Obama now ahead with Catholics and seniors

First HuffPo on Catholic voters:

President Obama’s support among Catholic voters has surged since June, according to a new poll, despite a summer that included the Catholic bishops’ religious freedom campaign and the naming of Rep. Paul Ryan, a Catholic, as the GOP’s vice-presidential candidate.

On June 17, Obama held a slight edge over Mitt Romney among Catholics (49-47 percent), according to the Pew Research Center. Since then, Obama has surged ahead, and now leads 54-39 percent, according to a Pew poll conducted on Sept. 16.

Among all registered voters, Obama leads Romney 51-42 percent, according to Pew.

Then CBS notes that among seniors, a month ago Obama was behind Romney by 13 points. Today Obama is up by 4. Wow. That’s a swing of 17 points in one month, CBS notes.

More from CBS:

Barack Obama lost the senior vote to John McCain in Florida by eight points in 2008. So for the president to be doing well in the traditional Republican voting block is a danger sign for Romney.

The president is also doing better with blue collar white voters in Ohio and is doing better on the economy.

It’s why Mitt Romney is having to play defense with his own voting group. The time he has to spend time shoring them up is time he’s not spending getting swing voters.

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