Audit shows Sanders campaign saved useful Clinton data

According to an NGP VAN audit of their recent data breach obtained by Bloomberg, multiple NGP VAN users associated with Bernie Sanders’s campaign downloaded and saved lists based on Clinton campaign data during a brief window in which the firewall between campaigns’ data was down on Wednesday.

According to Bloomberg,”Staffers conducted searches that would be especially advantageous to the campaign, including lists of its likeliest supporters in 10 early voting states, including Iowa and New Hampshire.”

That’s a huge deal, and contradicts the Sanders campaign’s original response to the incident.

When the breach was first reported and the campaign saw their voter file access suspended, Sanders’s campaign manager claimed that no information had been saved, and that Clinton data had only been accessed by one “low-level” staffer (who was fired on the spot) and that the campaign immediately notified NGP VAN that there had been a breach. That “low-level” staffer turned out to be Josh Uretsky, the campaign’s now-former national data director, who reportedly shared access with three other members of Sanders’s campaign, including deputy data director Russell Drapkin. Furthermore, while the Sanders campaign had taken the initiative to contact NGP VAN when a similar breach occurred in October, they were not the ones who alerted the vendor to the breach this time around.

Finally, while Uretsky told CNN earlier today that “To the best of my knowledge, nobody took anything that would have given the (Sanders) campaign any benefit,” it appears as though the best of Uretsky’s knowledge is…limited:

There are a few things to note here.

First, while NGP VAN and, by extension, the DNC, are ultimately responsible for the fact that the firewall was dropped for a “brief window” — between 30 and 40 minutes — attempts to shift blame on these organizations, as the Sanders campaign and his supporters have done, is misdirection. NGP VAN is the DNC’s vendor for data management, which means that practically every Democratic campaign in the country uses it. The DNC isn’t about to fire NGP VAN, nor could they. They’re basically the only game in town. That aside, the Clinton and O’Malley campaigns also had the opportunity to access each others’ data during the breach, and the audit has not suggested that either of them did. It seems clear now that Sanders’s data team really did do wrong here, violating a critical campaign norm (to say nothing of NGP VAN’s terms of use) by downloading data they knew they shouldn’t have access to.

Bernie Sanders speaking at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, via John Pemble / Flickr

Bernie Sanders speaking at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, via John Pemble / Flickr

Second, it’s worth noting here just how sensitive the DNC is when it comes to data, and how seriously it takes potential security breaches. Access to VAN accounts with more than bare minimum levels of access is closely guarded, and every user action is tracked. Field organizers are told to be wary of creating volunteer VAN access for people they don’t know very well, as one spy from another campaign with too many permissions could wreak all kinds of havoc on a campaign’s field operation. In other words, the reason the DNC was able to search for and identify the users who had improperly accessed data, and what data they had improperly accessed, in a matter of hours is because the DNC doesn’t mess around when it comes to managing its data.

Third, it’s also worth noting just how big of an offense it is to use another campaign’s modeling data for your own benefit. As Jeremy Bird, President Obama’s 2012 Field Director, pointed out today, millions of dollars worth of research goes into the turnout and support models that the Sanders campaign appears to have used to build lists of Clinton voters in early primary states. Just because your neighbor leaves their door open doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to walk in their house and take their TV. That’s basically what happened here.

Fourth, while I was initially skeptical that the DNC’s punishment fit the Sanders campaign’s crime (and I wasn’t the only one) I’m fine with it now. Given the fact that the Sanders campaign’s story hasn’t held up — one low-level staffer running an issue up the flagpole quickly became one high-level staffer downloading things he definitely shouldn’t have downloaded and granting others access to do the same — it’s perfectly reasonable for the DNC to shut off access to the database until they have assurances that the issue has been completely resolved.

At a press conference just now, the Sanders campaign unloaded on the DNC, threatening to sue them in federal court if their VAN access isn’t restored. Based on what we know so far, they don’t have a leg to stand on. If they want their access restored in order for them to have a functional operation any time in the near future, they need to take their lumps and cooperate on this one.

