Donald Trump owns as many guns as he has favorite Bible verses

Donald Trump had a rough interview with Hugh Hewitt yesterday, channeling his innermost Sarah Palin to claim that not only did he not need to have answers to Hewitt’s questions, but that Hewitt was a jerk for asking them.

For instance, while we already know  that Trump has a secret plan to fight the Islamic State, did you know that he is actually better at foreign policy for intentionally not thinking about the implications of Chinese military aggression?

HH: Okay, looking to Asia, if China were to either accidentally or intentionally sink a Filipino or Japanese ship, what would Commander-In-Chief Donald Trump do in response?

DT: I wouldn’t want to tell you, because frankly, they have to, you know, somebody wrote a very good story about me recently, and they said there’s a certain unpredictable, and it was actually another businessman, said there’s a certain unpredictability about Trump that’s great, and it’s what made him a lot of money and a lot of success. You don’t want to put, and you don’t want to let people know what you’re going to do with respect to certain things that happen. You don’t want the other side to know. I don’t want to give you an answer to that. If I win, and I’m leading in every single poll, if I win, I don’t want people to know exactly what I’m going to be doing.

And did you know that bothering to ask about the differences between Hamas and Hezbollah is a “gotcha” question, something Trump doesn’t need to know until after he takes office?

HH: all right, last question, I want to go back to the beginning, because I really do disagree with you on the gotcha question thing, Donald Trump. At the debate, I may bring up Nasrallah being with Hezbollah, and al-Julani being with al-Nusra, and al-Masri being with Hamas. Do you think if I ask people to talk about those three things, and the differences, that that’s a gotcha question?

DT: Yes, I do. I totally do. I think it’s ridiculous.

Of course, we weren’t expecting much from Trump on foreign policy that went beyond “I will be so good at the military, your head will spin” (an actual quote from Trump in the interview).

But one would think that Trump would have some straighter answers about basic questions about his vast collection of personal possessions, right?


Donald Trump, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Donald Trump, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

HH: Very good. Now some political questions. Do you own a gun?

DT: I do.

HH: What kind?

DT: I’d rather not say.

HH: Okay.

DT: I have a license to carry. I have a license, you know, I have a concealed license, I have a license to carry concealed.

HH: Didn’t know that. How do you define assault weapon? This is important to our 2nd Amendment friends out there.

DT: Well, yeah, I think that you know, the word assault weapon, and a lot of people, there’s been a lot of controversy, but I wouldn’t give you exact, I am in favor, I have two sons that are members in very high standing at the NRA.

There are a few things worth highlighting here. First, if you’re okay with telling someone you own a gun, but feel like disclosing the kind of gun is too personal, you don’t own a gun. It just isn’t something a gun owner says. Just like how saying that discussing your favorite Bible verses is too personal isn’t something a true believer says. For their owners, guns are a gospel that needs to be spread: I have never met a gun owner who didn’t take the opportunity to explain why they owned their guns and how they used them — be they for personal protection, hunting, the coming revolution or demolishing their TV when Caitlyn Jenner comes on the screen.

Second, given the restrictions on concealed carry permits in New York City, Donald Trump almost certainly doesn’t have one. It’s not impossible — permits are usually only issued to retired law enforcement officers, armed guards and celebrities — but that’s the thing; he’d need to have pulled a string or two to get one.

And if you have a concealed carry permit, you presumably got it so you could carry guns that are small enough to be concealed. So why tense up when asked what kind of gun you own?

Third, that response on the definition of an assault weapon didn’t come close to being a complete thought, let alone an actual answer. If you really have no idea what an assault weapon is, why not take the opportunity to reject the premise and say that the term “assault weapon” was made up by Jim and Sarah Brady to scare voters into thinking guns are bad? That’s what the Republican base wants to hear, anyway.

If Jeb Bush wants to hit Donald Trump for being a fake Republican, he doesn’t need to dig up lines from the past; he needs to start making a bigger deal out of Trump’s transparent avoidance of discussing his presumably nonexistent conservative bona fides today.

