Sam Arora claims didn’t do 180 on gay marriage

Sam Arora really is a slimy bastard

Sam Arora is a man who’s clearly hiding something.  The question is what?  What is so terrible that Sam Arora can’t tell his constituents why he changed his position on marriage equality, 180 degrees, over a three-day period? Why did Sam Arora lie to some of his closest political friends? Just what is Sam Arora hiding in his political closet?

This issue isn’t going away.

Sam Arora famously ran for the Maryland House of Delegates the first time (the only time) as a progressive former Hillary staffer who was adamantly pro- gay marriage.  Sam Arora even called a gay friend of mine, who is also his constituent, to gush to her about how he had cosponsored the gay marriage legislation and how they were going to win this.  Then, mysteriously, he changed his mind.

Sam Arora is hiding something

Whie politicians are permitted to change their mind, they’re not permitted to change it on one of their core campaign promises while being unable to articulate a simple explanation as to why.  It’s down right creepy when a politician suddenly, mysteriously, swings 180 degrees on a core issue, and can’t, won’t, refuses to explain what happened.

Sam Arora

Sam Arora

It’s really not that hard a question to answer: What happened, why did you change your mind?

And when a politician refuses to answer that question, when a politician suggests, as Sam Arora did the other day in the video below, that the question is false – that he didn’t really change his mind, that only his political opponents think he shafted the gay community by betraying his promise to them – then it raises the question of what is going on behind the scenes, what influenced Sam Arora on a core campaign promise, and why is he so loathe to talk about what really happened?

Was he blackmailed?  Outed?  Did his mother threaten him?  His pastor?  Did someone pay him off?  Threaten a family member?  Those are the usual questions I’d ask of a politician if they suddenly clammed up on a core belief and refused to explain why they changed their mind – I’d be concerned that something sinister, untoward, creepy happened behind the scenes.

Sam Arora is a liar

And Sam Arora’s interview last week, below, in which he incredibly suggests that people are playing politics when they claim that he completely repudiated his former position in favor of gay marriage, only makes this entire issue all the more creepy.  Sam Arora’s constituents were, are, furious with him. And if he doesn’t get that, then he truly doesn’t deserve to be in office.

Sam Arora is up for re-election in a few years.  He betrayed his constituents.  Spat in the face of the governor, and of Hillary and Bill (Bill Clinton and Gov. O’Malley both reportedly called Sam Arora, seeking his support – he refused).  Progressive Democrats put this political child in office.  He then betrayed us.  Progressive Democrats are going to take Sam Arora out of office when he’s next up for re-election at the end of 2014.  And any Democrat, or Democratic organization or ally, who supports Sam Arora, is going to have to explain why they are helping elect an anti-gay bigot to office.


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47 Responses to “Sam Arora claims didn’t do 180 on gay marriage”

  1. freedom_72 says:

    Wow. What a slimy, lying bastard. Vote this creep out as soon as possible!

  2. Butch1 says:

    He is trying to tap dance his way out of his obvious lie. The people know what he did and he’s lying now to save his arse. It won’t work.

  3. James Stone says:

    That was the most bizarre explanation I have ever heard…. Vote the creep out Marylanders! He needs to send his resume to WalMart!

  4. fredndallas says:

    It serves great purpose for John to be continually highlighting this betrayal. There is a strong need for a national organized effort and clearing house to bring high visibility to every politician who plays this deplorable game. Lots of us would support that, I’m sure.

  5. EdA says:

    Yes, -I- understand Arora’s “answer” — “for reasons that I can’t explain, I stabbed my supporters in the back, but they got what they wanted despite me, so who cares?”
    -I- cares, and I won’t forget. I hope that he’s gotten paid off well since his political career is over.
    Ed from Silver Spring.

  6. JamesR says:

    He is the new girlfriend at church.

    Church answered his Craigslist ad.

  7. JamesR says:

    A Craigslist stance I’ll wager.

  8. JamesR says:

    Sam Arora is a LIAR. He OPENLY BETRAYED HIS CONSTITUENTS – running on an inclusive platform, in a socially progressive district, and won. He sponsored the same sex marriage bill he then was a deciding vote against, after a sudden and secretive change of heart.