Jon Green graduated from Kenyon College with a B.A. in Political Science and high honors in Political Cognition. He worked as a field organizer for Congressman Tom Perriello in 2010 and a Regional Field Director for President Obama's re-election campaign in 2012. Jon writes on a number of topics, but pays especially close attention to elections, religion and political cognition. Follow him on Twitter at @_Jon_Green, and on Google+. .

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101 Responses to “Audit shows Sanders campaign saved useful Clinton data”

  1. Laurie Briegel Burg says:

    “For” the working stiff, but other than protesting, what has he ACCOMPLISHED for the working stiff? What did he do before he got his first job at age 40?

  2. Laurie Briegel Burg says:

    Too bad Bernie is NOT A DEMOCRAT. He’s an independent, he has despised the Democrats, and no Senators, Democrat or Republican, have endorsed him. He can’t work with other people. He has no real power of his own. He will SUCK as a president.

  3. weslen1 says:

    This is nonsense.The DNC is supposed to be there to help ALL Democratic candidates, not just one. Just because DWS is running the show, and is completely for Hillary, shouldn’t make any difference. EVERY Democratic voter list should be accessible to ALL Democratic candidates, be able to get their messages out, and let the voters decide. If DWS can’t do the job, she shouldn’t be there. DWS is another corporate dem, who is the last dem needed to be running any Democratic organization. That doesn’t mean she can’t campaign for her choice on her own time, but as head of the DNC she can’t put obstacles up in front of those not of her choosing in an organization that should be advocates for ALL.

  4. Derpy says:

    You just got berned, son.

  5. Derpy says:

    So what are some dirty campaigns he’s run on?

  6. James Cobb says:

    Ummm… you just admitted to having heard about it in your second question… so it really isn’t a question of there being previous breaches. The fact is the reason there is no evidence of it isn’t because it doesn’t exist but because the DNC doesn’t want it to be known and Sanders wasn’t planning on airing dirt until the DNC pulled this media fiasco. The DNC isn’t disputing that it was reported and to think that they wouldn’t if it wasn’t fact given the entire media fiasco that they created by reporting this is sad…. Also VAN said there were other breaches that were reported to the DNC though not about them.To be honest the entire idea that there would be sequential data breaches across multiple companies with no investigation is actually rather startling. The DNC has been covering up data breaches regardless of what company they are with.

  7. Linda Woods Alexander says:

    No. They were caught with their hands in the cookie jar…they did not report it.

  8. Linda Woods Alexander says:

    Where is proof of that earlier data breach? I’ve heard it was not even this same company at the time.

  9. Linda Woods Alexander says:

    Sanders campaign is guilty and it’s disgusting the way they’re trying to shift attention from their theft to blame it on conspiracy theories…which is so right-wing tactics. Has destroyed any bit of respect I may have had for Bernie’s so-called integrity.

  10. cleos_mom says:

    If he doesn’t get the nomination do you plan to stay home, vote third party, write in and then bitch, whine and moan about the consequences for at least the next four years?

  11. cleos_mom says:

    Apparently nothing is more important in a general election than entertainment and novelty.

  12. Libertarius2012 says:

    Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt! Ya boy in trouble! Just wait. The shite don hit yonder fan there!

  13. Dam Spahn says:

    So the vendor, which is run by a longtime Clinton staffer, investigated itself and found itself innocent? Sounds like some police departments we know.

  14. Moderator3 says:


  15. Karen Holt says:

    Neither is being a critic of how people perceive things. Especially considering THAT is exactly what creates those interesting differences of opinion. And you seem to continue to be missing the key point behind my reaction in the first place. It’s not because I get off on playing grammar cop, but it struck me as an example of how information can be presented in a way that really misleads people – which is an extremely valid point and concern in what we’re seeing around us in politics today.

  16. Moderator3 says:

    Differences in opinions are necessary to make a blog interesting. Being a critic of how something is written is not helping with the discussion.

