DWI arrest video hits YouTube

City Pages Minnesota requested and received video from Georgia authorities of Nick Ayers’ DWI arrest video from 2006.

Ayers, well known for his inflated ego (it has its own Twitter account), is Tim Pawlenty’s presidential campaign manager. Since announcing his run for the presidency, Pawlenty has put together quite a team of drunks he could field in a game of 3-on-3 with a half court.

City Pages notes that Ayers, trying to get leeway from the arresting officer, consistently mentions his connections with the Governor of Georgia:

As the dash-cam video of the incident shows, Ayers’ first words to Rickett are: “We’re with Governor Perdue’s campaign headquarters.”

Ayers claims he’s only had one Jack Daniels and Diet Coke, but Rickett’s report states he smelled strongly of alcohol.

Ayers’ association with the governor apparently doesn’t impress the trooper, who puts him through a field sobriety test, which he fails. […]

On the way to being booked at the Atlanta Jail, Ayers does his best to sweet-talk the officer. […]

Ayers then tries to steer the conversation towards politics, but Rickett won’t bite.

Eventually he asks Ayers, “What is it exactly that you do now?”

“I’m the Governor’s campaign manager,” Ayers answers. “The buggy part of this, Officer Rickett, is if I were just an average guy, I would have no problem complying with everything you’ve asked for. But so many times these days you just see so much about guys getting set up, and you just don’t know what’s going on.” […]

Rickett replies he won’t treat Ayers differently than any other DWI arrest.

What you are about to see as described by a Wikipedia wordsmith:

On October 25, 2006, just days before the election, Trooper First Class J.W. Rickett of the Georgia State Patrol observed Ayers’ Chevy Tahoe weaving and going 50 in a 35-mph zone. Rickett followed the truck, which turned into a parking lot, sped up and nearly hit another vehicle in an apparent effort to hide. Ayers’ first words to Rickett are: “We’re with Governor Perdue’s campaign headquarters.” He failed the sobriety test, refused a breath test and the police report stated that Ayers was weeping when he was arrested.


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Ironically, Pawlenty signed a DWI ignition lock bill while Governor of Minnesota. It is unclear how that would go over with Nick Ayers, his criminal record, or his ego.

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