Donald Trump is trolling the Republican Party and the Republican base. Viewed from over here on the left, the act has the beauty of a nighttime fire, the disgust of that fire actually being inside a dumpster and the gnawing fear of that fire being a bit close to you for comfort. But the Republican field is in the middle of Trump’s giant dumpster fire of performance art right now, and thus far they haven’t made any serious moves to put it out.

Here’s the full audio from the Hewitt interview:

Jon Green graduated from Kenyon College with a B.A. in Political Science and high honors in Political Cognition. He worked as a field organizer for Congressman Tom Perriello in 2010 and a Regional Field Director for President Obama's re-election campaign in 2012. Jon writes on a number of topics, but pays especially close attention to elections, religion and political cognition. Follow him on Twitter at @_Jon_Green, and on Google+. .

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22 Responses to “Donald Trump owns as many guns as he has favorite Bible verses”

  1. NotTelevised says:

    Fascism is simply the merger of State and corporate power. We’ve been there for a while already.

  2. Donkey Hotay says:

    His ADD stammering is quite incoherent.

  3. JohnnyD says:

    Yes, I remember that book. As with almost everything else, the wingnuts of the GOP project every bad trait or behavior of their own onto the opposition, and that book is no exception. It was a shameless attempt to completely overturn the actual existing political history of the 1930 -40’s fascist movements so as to make them an outgrowth of leftist liberal Socialism instead of rightist nationalism and militarism. A pack of lies from start to finish. But not at all a surprise coming from the same people who try to claim Martin Luther King’s legacy every chance they get, even though in life he actually opposed most everything they stand for.

    It’s just sad how endemic lying about the nation’s past, or the party’s past, or an individual’s past, has become for this poor excuse for a political party. They deny statements they made and recorded the day before, policies they themselves pushed years ago, which they now fight tooth and nail, alter history on a whim to bolster their public image with falsehoods, or tear down their opposition’s, lie through their teeth to the public about the ramifications and realities of pending legislation they oppose, etc, etc.

    And worst of all, they would rather see the operations of government forced into cessation than to support and fund anything they think might benefit or help Americans.

    I would submit that forcing government shutdowns which can easily be avoided by concessions on the part of the Right, which they have made precious few if any of, during the last 7 years, while Obama practically gave up the farm, should be treated no differently than what the lady in Kentucky is in jail for – refusal to do their jobs, which are to keep government operating and responding to public needs, not build the strength of their party through tearing down that of the other’s. And they refuse to do what must be done, what is required of them as part of their duties to represent. Which is to compromise if necessary, instead preferring to remain intransigent and blaming the impasse on the Dems. Yet another bald-faced lie in the face of the obvious truth, which they simply ignore, blaming the Dems for shutting down government, not them. Another projection. It’s all they seem to know how to do anymore.

    Like I said, sad.

  4. BeccaM says:

    Well only ‘most’ would apply. Jonah Goldberg wrote a book not long ago (2008) that attempted to resurrect and radically redefine the word, then attach it to modern progressivism. That book? “Liberal Fascism.”

    The one part he got right was how some on the left get sloppy and intellectually lazy, and begin attaching the ‘fascist’ label to anything they don’t like. Conservatism isn’t inherently fascist any more than liberalism is. However, it would be a mistake to ignore the fact that all of the modern examples of fascist movements espoused right-wing conservative principles and not liberal ones. After all, one of the core beliefs of liberalism is to maximize liberty and opportunity for all; conservatism, on the other hand, seeks to maximize liberty and opportunity only for certain select groups.

    For example, the liberal position is civil rights aren’t a limited resource and there is no harm (and substantial demonstrable good) in extending civil marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples. Liberals also understand the difference between civil and religious marriage. The conservatives, on the other hand, want to limit access to civil marriage and seem almost deliberately to be blurring the line between ‘civil’ and ‘religious’, allowing motives based entirely on the latter to dictate the former.

    However, I prefer to go back to the origins of fascism as a political philosophy, and fascism’s core tenets. These include nationalism, totalitarianism and dictatorship, anti-democratic authoritarian rule, militarism and imperialism, advocacy of a single-party state, a cult of personality, xenophobia and scapegoating, right-wing populism, and a corporate-based economy.

