Jimmy Kimmel asks pedestrians “Who is Joe Biden?”

Joe Biden was visiting LA, so Jimmy Kimmel decided to ask people passing by on the street if they knew who Joe Biden was.

Most failed. But this guy got closest with “assistant president,” which wasn’t technically wrong. And was far better than the guy who thought Biden was “a terrorist.”


Trust me, compared to the others, this guy was a rock star.

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12 Responses to “Jimmy Kimmel asks pedestrians “Who is Joe Biden?””

  1. petewestcentral says:

    I like your optimism, but they even asked Spiderman.

  2. Ty Morgan says:

    No wonder this country is so fucked up.

  3. Ty Morgan says:

    Excellent observation!

  4. HeartlandLiberal says:

    There is no shame in missing only two, when half the population misses six or more. Missing two puts you in the top 8% or so. I missed one, the question on what program is most money spent. Answer social security. For one thing, defense was not listed. For another, social security is basically an insurance / savings fund I have paid into all my life. I do not believe it should be classified as just another “spending” program. Aside from which, the legislation creating social security specifically declares it is to be considered off budget, and not part of any calculation of debt. The only reason there is any pressure on the fund is because Congress has been stealing from it for decades to avoid maintaining rational taxation levels, and lying about it to the American people.

    In other words, I don’t consider my one wrong answer wrong, I consider that question to be a travesty of misrepresentation.

  5. zerosumgame0005 says:

    and the video of the majority who answered correctly? oops, ended up on the cutting room floor accidentally on purpose

  6. Phylter says:

    I’m ashamed, I got 2 wrong.

  7. Demosthenes says:

    Excellent! This is why we can’t have good things.

  8. HeartlandLiberal says:

    Here is a 12 question Pew Research quiz on current affairs and personalities you can take, and compare your answers to your compatriots. The depth of ignorance of your fellow citizens will probably not astound you, but it remains a tragedy.


  9. goulo says:

    What’s really sad to me are the ones who don’t know but blusteringly ACT like they know, instead of just saying “I don’t know”.

  10. Nightstalker says:

    Yeah…show up with a camera crew and shove a microphone in someone’s face, you can expect these results. Benghazi!

  11. The_Fixer says:

    I weep for our country.

  12. Naja pallida says:

    H.L. Mencken said it best, as he is so often paraphrased: Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public. Though, those ‘man on the street’ segments are always heavily edited. It just wouldn’t be funny showing the other fifty people they talked to who knew exactly who Joe Biden was. If you ask enough people, on pretty much any topic, you’re bound to come up with a nice selection of people who look like idiots with their responses.

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