An round-up of the best election coverage

I figured a walk through the most interesting articles about last night’s GOP victory in the Senate might prove interesting.

ABC walks us through the key races that are still too close to call, including the Alaska and Virginia US Senate races.

My personal favorite is on the undecided list as well: Creepy Carl DeMaio’s race in San Diego against incumbent Democrat Scott Peters. DeMaio, you’ll recall, is facing four accusations of having publicly masturbated at work, with two of the charges coming from his former staffers, both of whom are Republican and one who is straight. In a perverse way, I almost hope DeMaio wins, as his alleged antics are going to provide ongoing fodder, especially is more alleged victims pop up.

Watch the hands, Carl.

Watch the hands, Carl.

The Dish welcomes us to the Cruz Congress.

ThinkProgress finds that Democratic Senate candidates received 10 million more votes than their Republican opponents.

The Hill reports that while Democratic candidates lost yesterday, exit polls show that Democratic issues like minimum wage, abortion and immigration won.

Chris Johnson takes a look at what the GOP takeover of the Senate means for gay rights.

And Chris’ editor, Kevin Naff, does the same.

The NYT weighs in on the role of election spending by outside GOP groups.

Marijuana legalization passed in DC and Oregon. Here’s a map of the DC results:


And whatever you do, don’t make any jokes about being forgetful — it makes the pot people really

Berkeley, CA has passed the nation’s first soda pop tax, to counter obesity.

Grist reports that the GOP Senate is already gearing up to undermine any positive movement on climate change.

If you thought Landrieu, chair of the Senate Energy and Commerce Committee, was too pro–fossil fuel, just wait until Republican Lisa Murkowski of Alaska takes the gavel. Leading climate denier James Inhofe of Oklahoma will be taking over the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, and fellow denier Ted Cruz (R-Texas) will be chairing the Committee on Science and Technology.

More on the upcoming disaster for the environment, from the New Republic.

Politico has a long tome on how the Democrats lost the Senate.

And finally, a really excellent piece from the Washington Post on how the Dems lost, and how the Republicans won. It’s long and good. (Which should please Carl DeMaio.)

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