  17. Karen Holt says:

    I am both a Sanders supporter and a progressive, and your “close scrutiny” is completely unnecessary. My only motivation (already stated) is that I found the ambiguous wording at the beginning could make the casual reader think it was an outside audit, especially when it’s immediately followed by a direct quote from the audit preceded by the attribution “According to Bloomberg…..”
    My initial gut reaction was that this was purposeful obfuscation in order to suggest an outside party found wrongdoing on Sanders’ part – which prompted the “snort” and (mild) profanity (sorry if that offended you). You may assert there is “nothing” that would make “one” think what I did, but I am a copywriter by profession. If I’m wrong in jumping to the conclusion that it’s some kind of purposeful spin, then there’s at least some sloppy composition going on.

    The European IP address is because I am an American expat living and working in the Netherlands. Have I made all of 8 comments via DISQUS? I had no idea (or had forgotten) that I’d registered for it until it popped up as an option to use in commenting here, and also no idea as to what kind of settings I’d ever clicked on (or off) back then. I’ve just revisted the page and unclicked private. Feel free to look around to your heart’s content.

  18. Moderator3 says:

    There is nothing in that first sentence that would make one think that the audit was done by an outside party, but you see it.

    I don’t know your motivation for your posts, but you seem to have some agenda. You may be a Sanders supporter. You might be interested to know that many of our regular commenters are Sander supporters, and there are also Clinton supporters. I can’t possibly guess at the percentages, but most of our commenters are progressives.

    You are under close scrutiny. You have only made 8 comments, but you have chosen to keep your DISQUS activities private. That got my attention. Your IP address is from Europe. However, your “snort” and the use of the word “bullshit” is what made me look at you carefully.

  19. Karen Holt says:

    “According to an NGB VAN audit” (audit conducted by NGB VAN) of their recent data breach (took place within their data system) obtained by Bloomberg (who have somehow received the audit and are now being the first to report on what NGB VAN have discovered)…

    How do YOU parse the sentence, then?

  20. Moderator3 says:

    Read the sentence more carefully.

  21. Karen Holt says:

    I love (*snort*) the tricky way the first sentence of the article is worded to create the impression that the “audit” under discussion was done by an outside party that could be assumed impartial and independent. It was conducted by NGP VAN itself and “obtained by” (leaked to…?) Bloomberg. Which, of course, makes it perfectly OK for the writer to breezily start the next paragraph with “According to Bloomberg…” as if what follows is THEIR conclusions. Such bullshit……

  22. nkd says:

    Eruanion said that not me. I, myself, was being snarky. That being said, Bernie has fired one and suspended two others. Do I care about ANY of this? Not really.

  23. Eruanion Nolaquen says:

    Hey, live monitored access for 40 minutes, and no one killed the connection? Can you prove, by the logs, that it was Bernies people?

  24. 1nancy2 says:

    You are wrong. Bernie has been consistent and for the working stiff. Stop watching that Fake Fox dump and hateful “news’.

  25. Joshua Brennig says:

    Bernie Sanders is a scumbag. He has ALWAYS run dirty campaigns. I’m sick of seeing naive kids defending this old fraud.

  26. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Then one would think that your views are needed here.

  27. ComradeRutherford says:

    DWS hasn’t failed at her mission, she is fulfilling it perfectly.

  28. Jon, this a misleading piece worthy of Fox News.

    Firewall off. Data breach. Documented in order to prove there’s something going on. (Wouldn’t you want some proof to take back to the DNC to complain about?) You turn this into a hit piece on Sanders? Wow.

  29. James Cobb says:

    Question if the DNC takes security so seriously why was nothing done back in October when a data breach was reported… Why were there no media reports? Why was there no investigation? Why wasn’t it perminately fixed?

  30. cinorjer says:

    Nowhere in my rant did I say some of Bernie’s staff shouldn’t be fired for peeking at the data. Try reading it again but try to pretend you’re the adult in the room of kids squabbling over their toys.

  31. nkd says:

    “based on the documents we were shown, they also searched Sanders campaign info…” Bernie’s team search Bernie’s info? Outrageous!

  32. Stephan says:

    Bernie alerted the DNC. I’m pretty sure that thieves don’t turn themselves in.

  33. Stephan says:

    I have to stop coming to this site. America blog has done nothing but shill for Hillary this entire election cycle.