    While I would term Donald Trump a classic would-be fascist for satisfying every one of those core tenets, I would not apply this label to the more overtly religious among the GOP contenders, such as Huckabee or Santorum. What they want, pretty clearly, is a theocratically-based totalitarian-authoritarian system where fundamentalist Christianity directs government policy.

    Scott Walker? He’s the plutocratic oligarchs’ candidate; he’s got no rudder, he just does whatever his masters tell him to do. It’s only my opinion here, but some of the others such as Bush, Perry, Graham and Kasich are running simply as (increasingly far-right) conservative political candidates. This last group is distinct in wanting to run the American political system, but not necessarily in destroying or radically transforming it to utterly eliminate democracy or the rule of law. Even Graham is saying that it’s wrong to defy lawfully-decided Supreme Court rulings, even when one disagrees with them.

    Yes, the fascist and the religious authoritarian both claim they will ignore the law and the Constitution to do whatever they feel is necessary and right. However, what truly differentiates Trump from the religious types (besides his rather obviously transparent attempts to emulate being religious solely for pandering reasons) are his appeals not to Christian faith but to American nationalism and imperialist dogma. For example, oil in the Middle East doesn’t belong to the nations on top of the oil fields — it’s just a resource that America apparently has the right and the means to seize at any time. Or Trump’s boastful claims he’ll make other countries pay for his proposed thousands of miles of border walls, as if other nations’ budgets are his to spend as he likes.

  5. JohnnyD says:

    Know what I’ve found funny? That most of the wing-nut Conservatives I asked couldn’t even define Fascism beyond “the Nazis in Germany”. If you think about it, it’s the one label they almost never use on anyone else. They’ll throw “Communist” and “Socialist” around all day long, especially where totally inappropriate. And especially where the false negative connotations help them as a party. But that one label lies almost unused because their fear of being associated with the Nazis apparently outweighs any benefit they feel they could derive from applying the label to others?

    Which is really surprising, even hard to believe, considering how readily they apply the other labels to Dems, and shrug off any implications they apply to them, when thrown back at their candidates. Also surprising is the fact the Dems too will not use the label, even though it clearly DOES apply to most of the GOP positions and candidates of late, and not a few of their own.

    Sorta makes you wonder what would make both parties eschew use of the label, doesn’t it? Something like they both know it hits too close to home? I don’t see any other reason for them to selectively exclude it, other than establishing it as the de facto government is the actual aim of both parties, but keeping the voting public from learning that is essential to their success. Now it’s one National Emergency step away from being a done deal, so I guess we’ll learn soon enough, no matter who ends up in charge.

  6. JohnnyD says:

    And that’s why she didn’t get the nod back in 2008, and Obama did. She clashed with The System, as you put it, over Health Care Reform while Bill was in office, and they no doubt felt she needed to be more humble. So they saw to it that her “shoe-in” victory would be postponed until such time as she showed the proper deference. Which she now does. And their “plant” took care of the Health Care thing to the satisfaction of The System, so that’s no longer a concern for them WRT Hillary as President.

  7. JohnnyD says:

    It would be delicious hypocrisy for the party of gun nuts and over-my-dead-body personal privacy to DEMAND Trump reveal his weapon(s) to them to prove his bona-fides. Not at all surprising, given that they ALWAYS require of others things they would never consent to themselves.

    Seems like it ought to rank right up there in importance with Kenyan Birth Certificates, don’t ya think?

    “Show Us The Bullets!”

  8. Max Mills says:

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  10. DoverBill says:

    Could it simply be that his manly gun is actually smaller than his penis?

  11. 2karmanot says:

    Exactly so!

  12. BeccaM says:

    Thanks, Homer. ;-)

  13. BeccaM says:

    Feel free. I’ve been using the F-word in reference to Trump for a few months now, because there is nothing whatsoever about him or his campaign to be elected President for Life which doesn’t reek of fascism.

