Romney brags about Massachusetts passing Louisiana in job creation… after Katrina

In a speech in South Carolina Jon Huntsman attacked Mitt Romney’s record of job creation while he was Governor of Massachusetts.

“When you look at the absolute increases in job creation, Utah led the way in the United States in terms of job creation,” he said. “That, compared and contrasted with certain other states like Massachusetts, which I will just pull out randomly, not first, but 47th.”

The Romney campaign responded saying that even though Massachusetts under Romney ranked 47th (out of 50th) in job creation that Romney’s tenure had marked a ‘turnaround’ for Massachusetts.

“Mitt Romney created nearly 50,000 jobs as governor of Massachusetts and led his state to one of the most dramatic job market turnarounds in the country,”

I was wondering how Romney could try to take credit for turning around a horrid economy even though Massachusetts still ranked 47th in job creation. Apparently in the time Romney was Governor Massachusetts was able to leap frog over Louisiana.

Yes, Mitt Romney is bragging that under his leadership he was able to pass one state, Louisiana, after hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Apparently, Mitt Romney can also run faster than a track star who is confined to a hospital bed.

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