  34. This feels more like a fox news hit piece against Bernie. Are they sure Bernie isn’t a secret Kenyen muslim?

  35. Eruanion Nolaquen says:

    based on the documents we were shown, they also searched Sanders campaign info, but, lets just talk about the Clinton stuff. Also, other than 1 login, there is nothing that says those people were from Sanders Campaign. if i had access to your servers and knew some of your staff, i could create logins with their names

  36. Amwatching2c says:

    Is Bernie the new Carly?

  37. edae3eim3s says:

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  38. edae3eim3s says:

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  39. timncguy says:

    so does the DNC. It is the additional data that each candidate ADDS to the files about their own contact with those voters that is kept from other campaigns.

  40. Steverino247 says:

    And what law did Mr. Sanders personally break?

  41. Guinnessmonkey says:

    So… She’s supposed to be grateful that Sanders, whose running to the left of her, isn’t using tactics that would only impress far-right Republicans? Seriously?

  42. Guinnessmonkey says:

    So… She’s supposed to be grateful that Sanders, whose running to the left of her, isn’t using tactics that would only impress far-right Republicans?

  43. ctrl-z says:

    The CEO of NGP Van says your piece is bullshit.

    “First, a one page-style report containing summary data on a list was saved out of VoteBuilder by one Sanders user. This is what some people have referred to as the “export” from VoteBuilder. As noted below, users were unable to export lists of people.”

    Got that? One report of summary data saved by one user. Not “multiple NGP VAN users associated with Bernie Sanders’s campaign downloaded and saved lists based on Clinton campaign data..”

    No need to thank me.

  44. Max_1 says:

    Jon, Reading the corrections to this thread on Monday will be fun, too.
    Thanks :)

  45. Max_1 says:

    Is there is a reason why DWS won’t fire this Tech firm?
    A: Nepotism

    Remove Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC Chair
    As a result of a complete and total lack of coordinated messaging, and horrific dissemination of available resources, all ending in the absolute failure of her mission, Debbie Wasserman Schultz must resign or be removed as DNC Chair.

  46. Max_1 says:

    It will be fun reading Monday about how the Hillary campaign didn’t react to THEIR voter rolls being exposed.

  47. Max_1 says:

    One… The horse’s mouth lies or the internet lies.
    Choose one and you chose the horse as the liar because?
    Ah, narratives to fulfill…

  48. Max_1 says:

    You might want to take the weekend to notice that the Hillary campaign isn’t bothered that their voter data was compromised…

  49. Max_1 says:


    Data Security and Privacy

    Updated 3:53 PM EST

    Updating with additional information and clarification:

    First, a one page-style report containing summary data on a list was saved out of VoteBuilder by one Sanders user. This is what some people have referred to as the “export” from VoteBuilder. As noted below, users were unable to export lists of people.

    Second, there has been independent confirmation that NGP VAN has not received previous notice of a data breach regarding NGP VAN. Josh Uretsky, the former National Data Director for the Sanders campaign confirmed on MSNBC(at 5:47), and also on CNN, regarding the previous incident: “it wasn’t actually within the VAN VoteBuilder system, it was another system.”

  50. ant says:

    basically. Steal shit from someone and expect to play fair? fucking entitlement fucks.

  51. ant says:

    he basically damaged his campaign. him suing his own party means hes just out to to fuck over DNC. No ones gonna give a shit aobut him at this point. Fucking join a party you dont belong to and expect them to play fair? Fuck outta here. Go be independent, you Ross Perot 2.0 And we know what happened to him with Bill Clinton.

  52. smkngman3 says:

    Too bad NGP VAN say different.
    a one page-style report containing summary data on a list was saved out
    of VoteBuilder by one Sanders user. This is what some people have
    referred to as the “export” from VoteBuilder. As noted below, users were
    unable to export lists of people.”

    Check your facts!

  53. JJ says:

    Got it, there is no wrong the Bernie campaign can do that you won’t blame on someone else.

  54. Jagdar says:

    Cruz and Rubio would be equally bad.

  55. Jagdar says:

    So vote for Bernie in the primary. I am. I certainly hope that if Bernie does not win the nomination, you would not help the crazed Republicans by refusing to vote.

