Not so lame after all

Jonathan Cohn observes over at the New Republic that President Obama, for a “lame duck” after the disastrous midterm elections, sure isn’t acting very lame.

Cohn points to the fact that Ebola is now a big yawn, after GOP critics said Obama was under-acting to the “crisis” that failed to turn into an actual crisis.

And he points to the reportedly rather-big deal the President inked with the Chinese this week on climate change.

And I’d point to one more thing: immigration.

Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner, 2014

Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner, 2014

The Obama administration let slip yesterday that the President is ready to take executive action on the immigration issue that would shield possibly 5 million undocumented (aka here illegally) immigrants from deportation, and it would provide many of them with work permits.

Now, the President hasn’t done anything yet. And you can be sure the Republicans won’t be pleased. But it’s still a rather gutsy move, considering the Republicans basically threatened to impeach the President last week if he did anything administrative on immigration.

And it’s a rather smart move politically as well. Not only does the President, and the party, get credit with Latinos for attempting to move forward on immigration reform, but at the same time he puts Republicans in an impossible position. The GOP base is apoplectic about the potential of any reform. Yet, saner party leaders know that Republicans are in danger of losing Latinos forever (other than Cubans, Latinos tend to vote Democratic). So the President effectively puts Republicans in a box — dog-fight style — two years before a presidential.

And that, my friends, might just help a Democrat win the White House yet again.

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