DNC and Huntsman have fun with Romney meeting with Trump

Mitt Romney is having a high level meeting today with Donald Trump presumably looking for Donald Trumps endorsement in the race for the Republican nomination. If Romney has Perry on the ropes he’s going to need Trump to vouch for his bonafides with the tea party. I’m not actually sure that’s it but then again I can’t really figure out why Romney would go out of his way to meet Donald Trump.

But Democrats and Republicans aren’t letting the meeting go off seamlessly. This morning the DNC produced a web video hitting Romney and Trump.

John Huntsman spokesperson Tim Miller has been having a lot of fun about the meeting on twitter.

meanwhile.. Romney campaign lies to the press about which entrance he would use for his sit down with Trump.

Romney aide mislead press for hour about what entrance Romney coming in. Romney visited Trump and left while press outside wrong entrance.

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