  56. Jagdar says:

    The DNC hasn’t. Data will be available today.

  57. Jagdar says:

    Do you not see that the DNC AND Sander’s staffer were both wrong??

  58. Jason Brandt says:

    Lets not forget the RNC allows all candidates equal access to all information in their system. This is very bad for democrats if the DNC follows through with this.

  59. Jagdar says:

    The DNC was being stupid, which isn’t new. The Sander’s staffer was wrong. period. It doesn’t warrant what the DNC pulled. Fortunately, that has now changed and the data will be available to Sanders campaign today.

  60. Jason Brandt says:

    RNC allows all candidates access to all republican files. This is very bad for Democrats.

  61. MissNomer says:

    Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, 1986

  62. M&M says:

    An excellent summation.

  63. MissNomer says:

    Right, like the CEO of the SW company is going to admit his product is flawed and allowed proprietary data was downloaded.

    This requires an independent third party investigation.

  64. Steve says:

    You can blame yourself if that happens

  65. Steve says:

    How in the world could he prove he doesn’t have something?

  66. William Kaufman says:

    This article is complete BS. Stu Trevelyan, the CEO of NGP-VAN, issued an update two hours after this journalistic atrocity was filed, in which he stated, “First, a one page-style report containing summary data on a list was saved out of VoteBuilder by one Sanders user. This is what some people have referred to as the “export” from VoteBuilder. As noted below, users were unable to export lists of people.” Period. End of story. Case closed. And this guy Jon Green should be dumped from this blog forthwith for journalistic incompetence.

  67. Ann Wright says:

    Have you read the contract, Kathy? The lawsuit shows excerpts from it, and under no circumstances could the DNC suspend their agreement and remove all access to the product. “Either party may terminate this Agreement in the event that the other party
    breaches this Agreement: the non-breaching party sends written notice to the
    breaching party describing the breach; and the breaching party does not cure the
    breach to the satisfaction of the non-breaching party within ten (10) calendar days
    following its receipt of such notice.” So DWS had absolutely no right to terminate usage of Sanders’s VAN yesterday.

    Also, you’re an idiot. “All Sanders has to do is cooperate”. Who told you that? Your good friend Deb? They sued because this has been going on for 36 hours and DWS is going on television, she is not trying to end this. She is trying to justify and prolong it.

    Does it surprise you that HRC did the same damn thing (peaked into Obama’s VAN) in 2007? There wasn’t a tyrannical despot in charge of the DNC then, so matters were solved quietly and quickly. Deb likes the press and she likes to be in front of the camera and she definitely likes HRC.

  68. JaaaaaCeeeee says:

    Jon, you should not ignore the press statement by the actual tech people in charge of the voter database. Why rely on anonymous people supposedly briefed by someone about what Sanders campaign staffers did?

    The GOTV database people said that a one page style report containing summary data on a list was saved out of VoteBuilder by one Sanders user. No one exported lists of people, the firewall went back up after their 2 hour failure Wednesday, and the bug was fixed.

  69. John Smith says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is so upset. This is his MO. To take what others work for and use it for himself.

  70. John Smith says:

    So in other words, it’s not the thieves fault if you leave the door open.

  71. Steverino247 says:

    And what law did Mr. Sanders personally break?

  72. Kathy Hutchinson says:

    Okay, let me throw this out there. Supposedly two months ago, the Sanders campaign discovered a flaw. They say they reported it to the DNC. The manufacturer says they were never told. So, the same people that found the breach spent their time dowloading HRC files and running specific searches on her info, which they then saved to personal folders and tried to create spreadsheet programs with. Does it not make any of you bernie babies wonder if they didnt deliberately go looking for HRC info because they knew already there was a problem with the software? The fact that they claim they knew there was an issue with the program actually makes this look like a deliberate breach to spy on the other team. and really doesnt look good for Sanders.

  73. Kathy Hutchinson says:

    LOL. I love America. There is always a conspiracy or two around. Fact. Sanders staffers broke the rules. Fact. Sanders signed a contract not to do things like this, and agreed in that contract that sanctions would be in order if contract were breached. It was. Sanctions happened, but only until Sanders allowed verification that his staffers no longer have HRC info ( which several of them had downloaded into personal folders). All Sanders has to do is cooperate. INstead he sues. Not exactly the qualities of a leader, refusing to take responsiblity for your own team’s actions.

