Bachmann pauses campaign to return to DC and do her job

Ever since John McCain froze his campaign in September of 2008 to come back to DC and prove that the wheels had totally fallen off the McCain-Palin pink Cadillac, there’s been a half-joking theme about candidates stopping their campaigns to return to DC to confront the big issue of the moment and be Serious. Many of us have anxiously waited for one of the Republican contenders to do just this, but instead most have been silent on the debt ceiling. But now we have to wait no more, for a full day after the crisis seemed to reach resolution, Michele Bachmann has announced she will pause her campaign, return to DC, and…take a vote the description of her current job requires her to take. Yes, it’s somewhat of note that she’ll be voting against the deal, signifying the sort of staunch opposition John Boehner has within his caucus to a deal that is nothing but spending cuts without a single penny of tax increases to go along with it.

In a sense I don’t really get how this is news. It’d be news if Bachmann chose to skip the vote on this deal. But coming back to do her job? I don’t really care.

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