Obama was right about Katrina

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Conservative thinker David Frum argues that President Obama – in the not-exactly-a-bombshell video that Sean Hannity released last night, showing the President speaking about how the federal government let down the black community in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina – was right.

In an article titled “Obama’s Right: We Failed Black New Orleans After Katrina,” Frum writes:

Candidate Barack Obama was quite right about what the reconstruction of New Orleans did to the city’s former black population.

In the span of a year, New Orleans’ former black majority dropped by 20 percentage points, while the “other” population doubled.

Is it really so outrageous that a black presidential candidate would want to talk about the displacement of black Americans in this way? Maybe a better question is: why isn’t the condition of black America an important topic for all presidential candidates of all backgrounds and all races?

And let me add: Do conservatives really want to have the discussion about whether George Bush handled Hurricane Katrina correctly? Really? Putting aside the fact that no one thinks Bush did a good job, so it’s a losing argument, is that the best argument Mitt Romney has for becoming president, that Barack Obama thinks x, y, or z about Hurricane Katrina, something that happened seven years ago?

Romney, and the Republicans, are grasping at straws.  This is yet another sign of the increasing desperation on the right as November 6 approaches and Team Romney looks for any “opportunity” they can to save a failed campaign.

PS If you’re wondering what time the presidential debate is tonight between President Obama and Mitt Romney, it’s at 9pm Eastern time on probably every main channel.

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