  14. BeccaM says:

    In addition to being a raging, out-of-control narcissistic egomaniac and inveterate bully, Trump is also a compulsive liar.

    I concur: If he’s a NYC and NY State resident, the chances of him having a concealed-carry permit is almost nil. If he owns any gun at all, I can’t imagine any reason why he wouldn’t at least admit to the caliber… unless the man is so ignorant of firearms, he truly has no idea as to the different types and makes of such weapons.

    He is also about as ignorant on Christianity and the Bible, because other than the name — the Bible — the man appears to be 100% free of any knowledge of what’s in that book. Even the most casual of Christians can usually say something like, “I really liked Jesus’ sermon on the mount.” Or, “The Psalms are incredibly poetic.” Instead, Trump can’t even come up with a single sin-level mistake he’s ever made, nothing that EVER required forgiveness — and I’m sorry but ‘forgiveness for sins’ is at the very core of Christianity. If you don’t think you’ve ever needed to be forgiven for anything, you ain’t a Christian at all.

    Trumps answers about foreign policy are more of the same: A claim to supreme expertise far in excess of every other human on the entire planet, without any evidence whatsoever and without anything even approaching policy details, followed immediately by indignation that one would even ask him specifically how he plans to lead the country.

    Trump may be trolling the GOP, but he’s also the embodiment of every single worst quality they’ve been promoting for the last 30 years.

  15. BeccaM says:

    He’s also the kid who, despite not having read a single word in the book, claims to be a genius expert on it, with knowledge far exceeding even that of the class teacher.

  16. nicho says:

    If I were Trump I wouldn’t brag about my unpredictability. The System — incarnated on Wall Street — which determines our rulers, likes things to be predictable. It hates uncertainty. The last thing The System wants in the White House is a loose cannon. This is why Hillary is so predictable. The System knows that it will get everything it wants — and more — from her.

  17. RepackRider says:

    This is the kid who tries to write the book report without actually reading it.

    How do I know? Been there, done that.50+ years ago.

  18. The_Fixer says:

    What does one expect from a bona-fide, class-A, well-practiced bullshit artist? He’s Mr. Haney from the “Green Acres” TV show, only without the smooth-talking charm and with extra bullying.

    A bullshit artist is exactly what he is, and this interview is the most clear demonstration of that fact. Everything he said was either nothing, or an attempt to immediately change the focus to him as a person, rather than a candidate who is supposed to have certain knowledge, credentials and real ideas.

    He knows only what he feels that he needs to know of the world – and the rest? Just wing it. The electorate is supposed to just trust him to have all the correct horse-sense needed to deal with any problem, simply because he has managed to amass some wealth by ripping people off.

    Maybe the people he’s ripped off once believed that, but anyone with any sense knows he’s nothing but a bullshit artist who is only out for himself.

  19. 2karmanot says:

    Trump is a certified cretin. Since Godwin never mentioned him, can we say Mussolini now?

  20. gratuitous says:

    After an eight year run by “that one,” in which the Republicans never tired of harping on the inexperience of Barack Obama and his background as a community organizer, the front-runners for the Republican nomination are a businessman of checkered record and a retired brain surgeon, neither of whom have ever held public office.

    I get the distinct impression that Republicans aren’t very S-M-R-T.

  21. Don Chandler says:

    When I encounter Trump supporters, they seem brainwashed. Like how he is going to kick out all the illegal immigrants and thus create jobs. They just don’t think or get it. Kicking out all the illegal immigrants will lead to dish-washing jobs and hotel bed-changing jobs and spraying chemicals on agriculture jobs…so many undesirable jobs. In fact, there will be nobody doing those jobs. Which ofc, leads to a big time production problem. Which in turn can lead to lost jobs and higher prices. Trump supporters are caught in the headlights of their savior…he will leave their heads spinning, alright ;)

  22. goulo says:

    “the beauty of a nighttime fire, the disgust of that fire actually being
    inside a dumpster and the gnawing fear of that fire being a bit closer
    to you for comfort.”

    I like that metaphor very much. Funny yet disturbingly true. I am starting to fear that there might be enough people who would actually elect this arrogant troll.

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