WOW: Pawlenty thinks the science is in dispute over whether someone is born gay

I think it’s safe to assume that when Tim Pawlenty says that he likes Lady Gaga’s song, “born this way,” he’s only talking about the beat to the song.

On Meet The Press this morning David Gregogry asked Pawlenty whether he answered that the science was ‘in dispute’ over whether someone is born gay or not. As ThinkProgress makes fairly clear the science is not in dispute at all.

GREGORY: Is being gay a choice?
PAWLENTY: Well, the science in that regard is in dispute. I mean, scientists work on that and try to figure out if it’s behavioral or if it’s partly genetic –
GREGORY: What do you think?
PAWLENTY: Well, I defer to the scientists in that regard.
GREGORY: So you think it’s not a choice? That you are, as Lady Gaga says, you’re born that way.
PAWLENTY: There’s no scientific conclusion that it’s genetic. We don’t know that.

(H/T Thinkprogress)

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