UK Labour Party leader mocks Romney

From Politico:

A reader flags this video, via the BBC, showing Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband mocking Romney at an event last week for having addressed him as “Mr. Leader” during Romney’s visit to London.

“Doing this job, you get called some names. Some of them nice, some of them not so nice. Let me tell you my favorite – it was when Mitt Romney came to Britain and called me ‘Mr. Leader,’” Miliband said. “I don’t know about you, but I think it has a certain ring to it myself. It’s sort of halfway to North Korea. Mitt – thanks a lot for that.”

After the UK video, the Obama campaign’s new ad highlighting GOP criticism of Romney’s albeit meager foreign policy experience.

And here’s the Obama campaign video:

Since Romney is highlighting “foreign policy” today, keep in mind just how badly Romney did on his first official visit abroad as the GOP nominee. He so botched his trip to the UK that even the conservative mayor of London mocked him.

And he was roundly criticized – eviscerated, really – but the British press.

To date, Mitt Romney’s foreign policy ventures have been nothing short of disastrous.  That’s because Romney sees foreign policy crises as mere political “opportunities.”  Whether it’s the Iran hostage crisis, or the assassination of a US ambassador, if you see tragedy, Mitt smells opportunity.

How’d those “opportunities” work out for you, Mitt?

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