Did Romney sneak notes into the debate? (video)

UPDATE: Additional video shows Romney, after the debate is over, after the families have come on stage, suddenly going to back the podium, picking up some papers, folding them up and leaving.  Obama, on the other hand, just leaves the stage.  What were those papers?

Romney breaks from speaking with Obama and starts walking back to podium.

Romney picks up papers from podium.

Romney picks up papers, folds them, rejoins family.

Here’s the video – note beginning at around 5:25 into the video:


AnnetteK at DailyKos makes an interesting observation. Right when Mitt Romney first walks to the podium during the presidential debate, he sneaks something out of his pocket and puts it on the desk. Notes? A hanky? Sure seems slight-of-handish for a hanky. And note the grin Romney gets on his face as his hand goes into his pocket – you’ll see on the video that the grin starts just as his hand goes in.

Also, note when you watch the video, below, that after he puts the thing from his pocket on the podium, he appears to unfold it. Why would he unfold a handkerchief and put it over his note pad that they gave him?

There’s a new video showing a close-up. Sure looks like notes to me:

Here are some screen grabs I just took of Romney walking up to the podium.

Now let’s talk a closer look at image 5:

Check out the video for yourself. Watch Romney’s left hand (and his smirk) about 11 seconds in.


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