GOP impeachment talk may just hand Hillary the presidency

Hillary Clinton is probably on two knees thanking baby Jesus at this point. Because if the Republicans win a majority in the US Senate tonight, they may just hand the presidency to Hillary.

Thinkg about it. Ted Cruz, the author of the recent disastrous government shutdown, was enough of a problem when he was in the minority in the Senate. But imagine the damage Cruz can do if he’s in the majority.

And it’s not just Ted Cruz. John McCain will take over the Senate Armed Services Committee. Even better, climate change denier Jim Inhofe will take over the Senate Environment Committee.

Then there’s these guys. The Family Research Council, an officially-designated “hate group,” that pretty much controls the upper reaches of the Republican party. They’re demanding a GOP Congress impeach President Obama:



It’s not “good” losing the Senate. The Republicans will attempt a lot of bad things, and they may even succeed on some of them. They will most certainly muck even further with President Obama’s judicial appointees. But there is a silver lining in that a GOP Congress might just hand Hillary (or whichever Democrat runs in 2016), the White House.

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