  74. Kathy Hutchinson says:

    Not ONE. FOur. But the other three still have their jobs, for now. Sanders may fire them he says. And files were downloaded and put into personal folders. All the DNC wanted was for Sanders to verify that those stolen files were no longer in his possession. Instead he sued. He is either very naive, or hiding something. Either way, this just killed his nomination ( the suing, not the breach). You dont sue your own party in an election year if you want to be taken seriously, particularly when you are the one that broke the law

  75. cinorjer says:

    A firewall is such a basic part of any server and also not easy to “accidentally” turn off, so I find it hard to believe NGP-VAN could be so careless. So along with some data guys in Bernie’s campaign staff, who at VAN is being fired over such an idiot blunder? Nobody? Sounds like this was the mistake DNC was waiting for to pounce on, to knock Bernie down a peg in the polls.

    This type of data is obsolete and worthless after a couple months or so, long before it makes a difference. So Bernie has to fire some staffers who should have known better. Hell, he can even volunteer to share his same polling data and lists with Hillary to even the field. Then they can get on with their campaigns. But instead, like Hillary’s emails, all the MSM will want to talk about now is the damn data breach.

  76. Fireblazes says:

    The only people bringing Hillary into this are the Sanders devout. Hillary had nothing to do with this. You all should quit trying to make it her problem. It is a Sanders problem. His people did it, he is trying to duck the issue.

  77. Ann Wright says:

    We’ll have to disagree. The Sanders Campaign (as well as Clinton’s) has been paying to use NGP-VAN. For 40 minutes NGP-VAN opened the door to HRC’s VAN enabling anyone to peek in and some of Sanders’ staffers did. As I understand, one was fired. He was punished for his “unethical” (your words) activities. DWS is basically shutting down the entire Sanders’ campaign (“Sorry, no canvassing or phone banking for you this weekend, anywhere in the country – Bwah hahaha!”). I say this is patently ridiculous and you, with a straight face (apparently) are telling me this is just and proper. I also assume you think the death penalty is appropriate for burglars.

  78. Jon Green says:

    “The DNC has also taken several months of Sanders’ campaign work”

    That’s because at the end of the day it’s all the DNC’s data. The Sanders campaign (and Clinton’s, for that matter) is just buying access to it and adding calls/knock/fundraising data. It’s proprietary from campaign to campaign, but when the campaigns are over it all goes back to the same set of servers.

    This is like Hillary took out a library book to study for an exam, made some really useful notes in the margins, and then left it on a desk (she didn’t drop the firewall, the DNC did, but go with it for the analogy). Sanders’s data guy then saw the book and copied a few of the notes before Clinton got back to the desk, with the intention of using said notes on the exam. Eventually the book gets returned to the library, but it’s still unethical to copy the notes without Clinton’s knowledge.

    As I wrote in another post today, Sanders’s campaign absolutely does have a legitimate claim against the DNC that they’ve been unfair in the primary process, but this isn’t it.

  79. Ann Wright says:

    Actually, Jon, if you had done your research, only the Clinton files were accessible. NGP-VAN in their press release also said that nothing was exported from the VAN. The DNC has also taken several months of Sanders’ campaign work – all the calls to donors and their responses, all the people that have turned up at their events in various states, all the volunteer contact information, all the canvassing and phone banking results. So, Jon, I’m glad that you think 40 minutes of sleuthing is equal to several months of work done across the country, paralyzing the campaign. I certainly don’t. The Sanders’ campaign didn’t hack the Clinton VAN, there was no prior intent, and what could have been “stolen” in 40 minutes wouldn’t help Sanders at all. The punishment should fit the crime, but DWS slammed the prison doors on the Sanders’ campaign, immobilizing it. THIS is why I, a former NH Democratic County Chair, am registering as Undeclared as soon as the primary is over.

  80. Don Chandler says:

    This isn’t a smart fight for hillary. She needs to win on the merits of her candidacy, not alienate the bernie sanders voters.

