Mike Huckabee is having his most Mike Huckabee trip to Israel yet

Of all of the Republican evangelical candidates trying to out-Jesus each other on their apocalyptic Jewish question, Mike Huckabee is Jesusing the most. This is to be expected, of course, as he has visited the country dozens of times and spoken with quite a bit of authority about how Obama is so much like Chamberlain and Hitler that he may as well be building a second Auschwitz just so he stand in front of it while he surrenders to the Marxist-Islamo-fascist ayatollah.

But the trip to Israel that Huckabee is currently on may be the most Huckabee trip to Israel yet.

For starters, there’s this deep-fried bag of Manifest Christianity:

And then there’s the fact that Huckabee used the trip to become the first presidential candidate in American history to hold a fundraiser in an illegal West Bank settlement. Yesterday, Huckabee visited the home of wealthy Americans living in the settlement neighborhood of Shilo, presumably assuring them that, while he thinks they’re all going to Hell, he’s willing to take their money and ensure that they can spend the intervening years before their descent on someone else’s land.

For Huckabee, this wasn’t a problem at all because, as far as he’s concerned, the West Bank is as much a part of Israel as Manhattan is part of New York. From The Guardian:

Mike Huckabee, via Wikimedia Commons

Mike Huckabee, via Wikimedia Commons

Rejecting the use of the words “West Bank”, Huckabee said it should be called “Judea and Samaria”, adding: “I don’t see it as occupied, that makes it appear as if someone is illegally taking land. I don’t see it that way.”

He went on: “In America, we have about a 400-year relationship to Manhattan. It would be as if I came and said we need to end our occupation of Manhattan. I’m pretty sure most Americans would find that laughable.”

This is as correct as as saying that the 14th Amendment is unconstitutional. It’s one thing hold the (morally objectionable) religious belief that the entire area of what was formerly known as Judea and Samaria should be part of Israel, it’s another thing entirely to say that it is. In effect, Huckabee has looked at settled international law and said, “nah.” As he continued:

I would love to see a true peace in the world, but the question is does Israel have a right to build bedrooms for the expanding number of people who are coming here, who are making aliyah [emigrating to Israel], to make sure their people have a secure land they can defend? I don’t know why anyone on this earth would think that they should surrender that right.

“Bedrooms” sure is an odd way to say “illegal settlements.” Especially when they don’t have a legal right to the land in the first place. And even more especially when those settlements are used as bases from which to set the bedrooms of Palestinians on fire, while the Israeli government more or less looks the other way.

Huckabee, who for being a self-professed expert on Israel is awfully confused as to what people mean when they say “two-state solution,” flubbed a few more basic facts about world affairs during yesterday’s press conference, including calling Russia the “Soviet Union” and implying that Jordan –which signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1994 — was one of the country’s enemies.


Huckabee is more than far out of the American mainstream in rejecting the idea of a two state solution; he’s to the right of much of Israel’s right wing in insisting that a one-state solution has already been reached, and that Palestinians don’t actually exist. Which makes it all the more shameful that he has the ear of Israel’s prime minister, who he also met with yesterday.


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