    He did this in such a weird way it begs the question whether the people in the DNC who sponsored him and are responsible for his rise and his run (and in no small part his win) – whether these people ever noticed something off about him? Because there certainly is, above and beyond the closeted gay amoral and greedy part. He has ZERO social skills, and ZERO public relation skills or even awareness.

    I lived in the district next to his, I know the area and it’s demographic, even as it’s changing and getting better / more socially progressive. He was elected as a civilized member of the community and then he turned into WTF? Seriously – I don’t know what! But I don’t care. Lying betraying SCUM is enough. He is TOAST. As soon as his ONE tern ends. Do not pass Go and do not get $200, the money you got from NOM will have to do.

    His Facebook presence is surreal – after his betrayal it filled with real people who really lived in his district and in Maryland asking him what happened and why. It was met with a barrage of NOM sockpuppets who didn’t even bother to fake-live even on the East Coast.

    Then one by one, after weeks (Arora never ONCE making a post) we were all banned and scrubbed. Only joint on the ‘Net I’ve ever been tossed out of but I had such great company it was simply a relief form seeing the open sore that is his site and is political life and no-doubt his personal one as well, and now I have some new Facebook friends LOL.

    Please don’t let the door hit you on the ass Arora, we like the door.

  9. karmanot says:

    Thank you Zorba, the AWDL agrees. However Hyenas are fair game.

  10. karmanot says:

    Somebody’s got a secret. A narrow stance perhaps?

  11. Corey says:

    dinos should be tossed from the party along with blue-dog dem scum. the repubs toss their rinos and get things done. i decided to stop voting cause there are too many willing dems to accept dino/blue balls scum.

  12. Corey says:

    dinos should be tossed fro the party along with blue dem scum. the repubs toss their rinos and get things done. i decided to stop voting cause there are too many willing dems to accept dino/blue balls scum.

  13. karmanot says:

    Yep, make that two-Facebook.

  14. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Thanks for the explanation. One question if you’re still around: Do people in the districts only get one vote or do they get two? I could see how he could more easily slither through if people only get one vote in a multi-member race. (Is there some advantage that system is supposed to provide over a single-member district?)

  15. Skeptical Cicada says:

    While that does sound like his political career, I don’t really get how he thought betraying everyone from the Clintons on down would advance his career.

  16. Skeptical Cicada says:

    That’s really even more damning, isn’t it? No ominous pressure to betray friends, supporters, donors, and former colleagues. He was a just a stunningly self-absorbed, p-whipped little boy.

  17. karmanot says:

    Sounds like Rick Scott.

  18. FunMe says:

    That’s good to know that Democrat (a good one I hope) can replace him. it’s time for Arora to see that there’s a price to pay for LYING.

  19. FunMe says:

    I just watched the video. I have only one word:


  20. Mike says:

    It is a multi-member district and if he is knocked out, it would be by a Dem, not a Republican. Basically, a lot of people run and the top 2 vote-getters win. This arrangement probably makes it easier for Arora to slide through, since we need not one but 2 strong opponents who can take the top 2 slots. Also, there is the possibility that conservative Dems and Repubs could rally around Arora, while the progressive vote is split among a number of candidates. I don’t think this will happen, but it could. I think Aravosis should temper the chest-beating a bit, since it is no guaranty that Arora will be ousted.

  21. Mike says:

    My speculation as to why he might have changed: possibly his new girlfriend at the time. He met her at church, fell in love and married her shortly thereafter. If she made it an issue, I could see him putting love above his political commitments. It would be similar to the dynamic we saw with former Sen. Carl Krueger of NY, except that in that case, personal pressure led him to change his position to one that favored marriage equality.

    Regardless of the reason, this remains one of the most bizarre political stories of recent times. He was a co-sponsor, never once expressed any reservations or second thoughts, and then one day in February 2011 suddenly becomes an opponent of the very bill that he had championed the day before. Then, rather than explain his sudden realization that there was “another way to go” on this issue, he goes on radio silence, ignores thousands of constituent emails and calls and deletes his tweets supporting the bill. Absolutely bizarre. If he thinks he can just wave this issue away, he is mistaken.

