Latest polling shows Cain ahead of Romney

Via Jed Lewison, the latest CBS/NYT poll shows Herman Cain and Mitt Romney still at the top of the Republican field.

CBS/NYT. 10/19-24. Republican primary voters. ±5%.

Cain: 25
Romney: 21
Gingrich: 10
Paul: 8
Perry: 6
Bachmann: <2
Huntsman: <2
Santorum: <2

As we’ve seen recently, there is a Gingrich boomlet happening underneath the Cain boomlet. It’s not really been talked about much, but Gingrich has passed Perry in national polling with some regularity. What’s particularly remarkable is that Perry seems to be taking on the same sort of role as we saw with Tim Pawlenty and Jon Huntsman: treated by the press as the main rival to Romney, but not having the polling standing to back that up. In contrast with the other two, Perry actually has a lot of money, so I won’t go so far as to say he has no standing to be considered a viable opponent to Romney. At the same time, he was greeted by a boomlet of support that quickly dissipated after a series of awful debate performances and unpopular policy positions.

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