ABC Affiliate WMUR should listen to ABC News’ Jake Tapper and pull Romney’s dishonest ad

Mitt Romney’s dishonest ad has been getting a lot of attention in the last 24 hours and for the campaign that’s supposed to be competent, none of the coverage has been positive for Mitt Romney. Esquire calls the ad “dishonest”, Ryan Lizza asks why reporters aren’t willing to call the Romney a liar, Lynn Sweet says that Romney “misleads” with a badly edited cut of Obama’s remarks and PolitiFact says the Romney ad is a pants on fire lie. The most important piece of commentary comes from ABC news’ senior White House correspondent Jake Tapper who tweets:

So here’s the question. The ads are being played on WMUR, an ABC affiliate in New Hampshire. Jake Tapper is the senior White House correspondent for ABC news and he says that the ad is not only misleading, it’s misleading to the point that tv stations can refuse to air the ad. Will ABC’s WMUR listen to ABC’s White House correspondent and pull the ad?

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