  22. bkmn says:

    Closeted behavior makes you a security risk.

    Sorry Sam, time to come clean. Once you put yourself out there, they can’t hold it against you.

    Just saying.

  23. RS says:

    I remember going to law school with this douche… he was mud slinging even when he ran for student gov. A prime example of naked ambition untempered by any morals or values if I ever saw one…

  24. BeccaM says:

    Step 1: Arora needs a strong Dem primary challenger. The oppositional slogan is simple, “Sam Arora lied about his support for marriage equality. What else is he lying about?”

  25. Thom Allen says:

    Dammit, he’s a lower life form than us viruses. We don’t change our stripes. We don’t get bought out. We don’t get outed. No one pressures us.

    He’s more like a filthy right-wing prion.


  26. rod says:

    This guy needs to be thrown out of office for sure. He will say and do anything to keep himself in office! Pressure from us will assure that a primary opponent will prevail.

  27. Skeptical Cicada says:

    They have some kind of strange multi-member districts, so I think it’s possible for a Democrat to knock him out of that seat. Someone who understands the Maryland system should explain it, though.

  28. Skeptical Cicada says:

    He was outrageously evasive and shady in that interview. He wanted “marriage” deleted from the bill and replaced with “civil unions.” That’s why he keeps blathering about giving everybody the “same rights.” But he wanted it done by the discriminatory separate-but-equal approach. He’s trying hard to make it sound like he’s pleased with the marriage equality law and vote, when the truth is that the lying little bastard made very public statements against marriage equality. He’s a vile little freak.

  29. John, you have a real way with going over the top on things…and in this case, you’re UNDERselling what a scumbag he is lol. I applaud you and hope you will continue reminding people. None of your hypotheticals is a stretch.

  30. Jeff says:

    What was the supposed “amendment” to the law he tried to get included in the law that was rejected? I cant find anything about that online.

  31. FunMe says:

    Who is running against him next year? I guess if a republicon has to take a seat, it’s better than someone who betrays voters. And LIES.

    PS: He’s cute. Maybe he is gay. Closeted of course. ;-)

  32. Rev. M. Vernon Hunt says:

    He’s currently shut down commenting and posting on his Facebook page. Last comment I saw was from January 7. What a duplicitous coward.

  33. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Stay on that lying little bastard.

  34. Zorba says:

    Hee, hee! Exactly so, my brother, or sister, as the case may be, exactly so.

  35. S1AMER says:

    You’re right — my apologies to weasels everywhere. Henceforth, I’ll compare him to C. difficile, or a norovirus, or something more suitable.

  36. cole3244 says:

    sorry sam, lets go to the video, voila.

  37. dcinsider says:

    Good work John. This message needs to be posted at least once a month between now and election day 2014 so that what he did is not forgotten.

  38. John Masters says:

    He seems to think that since marriage eventually passed anyways, there’s no reason for him to discuss the matter further. It was, after all, what he really wanted anyway…yada yada yada.

  39. Zorba says:

    S1AMER, that’s totally disrespecting weasels- poor weasels, what have they ever done to you?
    Arora is much worse.

  40. Chris says:

    Thank you for keeping attention on this issue – – we cannot forget this when his time comes up for reelection.

  41. Krusher says:

    He looks like a snake oil salesman. I can’t understand why people would vote for somebody who’s that overtly creepy.

  42. nicho says:

    The guy has proven himself a liar. Why would anyone pay any attention to anything he says?

  43. S1AMER says:

    What an obnoxious little weasel. I trust there’s a serious effort to unseat him in the next election?

  44. Phil Perspective says:

    And how popular is Arora’s position in Maryland now? As popular as the GOP and herpes!! It does indeed smell, like a week old fish.

  45. Sweetie says:

    Sam Arora claims he’s a telepathic kitten from Mars. This just in.

  46. Zorba says:

    Yes, John, I have had the same questions and suspicions about Sam as you do.

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