  81. beltman713 says:

    This was posted on rawstory…

    It turns out that Stu Trevelyan (CEO and president of the vendor NGP VAN) was a veteran of the 1992 Clinton-Gore “War Room”, providing research, analysis, and
    whip counts to the Clinton Administration as a member of the White House
    Office of Legislative Affairs.

    And, NGP Software (one of the two parts of the merger that became NGP VAN) was founded by Nathaniel Pearlman – He later served as Chief Technology Officer for Clinton’s
    2008 campaign.

  82. timncguy says:

    yes, but what an activity is “due to” is knowable. and, it wasn’t due to the firewall. it was due to the actions of a staffer.

  83. BeccaM says:

    Sometimes ‘seems’ isn’t reality.

  84. timncguy says:

    Sanders’ staff has admitted to improperly accessing the data. The DNC doesn’t control the data or the firewall, the contracted vendor does. And, the vendor monitors that database and can tell EXACTLY which accounts were used and what those accounts did with the data.

  85. timncguy says:

    you said the improperly accessed data was “due to” a blunder in firewall security. Actually, it was due to a Sanders staffer actively retrieving and downloading data he wasn’t entitled to. The security problem didn’t “cause” the data breach. It simply allowed for it to happen. The staffer was not “required” to act on the availability of the data. The staffer could just as easily stayed away from that data that did not belong to his campaign. The way you have worded it seems to be an attempt to remove any responsibility from the campaign.

  86. Fireblazes says:

    Facts don’t lie.

  87. BeccaM says:

    You put one hell of a lot of words in my mouth, Tim. None of them mine.

  88. A_N says:

    I had suspected that somehow, someone would try to find some kind of ethics issue in order to smear Bernie’s campaign. It looks like this is their best effort so far. Bernie didn’t do it, but they are sure using it to try and target his campaign……

    Its very easy to turn off a “firewall” deliberately…so very easy for the former Hilary campaign staffers in charge of the DNC data to do that. Then they can claim Bernie’s staff accessed sensitive data in order to smear Bernie.

    Bernie has my campaign contributions; Hilary nada!

  89. Fireblazes says:

    Say hello to President Trump, or rather Seig Heil.

  90. Fireblazes says:

    I was once a much maligned Hillary supporter on Ablog. Trust me, I was beat up a lot over it.

  91. timncguy says:

    so, a firewall problem “forced” the Sanders camp to download data they knew they weren’t supposed to have access to? Your position is that the only way to keep people out of places they know they don’t belong is to have locks on everything? People can’t just leave ofther people’s stuff alone on their own?

  92. cybrestrike says:

    Sticking with Sanders till the end and beyond. This is bush league tactics by the DNC, who really wants Sanders out of the race already so they can go along with their coronation of their neoliberal candidate.

  93. Jon Green says:

    You don’t read much of what I write, do you?

  94. Don Chandler says:

    Hopefully, Hillary will understand that Benghazi isn’t something Bernie reminds hillary about every single day fucking day of her life. And republicans hold Hillary’s nose down into her email stuffs…not Bernie. And if Hillary hasn’t noticed, Bernie is the only thing interesting in the democratic race…he’s a breath of fresh air… and he’s doing it with far less resources. Get a clue Hillary.

  95. BeccaM says:

    So, on the one side we have a scandal/not-scandal about improperly accessed campaign data, due to a stupid blunder in firewall security.

    And in the other party, candidates trying to outdo each other with rolling back women’s and LGBT civil rights, promises of fascist repression of minorities (particularly Muslims and Latinos), immediate launching of world wars, certain re-imposition of torture as official national policy, more deficit-exploding tax cuts, open declarations they’ll disobey the law and the Constitution, and a couple candidates who have left the door open to using nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

    Guess which of these I actually care about?

  96. Rainbird says:

    Hillary supporter sides with Hillary. Film at eleven…

  97. nicho says:

    I’m still not voting for Hillary. If this is the worst thing you can say about Bernie — or rather his campaign staff — then he’s still the lesser of two evils in the Democratic race — by far.

  98. 2karmanot says:


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